For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

December 1 Pray for April and Rebekah, who will be arriving at the end of this month to begin their two year assignment to work with the Zerma. Pray for their adjustment to the culture, climate, and language. Pray that God will give them each a special friend among the Zerma who can help them navigate their way through cultural issues.

December 2 Don and Teresa Bolls officially retired from the IMB on June 1, 2012. They, along with 82 other retiring missionaries, attended their retirement ceremony and conference at Ridgecrest Baptist Center this past September. Pray for these missionaries as they begin to settle and adjust to a new life in the USA.

December 3 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they transition from serving as the Logistics Coordinator and Guesthouse Coordinator from the past 15 months. Pray that God will renew their strength and give them clarity and focus as they can devote themselves full time to their ministry again.

December 4 Thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. 100% of this offering goes to support the IMB missionaries all over the world. Because of this offering we have a place to live, a car to drive, are able to be obedient to God’s call on our lives.

December 5 Please continue to pray for the Bolls as they are just now really beginning on their journey as retired. Pray that they will continue to find ways to minister and share Jesus as they travel to different states.

December 6 Pray for the believers and the “seekers” in the area around Ouallam where the Bolls spent much time planting seeds and sharing the gospel. We trust that though many have not yet placed their faith in Christ, they are still seeking the truth. Pray that those who are truly seeking God would have access to other believers, the scriptures, etc. Pray that God would help the Zerma believers establish strong and lasting churches.

December 7 Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they search and prepare housing for April and Rebekah. Pray for a house to be found in Niamey as they do language study and a house to found in the “D” town where they will be living for their two year term.

December 8 Pray for April and Rebekah to have good communication and good relationships with each other. Pray that they would be a good model of Christian friendship to the Zerma people.

December 9 On November 9th, Don and Teresa received their freight from Niger. For the most part all went well. They appreciate the IMB’s help in shipping and storage. Shipping personal good to and from the field are some of the first and last things done in missionary service. Pray for missionary personnel in these mundane but definitive acts that become profound, marking the beginning and end of a call placed on their hearts by God.

December 10 Thank you for praying for the children who come to kids’ clubs. Your prayers are making a difference. The children have been so attentive and interested in the Bible stories. Pray that God’s spirit will continue to move among these precious ones hearts and minds.

December 11 We are excited for Pastor Amadou and the church in Goudel as they have just replaced their building of wood poles and grass mats with a much sturdier one of steel supports. Almost all of it was done with funds from tithes and offerings. Praise God for His provision. Pray for this church as they seek to be a light in a growing community.

December 12 Many of you who pray for us are members of Baptist Churches where “Lottie Moon offerings” are collected throughout the month of December. (Lottie Moon was a Baptist missionary to China in the 19th century whose letters home encouraged churches to support mission work). Today we offer thanks and praise for the generosity of these Baptist churches across the U.S. who help support us on the field through this annual offering.

December 13 Thank you for sending Caroline so many wonderful birthday cards. It really helped to make her first birthday away from our family very special. We’re grateful for your love and support.

December 14 Pray for Kimberly as she looks for ways to mentor Amina this coming year. Amina helps Kimberly at one of the kids’ clubs. Pray that Kimberly could find creative and interesting ways to help Amina grow in her faith and help her become the wife and mother God wants her to be.

December 15 Most aging Zerma parents affect the lives of their children, as care is mostly done in their homes. It can be the same in the US, but often evolves many times into care at nursing homes. Pray for active and retired missionaries as much thought, time, care, money, and heartache if given to help aging parents.

December 16 Pray for April as she is preparing to come to Niger. Pray for good times and good good-byes with her friends and family in the states. Pray for safety and smooth flights as she travels to Niger.

December 17 Pray for Rebekah as she is preparing to come to Niger. She is transferring from a job in Senegal due to her supervisor returning to the states for medical issues. Pray for God to give her a love and heart for the Zerma people and for her transition to Niger.

December 18 Pray for Michael Frank as he arrives in Niamey today for a 3 week volunteer trip. Pray that God will use his gifts and abilities in a mighty way during his time here.

December 19 Pray for a group of Nigerien women in Niamey, mostly single mothers and widows, who are learning to sew through the gift of a benefactor which provided for three sewing machines and accessories. Pray that they would develop excellent sewing skills and be able to use that in the market place as they make and sell clothes to earn an income.

December 20 There seems to be much turmoil in some of the countries bordering Niger. Pray for God’s protection for Niger, that it would remain peaceful. Pray for the leaders of Niger along with military and law enforcement personnel as they are tasked with securing vast borders and providing protection from groups that might do harm.

December 21 Happy Birthday, Kimberly Cain. Pray for Kimberly as she ministers to Zerma women and children. Pray that God gives her favor among the people and wisdom and compassion in her ministry.

December 22 Pray for Caroline and the Cains as they will be apart this holiday season for the first time. Pray for joy, comfort and peace as they celebrate the Savior’s birth this holiday season.

December 23 – Pray for the churches across Niger today. They are small in number but they belong to Almighty God, the Lord of all the Universe. Pray that as we celebrate the birth of the Savior, the truth of who He is and why He came to earth will be impressed upon the Zerma people and all Nigeriens. Pray that the gospel will be preached boldly today and that many will hear it and begin to follow the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

December 24 Pray that the hearts of the Zerma people would softened to accept the truth of God’s love for them and that this love took the form a baby named Jesus.

December 25 Merry Christmas! Take a moment during the holiday festivities to pray for the Zerma to know the Christmas story and how God loved them so much that he sent His only Son for them.

December 26 Pray for Don and Teresa and their phone conversations with their Zerma contacts and believers in Niger. Pray that God will give them wisdom and the right words to say during these brief conversations.

December 27 Pray for Phil as he faithfully shares each week with a group of men in a village not far from Niamey. Pray that these men share the Bible stories and teachings with their families, friends, and neighbors.

December 28 Many of you who pray for us are members of Baptist Churches where “Lottie Moon offerings” are collected throughout the month of December. (Lottie Moon was a Baptist missionary to China in the 19th century whose letters home encouraged churches to support mission work). Today we offer thanks and praise for the generosity of these Baptist churches across the U.S. who help support us on the field through this annual offering.

December 29 Happy 22nd Anniversary to Phil and Kimberly Cain! Rebekah and April are scheduled to arrive this day. Praise God for these days of celebration! We celebrate our wedding anniversary and the arrival of new teammates!

December 30 Those of you who’ve been receiving this letter for a while know that gardening season is underway in Niger. A garden can be a good example of how small seeds, planted in good soil, watered, and cultivated, can flourish. In the same way pray that the Word of God, planted like small seeds in the hearts of the Zerma, will flourish and yield much fruit in the year ahead.

December 31 As we leave 2012 and welcome the new year of 2013, we want to express our heartfelt and sincere appreciation for you, our wonderful prayer supporters! You are making a difference in the lives of the Zerma and our ministry and our family. You are very precious to us! God Bless you!