1 Wednesday - Pray for Caroline and Caleb as plans are worked out for their schooling. They will be late getting back to Sahel Academy in Niger but are hoping they can begin much of the course work while in the U.S.

2 Thursday - Pray Psalm 103:2-3 for the Zerma. Pray they will praise the Lord with all their soul, and not forget all His benefits- pray that they will understand that He alone forgives all their sins and heals all their diseases.

3 Friday - Pray for the kids who came to Kimberly’s Welcome Clubs. They have not met this summer due to the Cains being in the US. Pray that God’s Word will grow and flourish in their hearts from the stories they’ve already learned. Pray the kids will be eager to hear more of His Word when the Cains return.

4 Saturday - Matt Bolls safely left Iraq in August. Pray for a smooth transition as he reenters a different lifestyle and much different job in the US. Pray for many other soldiers that faithfully serve and protect our nation.

5 Sunday - Pray for boldness and wisdom for the young church in Goudel. Pray for the Pastor and the members as they minister, witness and serve many people. Also please pray for Ben as he has worked for many months with the little boy, Albachir, during his birth, surgery and then his death. Pray that his family will remember the God that Ben serves and the love He has for them.

6 Monday - Pray for health. Now that rainy season is here there are many mosquitoes and so many Zerma people, missionaries, families and friends that are sick with malaria with several being hospitalized. Ask God to touch them with His healing hand and put a hedge of protection around them. We do thank the Lord for the rain – but the stagnant water is proving not healthy.

7 Tuesday – Thank you for your prayers for Caroline Cain as she recovers from back surgery and now faces surgery on her head to cover two areas where there’s been bone loss. The surgery should be sometime this month and should require only an overnight stay in the hospital. We are grateful for excellent doctors and care given in Seattle. Pray for wisdom for the doctors in dealing with this rare condition (only about 20 known cases) and that God would give all of the Cains a sense of peace throughout this whole ordeal.

8 Wednesday - Pray for Zika and his friends in the town of “K”. Phil had hoped to spend some time with them this summer in discipleship but that has not worked out. Pray for their new faith, that it would remain rooted in Christ, and that they would grow in their knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. Pray that God would give them strength in the midst of whatever persecution comes their way.

9 Thursday – Pray for understanding, insight and a compelling desire to share what is learned in the Bible Storying Group in Sarando. Pray for Ben and other believers as they travel there each Monday to teach the Bible and praise songs.

10 Friday – The Jesus DVD was shown at Karafaley last month with about 18 present. Pray the Holy Spirit works in their lives to make understood and acceptable the truth that Jesus can be their Savior. Praise the Lord that Don has been able to go to various villages even with the rain & road situation during the rains.

11 Saturday – Ramadan, the month of fasting for the Muslims, will be ending. During the fast Muslims are not supposed to eat or drink anything during daylight hours. Today and tomorrow they will be celebrating, dressed in their best clothes, visiting with family and friends, and of course eating a big meal together. It is a relief for many that it is over. This is always a difficult time as people are more “religious” and sometimes seem less tolerant of others. It is also a time of increased spiritual warfare as well as more crime. Please pray for a clear understanding of the truth and a fearless desire to share with their friends what God has revealed to each of them during this month of fasting, even through dreams and visions.

12 Sunday - As shared last month, we continue to praise the Lord for Caroline and for her positive attitude during her medical time in the US. She has been a blessing to many as she has kept a good attitude throughout surgery and recovery. Pray that she continues to bless others as she ministers to them and encourages others during a difficult time. Pray for the positive influence to the many Zerma people that know her and have been praying for her.

13 Monday – In a recent meeting, some Christian leaders were informed of several security issues as well as a need for better communication. Pray that the Christian organizations will be able to effectively communicate the work being done in order to remain in the country and that authorities in this nation will see clearly the value of having believers present here.

