“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” Ephesians 1:18-19

February 1-Pray for “Ami,” a Zerma believer. Pray for her to grow in her faith and understanding so that she may be a strong witness.

February 2-Pray for “Ami” to be a good example of a Christian wife and mother so that other women around her could see the difference Christ makes in a woman’s life here.

February 3-Praise God for “Ami’s” help with the kids’ club that meets at the church in the “G” neighborhood. Pray for her as helps Kimberly with reviewing the Bible stories with the children.

February 4-Pray for “Ami’s” husband. He has made a decision to follow Christ even to the point of baptism. Pray for him to return to attending church regularly and to be a good husband and father.

February 5- Pray for “Melanie”, Ami’s oldest child. She is 8 years old and helps her mother with taking care of her three younger siblings and many of the household chores.

February 6-Pray for “Mark,” Ami’s second child. Pray for him to grow in the areas of respect, obedience, and self control.

February 7-Pray for “Abe,” Ami’s third child. Pray for his health, growth, and development.

February 8-Pray for “Nancy,” Ami’s fourth child. Pray her to grow up healthy, strong, and to choose to follow Christ.

February 9-Pray for the lost among the Zerma. Ask God to reveal himself to those who are like sheep without a shepherd and who are blinded by the evil one. Pray that He would open their eyes and hearts to the truth and that we who live among these lost sheep will be ready always to the Good News of the hope that is within us.

February 10-Pray for our children’s school, Sahel Academy, to have a full staff for next year. There are many teachers who are leaving or who are on home assignment. Pray that those who hear God’s call to come and teach in Niger would be obedient to Him.

February 11-Praise God for the 40+ children coming to the Saturday afternoon kids’ club in the “G” neighborhood. We’re meeting at the church and now some of the kids are coming to church on Sundays.

February 12-Praise God for the wonderful two weeks that volunteers Stacey and Michael Frank had in January among the Zerma.

February 13- please pray for the men in the discipleship class Phil is leading in “S” town. Pray for men to be bold witnesses among their villages.

February 14-Happy Valentine’s Day! Take a moment to thank God for His incredible gift of love and that we have the privilege to be in relationship with Him. Lift up the Zerma that they might have the joy of being in a personal relationship with Him.

February 15-Please pray for “C” village as Phil shares Bible stories with them.

February 16- Thank you for praying for Pastor “A” last month. His mother is very will and he had to go and visit her. They have now brought her into Niamey for treatment. Pray for her restored health and for her to hear and believe the words of life Pastor “A” is sharing with her.

February 17-Check out Phil and Kimberly Cain’s new blog for pictures and information about their lives and ministry in Niger at pnkcain.blogspot.com

February 18-Pray for Don and Teresa as they share about working with the Zerma people at an On Mission Conference in Hazelhurst, Mississippi, February 18th -22nd. If you are in the area they would love to see you!

February 19-In almost every prayer letter we include a request related to hunger. It may sound repetitive, but it also gives you some idea of the physical condition of many here in Niger. From week to week we encounter people at our door saying they have nothing to eat or feed their family. Again, there were many areas in Niger that had little to no harvest last fall, so food supplies are running out and many heads of households have left their homes to look for food or work. Pray for the people of Niger, that God would supply their needs.

February 20- Thanks for your prayers for the village of “D” and the well we helped install there with funds from Baptist Global Relief. A group of believers want to start a garden area and begin planting. Pray that God would bless their efforts and that they would have an abundant yield of fruits and vegetables.

February 21-Pray for team of volunteers from Sandersville, GA who will be joining us in March to teach and minister in villages. Pray that God would prepare them physically, mentally, and spiritually as they seek to impact the lost among the Zerma here. Pray for the Zerma who will listen to them and visit with them, that God would prepare their hearts to receive His word.

February 22-Pray for Kimberly’s neighbors whose children come to the kids’ clubs. Pray that as they hear the stories from their children that they will be open to Christianity.

February 23-Pray for Don and Teresa as they seek appropriate ways to minister to and encourage Zerma believers from afar during their stateside assignment.

February 24-Please pray for Tanda and her new baby. Pray for the health of the new baby and that Tanda raises her children so that they will come to know Christ as Savior.

February 25-Pray for the Bolls as they are traveling to Pennsylvania to see their son and his family. They will be meeting their newest granddaughter, Skylar, for the first time.

February 26-We’ve been learning about patience in the village of “T.” Recently, a volunteer brought an expensive solar water pump and purchased solar panels so they could more easily irrigate a large garden area the people there have established. The solar panels work great, unfortunately the solar pump was rendered useless when a bit of sand got inside it. Pray that God would provide a way to replace the pump, and that God would bless their hard work in the gardens with abundant produce.

February 27-Pray for the churches and outreach/storying groups among the Zerma. Pray that the hearts of believers would be united and that they would love and encourage each other as they seek to follow Christ. Pray for these churches and groups to grow and plant other churches and groups in the neighborhoods and villages around them.

February 28-This month, a very special lady who did long term volunteer to Niger will be celebrating her 90th birthday. Happy Birthday Ellajane!

February 29-Pray for laborers to join us in the harvest. We believe God is at work and He desires the Zerma to know Him. Pray that God will call missionaries to Niger to help show the Zerma the way to salvation.