“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20

April 1—Praise God for our wonderful spiritual retreat in March. We were refreshed and renewed. Pray for God to more than we ask or imagine among the lives of the Zerma and for us to expect great things daily from God.

April 2—Pray for Phil as he travels to Sarando each Monday to teach a discipleship class. Pray that the believer would grow strong and bold in their faith. Pray for the ones who come out of curiosity or interest to accept the good news of God’s love for them.
April 3—Please pray for Teresa as she is dealing with some health issues and would appreciate your prayer especially for a doctor appointment today.

April 4—Thank you for your prayers for Caroline and her senior class as they took their senior trip. They enjoyed a wonderful time, traveling mercies, and grew closer to each other.

April 5—Praise God for the spiritual maturity we’re seeing develop in Caleb. Pray that he will continue to grow in wisdom and discernment in an ever closer walk with the Father.

April 6—Pray for Kimberly as she continues to balance the guesthouse office, ministry, and family. Pray for times of refreshment in God’s word.

April 7—Pray that as we go out to minister with the Zerma that we do so expecting to see great things and confident in the fact that the Lord is at work among our people.

April 8—Today is Easter Sunday, celebrated by believers around the world. Pray that the message of Easter would be proclaimed throughout Niger today and that our Muslim friends would come to know and believe that Jesus died for their sins and rose again.

April 9—Please pray for Adamou - a dear friend of the Bolls. He was very interested and even admitted that he is a believer. Pray that he will be even more dedicated. We’re grateful for the technology he has been able to use to telephone the Bolls in the U.S. which has encouraged them greatly.

April 10— Pray for Phil as he travels to Ghana today for a leadership meeting along with two colleagues from Niger. Pray for safety as they travel and for their time with other leaders as they plan ministry and discuss strategy over the next four days

April 11—Pray for the two kids clubs that meet on Wednesday afternoons. Pray that the children would grow in their understanding and faith in God’s word.

April 12— Pray for God’s Spirit to move among the Zerma, convicting them of sin and their need for a Savior. Pray that He would open the eyes of their heart so that they may know Him

April 13—Pray for Aissa, one of the women whose children attend one of the kids clubs. She has been listening to the Bible stories and staying nearby during the story time. Pray that her eyes would be opened to the truth of God’s love for her.

April 14—Please pray for Ramatou and her witness. She is no longer living in Ouallam, but in a new town where it is sometimes difficult to remain faithful where there may not be others to fellowship and worship with.

April 15—As new believers grow in their faith, many would like to learn to read and write in Zerma so they can read the Bible for themselves. Pray that God would strengthen that desire and that He would provide opportunities and teachers for them to learn

April 16—Pray for Ali and Miou, two boys who attends kids’ clubs. Pray that they will choose to give their lives to Jesus.

April 17—Our ministry among the Zerma is focused mainly on Niger, however there are Zerma in many other countries, including the U.S. Pray that these Zerma, many of whom are far from home and family, would have opportunities to hear the gospel wherever they live

April 18—Praise the Lord for the new babies that were born in Ouallam. Teresa was able to talk to Salamatou and the babies are all doing good. Pray that these mothers and babies will be a very positive influence in Ouallam.

April 19—Albass is apparently still out in a smaller village. It seems that he missed so much school due to his epilepsy episodes that he was not allowed back in school. Pray for him as his medicine will be more difficult to get. Please pray for Albass and also remember to pray for his Christian witness - which will be more difficult because of the pressure in a smaller village.

April 20—Please pray for Zongo, especially since Albass is still gone. (She is Albass’ grandmother). Pray for her Christian witness as well as her health and eyesight. She was losing much of her sight before the Bolls left.

April 21—The Bolls will speak at the Mississippi Missionary Parent's Fellowship meeting at Camp Garaywa in Clinton, Mississippi. Pray for this event as the Bolls share about work among the Zerma. Pray for the many parents that see their children and grandchildren serve in various places around the world. Pray that the Bolls will be able to share and encourage many during this time.

April 22—We need your continued prayers for wisdom and discernment on our part as we seek ways to meet the needs of the Zerma who are hungry and experiencing food shortages. Pray for these needs, especially the children who are prone to malnutrition and dehydration.

April 23—Pray for “G”, a Zerma believer who lost his wife recently to an illness. Pray for him and his young children that God would fill him with peace and an awareness of His grace as they grieve and struggle to cope with their loss

April 24—Pray for the children who attend school in the village of Tchangarey. They meet in four small hangars made from wood poles and grass mats and sit on the ground because they have no benches or desks. Pray that God would give them hearts and minds that love learning in spite of their circumstances. Pray for their teachers as well.

April 25—Praise the Lord that Halidou is still doing good. He had a back problem that seemed impossible to heal - but you prayed and he was totally healed. He is still walking to work and praising the Lord for his healing.

April 26—Pray for Hassi, Pastor Amadou’s wife, to be healed from her health problems. Pray for wisdom for the doctors that treat her.

April 27—Thank you for your prayers for the volunteer team from Sandersville last month. They spent time in several different villages and were able to share the gospel many times through the Jesus film and in conversations and teaching times. They were also able to encourage and disciple believers in these villages.

April 28—The Bolls will participate in an On Mission Conference in the Ashville, Alabama area. Pray for this event as many missionaries share their stories of work around the world. If you are in the area please attend to help encourage and learn better how to pray and support work among the Zerma people.

April 29—We are thankful for all of our wonderful prayer supporters. We praise God for you. You’re a vital part of all the ministry here in Niger.

April 30—Please pray for the Bolls as they will be attending two "events" the end of April and early May. Pray for safe travels, wisdom in packing and times of sharing about the Zerma people so others will catch a vision how they may take a part in winning people around the world to Christ.

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