14 Tuesday – In July, Teresa went to visit several friends and neighbors. She saw a lady she really didn’t know who wanted Teresa to see her new baby. The lady said she had no milk, so Teresa took the opportunity to pray for her to have enough milk for the baby & taught her about giving only breast milk. A few weeks later she came bringing the baby and asked Teresa to thank God for giving her milk. When she began to nurse the baby exclusively without adding any extras the baby was more satisfied and is quite healthy. Pray that all of us would be aware of various situations around us so we can pray, witness and teach as God leads.

15 Wednesday - Pray that the Zerma will cry out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” Revelations 4:8

16 Thursday - Pray that all the believers would have a hunger for the Word of God, whether through hearing it or reading it. Pray for those who are hungry, that their need would be fulfilled. Pray that the Christians who are anxious about the future would learn to depend fully on God.

17 Friday - Pray specifically for village chiefs and other traditional leaders of the Zerma. Pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to them and that they would come to know Him not just as a prophet, but as the living Word of God, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Pray that they would come to understand that atonement for sins can be only found through Christ and not through our works, however good and many they may be.

18 Saturday – Halidou is a special friend of the Bolls that has been having problems with his back. Although he had much trouble walking, he then fell and has not been able to walk and is in much pain. The Bolls have ministered to him and his wife a great deal and they are very receptive to the truth. Pray for God’s will to be done during this time.

19 Sunday - Pray Psalm 139:23-24 for the Zerma. Pray that they will surrender their heart to Him and allow Him to search them and know their heart, to test them and give every anxious thought and worry to Him. Pray that they will put off any thing they do that is offensive to God and follow God wholeheartedly.

20 Monday – As the Bolls are working on their “exit strategy”, they have been seeking and praying for someone that will go to various villages and share the good news. God is reaffirming to us that “looks” and “education” is not what God is seeking. Pray for Musa, a non-reader, as he walks to villages sharing the good news. He has been to several villages and several hundred have heard the good news!

21 Tuesday – It rained again the same day you were praising God about sending rain in last months prayer guide! In July, Ouallam received 7.6” rain & in August about 6”. Many farmers are praising the Lord for the crops in the field. Many thanks for your prayers. Yes, we need the rain to continue through this month!

22 Wednesday – Please continue to pray for the Aminu who has brain trauma. Adjusting the medicine he was taking has been a challenge but he seems better. The best medicine he is taking may be the Bible study that he encourages Teresa to teach at his house with his two wives and many neighborhood children present.

23 Thursday - Pray the Zerma will not merely listen to the word of God, but also do what it says. James 1:22

24 Friday – When Teresa began teaching some of the children in her neighborhood, she never envisioned what would happen. Now the 3 “very religious” families are all attending, and learning a great deal. Pray for Teresa as she must answer tough questions… Does God fast? Does God pray? (Remember this was during Ramadan). Also, praise the Lord that Teresa’s health is almost back to normal and she is back at work!

25 Saturday - Praise God for the opportunities that the Cains have had while in the US to speak in churches and at a Vacation Bible School about the Zerma people and the Zerma team’s ministry.

26 Sunday – Please pray for the location of several possible latrine sites. Three possible sites have been located. Pray they may be the correct locations where they will meet real needs and that through this God’s true love will be made known. Thank you for Greenwood Forest Baptist Church through their Project HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Eternity), Cary, North Carolina, who is funding this project.

27 Monday – Many area field crops were beginning to look very good in August with regular and sufficient rain. Pray for the rain to continue at least through the end of this month. Pray especially for many who received the improved fast maturing millet seed.

28 Tuesday - Pray the Zerma will love God, will walk in His ways, will obey His commandments and hold fast to Him. Pray they will desire to serve Him with all their heart and soul. Joshua 22:5.

29 Wednesday – The Bolls are sorting through many items used in the Mobile Center. Many of the books, Bibles, audio cassette tapes, sewing items, discipleship material and more will be distributed before the Bolls go to the US next year. Pray these items find the hands where God can best use them.

30 Thursday - Pray for the students that will be attending Sahel Academy this fall. School started August 18. Pray for diligence in studies and for Christ-like attitudes. Also pray for the National schools that should begin next month.

Thank you very much for your prayers. The Zerma Team