I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Psalms 91:2 KJV

Thursday, July 1 - Ask God to give the Sustars rest and relaxation on their vacation in the USA. Also pray for the safe arrival of Jordan (student missionary) – arrives Niger today.

Friday, July 2 - Pray for Welcome Clubs for kids as Kimberly will be away for the summer. Pray that God’s Word would continue to work on their hearts and lives of the kids.

Saturday, July 3 - Pray for Caroline and Caleb as they are adjusting to much different summer than anticipated. Pray for their adjustment to a longer time in the states as well as adjustment to changes that will have occurred in Niger in their absence.

Sunday, July 4 – Today is USA Independence day – Praise the Lord for our freedom! Also, please pray for our soldiers in various countries, like Matt Bolls who is still in Iraq for several more weeks.

Monday, July 5 – Pray for Jordan and Stacey as they begin a quick and intense language study. Pray that during this week they will be able to get some basic Zerma so they can communicate better during their time in Niger.

Tuesday, July 6 - Pray for Jordan and Stacey, two student missionaries who will be working with the Zerma team this summer. Pray for a quick adjustment to the climate and culture and language of Niger and pray for God’s guidance in their ministry over the coming weeks. Pray that God would use them for His glory, to help lead the lost to saving faith and to help believers grow in their faith.

Wednesday, July 7 - Pray for Caroline as she undergoes surgery on her back at Swedish Children’s Hospital in Seattle tomorrow (the 8th). Pray that God will fill her with His peace, that He would guide the doctors’ hands, and that she would have a speedy recovery.

Thursday, July 8 - Pray for the small group of men meeting weekly in K-town to study the Bible. They are learning to walk in the light in a dark place. Pray that God would strengthen their faith and increase their knowledge of His word.

Friday, July 9 - Pray that the Cains would be a positive witness for Christ with the medical personnel they come in contact with.

Saturday, July 10 - Continue to pray for those in K-town who have seen and heard the truth and yet reject Him out of fear and pride. May God grant them repentance and deliver them out of bondage that they might be called sons and daughters of God. Pray for the Christian clinic to continue to be a source of hope in a hopeless place.

Sunday, July 11 – June 21 the Ouallam area had still had no rain. Pray that even though the season may have begun late – that it will continue to rain so the crops (their main income – as well as their meals for the next year) would be able to come to fruition.

Monday, July 12 – Praises for Mark and Deanna as they celebrate 30 years of marriage today. May this be a testimony to many Zerma as the Ledlows work and minister to many. Also pray for the Bolls, Jordan & Stacey as they travel to Ouallam to do several “projects” in that area. Pray that when it rains they will be able to get done what God has for them to do and that they would be sensitive to His leadership.

Tuesday, July 13 - Ami and her husband continue to have marital problems. Ami took the kids and went to her family’s home in the bush. She has now returned to Niamey, although they still have problems. Ask God to reunite this couple and give them a deep love for each other and their children.

Wednesday, July 14 – Believe it or not, the age of 61 years is not considered “old” by many Zerma people. Of course like many of us it depends on the age of the person doing the considering, especially the one having those years, in this case Happy Birthday - Don Bolls!

Thursday, July 15 – In May you prayed for the Bolls to be able to go to Naze so Teresa could teach the women. June 4 they were able to go, the study was awesome, the 7 ladies there were so ready to study and hear the word. Later the Bolls wanted to make another visit, but due to the rain in the roads they only went 65K, instead of the 90K it takes to get to the village. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the lives of these women.

Friday, July 16 - Pray for good rains for the crops this year. Last year the rains in many areas were not adequate to produce a good crop. Most of the Zerma rely on a harvest to be able to eat.

Saturday, July 17 – Pray for wisdom for all of us. Many times we are required to do things that are out of our comfort zone as well as natural knowledge. Pray that God would bless as we seek to serve Him and point many toward the truth. (Examples: medical advice, financial aid, marital advice, responsibility issues, Spiritual questions, etc)

Sunday, July 18 - Oumou had a baby girl 18 June. Ask that God would continue to provide everything that she needs to raise her children. Pray that she would have wisdom in teaching them to love and fear the Lord.

Monday, July 19 - Pray for safe travel for the Sustars as they travel to Niamey on July 19 and 20. Pray for them as they need to quickly adjust to the time difference, the weather, and the ministry demands.

Tuesday, July 20 – Praise the Lord that the tube well in Boye was completed in two days – when the water was the lowest – just before the rains. Pray that this well will be a testimony to the Lord’s provision – as they water their gardens & trees for years to come.

Wednesday, July 21 – In May Mark was to go to South Africa for a conference… but instead he went with Deanna to be with her family in the loss of Deanna’s father. Please continue to pray for the Ledlows and the family during this time.

Thursday, July 22 – Pray for Teresa and Mamou (Adamou’s Christian wife) as they study. The first lesson it was only Teresa, Mamou and 5 children. The next study there was 7 women and even more children. Pray that even during rainy season Teresa will be able to continue to go to this village which is not far from the main road.

Friday, July 23 – Pray for the Zerma team as they meet, encourage and plan for the ministry for next few months. Also pray for Ramadan which is to begin sometime in August. Pray that God will continue to send rain, that Muslims will have visions and dreams – and will come to know the truth.

Saturday, July 24 - Ask God to give the FADA guys in the Francophone neighborhood visions and dreams of Him so that when Ben meets with them their hearts will be open to the Gospel.

Sunday, July 25 – We are excited that Stephanie (Ledlow) and her husband, Scott, were able to respond to the call and the demand to the much needed work – arriving in Niger in June. Pray for the work and the ministry. Praises that they are able to stay with their folks, Mark & Deanna.

Monday, July 26 – As the Bolls traveled to a village in June, the wind blew the sand back into the roads so fast that when they had to turn around, they could not see their tracks. Before they made it back to the main road, they had to use the GPS totally to even find the road! Thank you for praying for us and our safety, whether we travel or walk to places to minister.

Tuesday, July 27 – Judy Garner, a member of Sandersville Baptist that is partnering with the Zerma team and has been to Niger several times, had surgery a few months ago. Please pray for Judy and Billy as she is still in the hospital.

Wednesday, July 28 - Ami and her husband are planning to move to Goudel when she returns from the bush. Pray that the Kid’s Club in Bobiel can still continue and that many hearts will open and receptive to the Gospel.

Thursday, July 29 – Today is Karis’ 7th birthday. Praise God for her love of life and willingness to tackle any problem head on. -Pray she will continue to develop self-control and be quick to obey.

Friday, July 30 - We’ve had several “seekers” attending some of our storying groups—people who are interested in the teaching of God’s word but are not ready to accept Christ as Savior. Pray that God would convict them of their sins and help them see their need for a Savior. Pray that they would come to know God’s grace in a personal way. For those who have questions—pray that their questions will be answered.

Saturday, July 31 - Please pray for Kanesa and Brandy as they spend their last month in Texas before going separate ways. Ask that God would use the remainder of their time with their co-workers to be a light for the Gospel and that many spiritual conversations would spring forth. Pray that God would bring forth the harvest at the restaurant where they have been working.

Thank you so much from the Zerma Team – Phil, Kimberly, Ben, Cindy, Mark, Deanna, Don & Teresa