“But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works. Psalm 73:28

1 Monday - Praise the Lord that Ami finally delivered a healthy boy. Both Ibrahim and Ami are doing great.

2 Tuesday - Ami has 4 friends who are ready to join our family. Pray they make the decision and it would be made to the glory of Him. Pray for Ami as Cindy continues to disciple her. Ask God to continue to give Ami a burning desire to share Him with others.

3 Wednesday – Praise the Lord for the many children that still attend the worship time at the Ouallam “church”. We are now studying the New Testament. Pray that the stories they hear will become a part of their lives.

4 Thursday – The past few months have been an emotionally taxing time for all of us because of all the demands for food, medical assistance, and other basic necessities of life. Pray that we will have wisdom in knowing how to respond to these daily requests.

5 Friday - Ask God to give us discernment in knowing how to help those in need and how best to help them without creating dependence on us rather than God.

6 Saturday - So many times people tend to turn to us for help instead of turning to God or the church. We do not want to become Jesus to them, but instead teach them how to hear from God and allow God to meet their needs. He can meet needs far better than we can.

7 Sunday - January the Bolls were able to lead a Storying Conference in one of the farthest villages with the newest Christians. Pray that these men would be faithful to share the Good News with their friends and families.

8 Monday - Phil has been meeting with a group of men in the village of “S.” These men are believers who want to learn more about what the Bible teaches. Pray that God would give them the ability to retain what they are learning as many of them cannot read. Pray that God would open up His word to them, giving them knowledge and understanding and wisdom about spiritual matters

9 Tuesday – Soon the Bolls should be having another meeting with an area traditional “King” and the Village Chiefs from another area. Pray that the Village Chiefs in the new area will continue to be as accommodating as others have been.

10 Wednesday – Pray for Deanna and Mark Ledlow today. Although they are not officially on our Zerma Team they still work and minister to many Zerma people as well as work in the office and around the compound.

11 Thursday - Pray for the village of “C” where Phil has started a new storying group. At the first meeting there were over 40 men and 20 women. Pray that they would receive the Word with joy, that they would have a clear understanding of the gospel, and that God would draw them to Himself.

12 Friday - Praise God for the way He encourages us when there are difficult days and hardened hearts. He always gives us those wonderful moments when we get the privilege of seeing Him at work.

13 Saturday - The AIDS/Health classes have been going great in the villages. The Bolls have been to several villages and thank you for your faithfulness in support and encouragement through prayer.

14 Sunday – “There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.” 2 Corinthians 4:18 (MSG) Pray that our eyes are fixed on Him who is eternal. It seems poverty and suffering will never go away but we are assured it is “here today, gone tomorrow.”

15 Monday - Thank you for your prayers for Fati although she is not doing very well. She has found a cousin that wants to marry her. The Sustars’ counseled her on what the Bible says about marrying someone of a different faith. Ask God to give her visions and dreams of Him and to reveal His love for her. Ask God to give her a burning desire to follow hard after Him and for Him to reveal His plan for her life to her.

16 Tuesday - Pray for Caroline and Caleb Cain as they are busy with school and school activities.

17 Wednesday – Matt Bolls leaves for Iraq today. Please pray for his safety as well as the safety of many soldiers. Pray for his family during his time away.

18 Thursday – Thank you for praying for Al who was very sick and near death. He passed away the week before Christmas. Some of his relatives are ready to join our family. Pray for them to be able to make that step and follow through.

19 Friday – The Lord has placed it on Ben’s heart to begin the Taxi ministry again. Pray for Ben to have the time, the energy and the wisdom as he meets with the taxi drivers and finds ways to witness to them.

20 Saturday – Gardening time in the Ouallam area continues to meet some of the needs of a local poor grain harvest. Pray that as this time is rapidly ending that local produce will continue to help alleviate hunger.

21 Sunday - Pray for the talibey (boys that are sent to Muslim priests to teach them the Koran and provide for their needs much of which is through begging) who hang around a market not far from the Cain’s house. A couple of the boys have come to a kids’ club and Kimberly is searching for ways to reach them with the Good News.

22 Monday – Please pray for Brandy and Kanesa as they are making plans to move to Texas, rent a house and live together again! Pray for them as they continue to make adjustments to life in the US and the new ministries that the Lord is giving them.

23 Tuesday – Thank the Lord for those who provided garden seed which will help greatly with local food and income. Ask God to grow those seed as a reward and witness as He brings others to Him.

24 Wednesday – Matt Bolls arrives in Iraq today. Please pray for wisdom, safety and for his family in the US. Pray for Christie and Sydney as they adjust to a new home, new town and Matt being gone.

25 Thursday - Thanks for your prayers for Phil as he meets with seekers and disciples new believers. We praise God that the seekers continue to be interested in hearing the Word and that new believers are growing in their faith.

26 Friday – Today is Matt Bolls 34th birthday. Pray that he have a special day as he is apart from many friends and family. Praise the Lord that he was able to move his family from CA to VA safely. They were also able to make stops to see Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles etc. Praises also that Matt was able to “fix up” their rental house some in the few days he was in VA.

27 Saturday – The “Latrine Project” is over but we continue to repair the occasional ones with problems. Pray this be a good continuing witness and opportunity where needs are met and that Christ may be made known.

28 Sunday – The end of this short month seems to have launched us all well down the road of the year 2010. Let it be an occasion to ponder what is really important to us all in our lives as we also reflect on these same important things for the Zerma people.
Once again, thank you for praying for the Zerma and the work here. We appreciate you and your work. The Zerma Team.