He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1 NIV

1 – Tuesday – Pray for the Cain family as they will be in the states for vacation for most of the month of June. Pray that they will receive some rest and refreshment---both physical and spiritual during their time of visiting family and friends. Also today is Teresa Bolls birthday. Pray she is doing well after dealing with health issues for several months.

2 – Wednesday – Pray for the Sustar girls as they finish up the school year. Ask God to help develop good habits over the summer that includes exercise and quiet time.

3 – Thursday – Don is often advised by Zerma people to take him another wife, to have 2 wives. Many times he replies one problem is enough! Many “candid” discussions have followed. Pray God use these discussions to open minds and hearts to God’s true love. Also Praise God as Don and Teresa were married today 1971 in Portales, New Mexico.

4 – Friday – The Jesus video was shown in 2 small “hamlets” last month in the Ouallam area. Pray for the near 40 in attendance who heard all or parts of it. Pray God’s spirit work in their lives to convict them of the truth.

5 – Saturday – Pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment in knowing how to help meet the many physical needs that come before us each week. Pray that believers would learn to depend on God to meet their needs, and find joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

6 – Sunday – Pray for the many that will be in their fields preparing, planting, and hoping for a crop. Many will be moving to their “ziggy” ~~ their home in the fields. Pray for their safety and health – clean water, mosquitoes, getting wet etc all contribute to various health issues.

7 – Monday – Have you discovered the “power” found in Psalm 91? Pray it today for yourself, a loved one and Zerma Christian believers.

8 – Tuesday – Pray that God would soften the hearts of the Zerma people so that they might seek the One who is the way, the truth, and the life. Pray that every Zerma person would have an opportunity to hear the gospel this year.

9 – Wednesday – It is exciting to see the Spiritual growth of leaders. One of the goals of the IMB is to MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch and Leave). In the past months the Bolls have seen leaders begin to lead. Praise the Lord!

10 – Thursday – Pray for the growth of the church in Niger, that believers would have a vision for establishing churches across Niger that will serve as a catalyst for transforming lives characterized by integrity and joy and confidence in the risen Savior.

11 – Friday – Pray for the many that will be “praying” for rain, and maybe even paying someone to pray for them and their fields. Pray that they will know the real Source of prayer and that they will know HIM.

12 – Saturday – Most people ride motorcycles in Niger without helmets. Please pray for Don and Teresa’s neighbor who did just that and has now been suffering from an evident traumatic brain injury from a fall six months ago.

13 – Sunday – Pray for Ami and her husband. He recently became a believer and was baptized. Ben and Pastor Amadou have been discipling him and one week in May they met with them every day because they both want a divorce. Pray that God will bind their hearts together and open their eyes to the schemes of the devil.

14 – Monday – Seemingly there is an ongoing degradation of safety and security for us living in a foreign land. Please claim Psalm 91:2b for the Zerma, us and our children, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

15 – Tuesday – Several sacks of fast maturing millet seed were distributed in the Ouallam area in May. With the expected rain, now is about the time most of it will be planted. Pray that those rains come and the millet will be a testimony to what God can do.

16 – Wednesday – Praise God for the way the Goudel church has come together to make some necessary repairs on the structure. Ask God to continue to grow this small church and to add to their numbers.

17 – Thursday – Praise God for Hassi, Pastor Amadou’s wife. She has written seven original praise songs and is teaching them to the church. She is currently looking for a way to record them. Ask God to show her how to acquire the $120.00 for the studio recording time or to show her other avenues if that is His will.

18 – Friday – Recent sickness of some team mates reminds us of the precarious position we put ourselves and children in medical wise. Thank God for the wonderful caring support we receive from all that help in medical care for missionaries and the prayer from people like you that support it.

19 – Saturday – Praise God for a young man that chose to follow Christ. Ben and Pastor Amadou went to disciple Ami’s husband, but he was not home so Ami invited people she had been sharing with to come to the study. This young man asked several questions and then chose to give his heart to God. PTL

20 – Sunday – Praise the Lord and Thank Him for our Fathers – and let’s be thankful for the special relationship we can have with Our Heavenly Father. Happy Father’s Day!

21 – Monday – Thank God for shade trees! Reported temperatures in our area of work with the Zerma reached 122F. It was probably higher in places. Many people have suffered and we’ve heard there have been many heat related deaths. Pray for the families. This month the intense heat should lessen as rainy season approaches.

22 – Tuesday – Pray for a team leader’s conference in Kenya that Phil will be attending at the end of June. He will be returning to Niger from vacation 5 days earlier than the rest of the family.

23 – Wednesday – Pray for the Sustars to have safe and smooth travel as they travel to the US on June 24-July19. They will be flying Air France so pray that the volcano in Iceland will not disrupt the flight. Pray for a good time with family and friends and for refreshment.

24 – Thursday – Pray for Ramatou, a baptized Christian single mother who is active in ministry and has taken a bold step in following Christ for several years now. Pray God to strengthen her in the recent loss of her mother and family illness.

25 – Friday – Please continue to pray for leaders here and around the world that they would be mighty men of God. Pray for calm until Niger presidential elections, scheduled for November.

26 – Saturday – Praise God that several believers from three villages were able to come to Niamey for about four weeks of Bible study/discipleship before the farming season starts. They met with one of our pastor friends in Niamey. Pray that the things they learned would remain in their minds and hearts as they return to their homes and share the Good News with others. Pray that God would bless their farms as they begin planting soon.

27 – Sunday – Pray for Zerma believers, some of them baptized that have evidently “turned their back” to the Gospel and returned to their former beliefs. There is a tremendous amount of peer pressure but God is good and can overcome all. Pray strength and endurance that they can not resist God’s spirit to follow Him at all costs.

28 – Monday –Pray for Kimberly, Caroline, and Caleb as they fly back to Niger today. Pray for travel safety and smooth connections.

29 – Tuesday – Ask God to open the hearts of the men that Ben is sharing with in the Francophone neighborhood. They have good discussion each week, but fear seems have such a strong grip on their lives that it renders them paralyzed to make a decision to follow Christ. Ask God to silence the voice of demons so they can hear his voice only.

30 – Wednesday - Pray for Kimberly as she prepares to orient two new volunteers at the beginning of July. Pray for wisdom, insight, and clear communication. Pray for the Stacey and Jordan’s adjustment to life in Niger.

Thank you for joining us through your prayers,
The Zerma Team