“You will call to Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12

Wednesday, Dec. 1 - Thanks so much for your prayers for Caroline Cain. Both her back surgery and her brain surgery went very well. The Cains received medical clearance from the IMB and were able to travel back to Niger on November 8th. Caroline has still not gotten her full strength back but she’s doing remarkably well for having two major surgeries within four months. Please pray for her continued recovery as she gains her strength back and finishes this semester of school. (We are homeschooling her this semester with a lighter course load.)

Thursday, Dec. 2 - Thanks for praying for the volunteer team from North Carolina. From Nov. 4th to the 12th they ministered in many different settings and villages and saw God at work each day. They were able to do some follow-up in a couple villages from a previous trip which was a great blessing to the people there. Many people heard the gospel through this team and many believers learned more about what it means to follow Jesus.

Friday, Dec. 3 - Thanks for your continued prayers for each of our ministries—as you know from many of our past prayer guides the work is often slow with few visible results. Thank you for standing by us with your prayers as we persevere and continue to share the message of the gospel which brings hope and peace to the lost. Pray that during this Christmas season God would open the minds and hearts of the Zerma to understand why Jesus came to earth and why he died on a cross, why we believe in the resurrection and why we say Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one can come to God except through Him.

Saturday, Dec. 4 - Determining which schools to provide a latrine for was quite a challenge for the Bolls. The first choice already had a latrine. The second choice looked closed for the year. The third village choice had no school! Praise God the Bolls were able to locate three sites – though not their first choice – but God’s choice.

Sunday, Dec. 5 - Pray for the villages that the Bolls visited that don’t have a school in their village. Many young 1-4th graders that do attend classes have to walk great distances to attend classes. Pray for those that travel, for safety and for the strength to study during the day and again during the night to do their homework.

Monday, Dec. 6 - Continue to pray for the government leaders of Niger, that the number of Christians would increase on each level and that they would have a strong and positive influence on the whole country. Pray that God would raise up men and women of integrity who love Him and who are committed to maintaining religious freedom for the people of Niger.

Tuesday, Dec. 7 - The second village the Bolls went to, looked like it would not be having school this year. The yard was full of weeds and grass; the steps were in bad shape, the doors closed. Praise the Lord that the Bolls returned a few days later and were able to meet not only the Director, but the teacher, parents and several students that were busy cleaning up the school – both outside and in. It was a good meeting and they are excited about a latrine to be constructed there at the school. Praises and thanks to H.O.P.E. providing this project.

Wednesday, Dec. 8 - Thank you so much for your prayers for the Bolls as they seek possible schools for Latrine sites. The Lord has provided 3 schools and the work has already begun. The students in one school have already studied health classes with Teresa. It has been a special time for both the Bolls and for the schools / teachers /students and parents.

Thursday, Dec. 9 -Teresa was able to begin an English Class at the home of Aminu during the rainy season and the time when so many were in the fields. Praise God for the many opportunities that Teresa had to witness to so many. Praises to God for the way He opens doors for the gospel to be shared.

Friday, Dec. 10 - Please pray for Zenabou. Several months ago Teresa was able to help her learn some English, and then they were able to continue studying and talking. This did lead to the English class… but she had to go to another city for this year’s classes. Pray for her as she will be gone 9 months away from her family and friends. Pray for the special relationship that Z & T have, and for the very difficult good-bye they share.

Saturday, Dec. 11 - Praises for the school at Samtigue that had their hole dug for the latrine just days after the Bolls contacted them. Many thanks for your prayers as the Bolls feel that God led them to the schools and students.

Sunday, Dec. 12 – Health/AIDS awareness classes officially began November 10. The Bolls were able to go with the traditional King to meet with 22 Chiefs of that many villages. The Chiefs were very receptive of the Bolls bringing the classes to their villages. Pray for strength, time and wisdom as the Bolls will be traveling many miles. (These are the villages that are the greatest distance from the Bolls)

Monday, Dec. 13 - During November the Bolls were able to make several home visits. The blessings they received were so special. God has sent a VERY ABUNDANT harvest to this land. It is the largest and best harvest that the Bolls have ever seen. There is word that this is one of the best rainy seasons in over 40 years. The Bolls have prayed very publically asking God to Bless the people this year with a good harvest – and have had the opportunity to Thank God for and with the people as we see the blessings. Thank you for your faithful prayers. Many have asked us about the harvest – Yes! Your prayers have made it possible!

