“It is a land the LORD your God cares for. He is always watching over it from the beginning to the end of the year”. Deut 11:12

Friday 1, Happy New Year. As we begin another year of ministering to the Zerma we are in awe of the prayers and dedication we have from you – our faithful prayer warriors. Words can never express how much you mean to us – the many hours you spend praying for the work and the salvation of many. God Bless you all – We thank you and are looking forward to another year of service with you.

Saturday 2, we would like to thank you for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO). It is a support which allows our presence here so the kingdom of God can be shared in a special way. Your sacrificial gift is greatly appreciated and admired.

Sunday 3, pray for the new believers and those seeking to have the courage to follow Jesus whole heartedly. Ask God to give them boldness and courage to face each day as a strong testimony for him.

Monday 4, Praise the Lord for our new “sister in Christ”. Please lift up Rachel as she begins her new walk with Jesus, and ask that the Holy Spirit would teach her and grow her. Ask that she would get involved with other believers and grow together with them.

Tuesday 5, pray for Ami who is pregnant. There have been several dates that were told her that she was due… beginning in October. The end of December she was still pregnant. Pray for a safe delivery, a healthy baby and that Ami would be able to continue sharing Christ.

Wednesday 6, Niger is fortunate to have radio stations that allow Christian programs to be aired. Pray today that these programs would reach the ears of the lost, and that those ears would hear the gospel, understand it, and receive it.

Thursday 7, pray for believers in K town, that they would stand firm in their faith and that they grow in grace and knowledge. Pray that they would hide the Word in their hearts.

Friday 8, – Pray for safe travel for Kimberly’s mom, Kaye as she returns to the U.S. today. We praise God that she was able to spend the Christmas holidays with the Cains here in Niger.

Saturday 9, pray for L town. Spiritual oppression and opposition has developed. Many weeks there are no kids showing up for kids’ clubs and the number of ladies coming to Fran’s for Bible study has dwindled. Pray for God’s power and love to break through and remove the spiritual blindness the Zerma people are living in.

Sunday 10, pray for the H and his family as Ben continues to minister to them. Their baby is due to have his second surgery on his head to relieve fluid buildup. The baby has Spin bifida.

Monday 11, pray for Rachel, Christin and Karis as they begin the spring semester at Sahel Academy. Ask God to give them good attitudes and continue to give them an eagerness to learn.

Tuesday 12, please pray that God would give Lilly at least one Godly friend that would challenge and encourage her. Please lift up her in prayer as she lives alone in Mali. Pray that she would cling to the Lord and allow Him to replace her loneliness with Him.

Wednesday 13, Now that Krista Shirley has finished her term and returned to the U.S. Kimberly will be leading the kids clubs and Bible studies on her own again. This will be a difficult transition as Krista was such a big help and encouragement in these areas of ministry.

Thursday. 14, From January through October the Bolls were able to go to 14 villages sharing about AIDS awareness and Health. The response and participation of the villagers was not very good – then you prayed… The King got more involved and Teresa began presenting the class to the Chiefs of the villages with the King participating… November and December the Bolls were able to go to 26 villages with GREAT participation. Thank you for your prayers. Pray that the excitement would continue to spread to other villages and that the Bolls would have the energy to continue the many trips/miles they are traveling.

Friday 15, pray for “Ba”, a believer who has been teaching Zarma literacy class and formed a small house church. This group has also started a garden project and hopes to sell vegetables to supplement their income. Pray that God would bless their efforts and give them abundant produce that they can sell at good prices.

Saturday 16, please ask that Brandy and Kanesa will have some good deep time with the Lord and be able to deal with all the different emotions of transition. Pray for the many decisions that will need to be made concerning school, work, living conditions etc.

Sunday 17, pray for Pastor Ama and his family as he pastors the church in Goudel. Ask for wisdom and discernment as well as God’s plan for reaching others with his message.

Monday 18, Mango, guava, lemon and “apple of the Sahel” trees were provided to 3 new believers in December. Please pray these believers’ faith as well as trees both grow quickly to maturity and bear much fruit.

Tuesday 19, please pray for H as she's pregnant with her second child. Ask God to give her a healthy pregnancy and wisdom to raise her children up in the ways of the LORD.

Wednesday 20, Thousands of garden seed, mostly lettuce, cabbage and carrot have been made available to several villages during this best time of the year to grow garden produce. Please pray that the seeds that were shared will grow… not just the seeds that were bought and planted, but that the gospel seeds would continue to grow in the people’s hearts.

Thursday 21, please lift up the believers still living in K-town and ask the Lord to strengthen them and encourage them, especially as Brandy & Kanesa are not there to encourage them. Please lift up all those that have heard the Gospel over the last four years. Pray that the King will draw them to Himself and use the planted seeds to grow into a great harvest.

Friday 22, pray for the newly baptized Christians who may face many temptations and questions as they are non-readers. Pray for ways to hear and understand the Word, either through friends reading to them or listening to the Word electronically. Pray also for those that are almost ready to follow Christ. December many churches and groups had special services in which God’s love was clearly presented. Pray for decisions to be made to love, serve and follow the God that loves us all so much.

Saturday 23, as a new year begins please pray the Zerma Team keeps “new” in their mind their goal that every Zerma person have the opportunity to understand and accept the gospel. Pray for renewed strength and determination to follow God’s will in doing so.

Sunday 24, pray for Spiritual leadership among the Zerma. Pray that God will call forth leaders who know His Word, who are burdened for the lost and who are bold in sharing the Gospel. Pray for the men and women of influence among the Zerma, that they would commit their lives to Christ.

Monday 25, Praise God that Kanesa's adjustment to the States is going well. Please pray that she will hear clearly from the LORD about where she should live and work, and ask that she would find a place to be involved in Godly community.

Tuesday 26, please pray for Kimberly as she continues the Kid’s Clubs and Bible Studies without the aid of Krista. Pray for all of these groups, that God would draw out women and children who want to know Him.

Wednesday 27, Pray for “B” and “A”, two new believers that Phil has begun meeting with to disciple and study the Bible together. Pray that God would give them understanding and insight into His Word as we study together and that it would transform their lives.

Thursday 28, Education is one of the obstacles that keep the people oppressed. As the Bolls go about trying to educate the Zerma ~ be it AIDS, Health, planting trees or garden seeds or the gospel, pray for understanding an open minds to hear and to be willing to change.

Friday 29, pray for the volunteers from the Bolls home church, Wildwood, as they prepare to come to Ouallam to help the Bolls with various ministries. Pray that the funds, the paperwork and the trip would be all that God wants it to be.

Saturday 30, pray for the Christians in various villages in which they are the only Christian. Pray that God would give them strength to serve Him among their friends and families.

Sunday 31, As over 170 Junior High Students gathered in a straw classroom and intently listened to Teresa as she shared about AIDS and health issues, as well as the love and forgiveness of the Lord, pray that the students would be willing to take the learning even farther – and share with others.

Thank you for your continued prayers. You’re making a difference.
The Zerma Team