Tuesday, Dec. 14 - Pray for the Zerma team as changes are necessary next year concerning the Zerma Prayer Letter. Pray that the Lord will show us how to get the prayer letter to the many that receive it via email. We are thankful to Jeanie who has sent our prayer letter to you for over 6 years. Pray for her as she enters another ministry and work in her church.

Wednesday, Dec. 15 -Jeanie served as a volunteer in November. Pray as she reflects on her trip and work among the Zerma people that she will be able to share and pray on experiences God let her witness during her short time in Niger.

Thursday, Dec. 16 - Delivering school books to a school that has none was quite a blessing and ministry for the Bolls. The money was provided by a former Peace Corps worker that lived and worked in the village many years ago, but the Bolls were the “messenger/deliver” and all praises went to God.

Friday, Dec. 17 - Pray that God will send a computer administrator and/or nurse to Sahel Academy before Stacey Frank leaves.

Saturday, Dec. 18 - Pray for Michael Frank as he gets ready to come to Niger on December 18-Jan 4 to visit his wife. Pray for him to have a safe trip.

Sunday, Dec. 19 – Thank God for one new family that is interested in coming to the Goudel church and asks God to give Pastor Amadou courage and clear vision to lead this young church.

Monday, Dec. 20 - During this month the Bolls will be hosting some very special volunteers – their son and grandson. Much is planned as Matt Bolls and Dillon LeQuieu will be helping Don & Teresa with some final trips to many of the villages with some special projects: encouraging, discipleship workshops, delivering literature to schools and outreach points, and hopefully taking various medical supplies to some villages. It will be a bitter-sweet time as it will bless those that have known Matt and Stacy for many years – to see Stacy’s son, to visit with Matt – and to say good-bye to Don and Teresa after 25 years in this area.

Tuesday, Dec. 21 - Kimberly Cain’s birthday is today. Praise God for the faithful work she’s done in Niger. Ask that God would strengthen and encourage her and bless her ministry with the various groups of women and children she works with each week.

Wednesday, Dec. 22 - It is more official now that the Bolls have a departure date. Time is going so quickly and there is still so much to do. Pray for the Bolls as they are trying to pack and sort through so many supplies, books, as well as personal affairs after so many years living in the “bush”. The Bolls still have one month vacation and will most likely take some time off to do necessary packing & sorting. Pray for the time and the many daily demands the Bolls have – even during vacation.

Thursday, Dec. 23 – Thank God for one man who is the friend of a faithful man who comes to the Goudel church and ask God to clarify for the man’s friend that following Jesus is the way of truth.

Friday, Dec. 24 - Pray for Kanesa’s and Brandy’s time with H. Ask that they would be able to encourage her after a difficult year and have opportunity to disciple her more. Pray that they would be bold and take advantage of any opportunities to share with her mom and others in the compound.

Saturday, Dec. 25 – “While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:6-7 Merry Christmas. We pray that Christ will fill your heart and home with His love, hope and joy.

Sunday, Dec. 26-Ask God to send Christian teachers to Sahel Academy. Sahel is in need of teachers for both elementary and secondary levels. Their website and available positions can be accessed at: www.sahelacademy.com

Monday, Dec. 27 – Followers of Jesus are to be examples of excellence in every avenue of life-God, help us as believers to lead others in Niger to make choices that lead to new inventions, startup of new business and visionary leaders in every domain of society.

Tuesday, Dec. 28 – Pray for Brandy and Kanesa as they arrive in Niger today. They will be here until January 6th. Ask that as we return to K-town that the darkness would not overwhelm us but that we would feel God's presence in the village.

Wednesday, Dec. 29 - Phil and Kimberly Cain have been married for 20 years today. Pray that they would continue to grow in their love for each other and their love for God.

Thursday, Dec. 30 - Pray that Kanesa’s and Brandy’s time in S. village with their dad and others would be profitable in showing them the love of Christ and encouraging their dad to fight the good fight.

Friday, Dec. 31 - Pray for Brandy’s and Kanesa’s time with Lily's family as they seek to minister to them in the face of so much sickness and suffering.