Always be joyful. Pray continually, and give thanks whatever happens. I Thessalonians 5:16-18a

1 Sunday – Thank you for praying for Caroline Cain’s surgery last month. The surgery went well and her back is healing nicely. Please continue to pray for her as she continues to recover. She has been discharged from the hospital and is doing well. She is walking several times a day, trying to work up to about one mile a day.

2 Monday – Please continue to pray for the Cains during this month. According to Caroline’s neurosurgeon she will need more surgery. One result of the neurofibromatosis, in addition to the scoliosis is that she has some bone loss in the back of her head and a small area on top that has left her brain exposed and vulnerable. The doctor says this is rare, with only 20 known cases.

3 Tuesday – Pray for Kanesa Snow as she moves to Raleigh, NC in August to begin seminary at Southeastern. Ask God to give her a compatible roommate and for a smooth transition to life in North Carolina. Continue to pray for the many Zerma lives she touched while in Niger.

4 Wednesday – Pray for the Cains as they will be meeting with the neurosurgeon today to schedule surgery for Caroline. This should not be as major as her back surgery, but will involve inserting a titanium mesh over the exposed areas of her head and then some kind of cover. She should only have to spend one night in the hospital. Please pray for Caroline to have the strength and courage – and for a quick recovery. Also, please pray for Phil, Kimberly, Caleb and Kaye (Grandmother where they are staying) as this has been physically and emotionally draining.

5 Thursday – Pray for volunteers Jordan and Stacey as they continue to learn the Zerma language. Pray that they would be able to communicate with others and show the Love of Christ through words as well as actions. Pray for both of these girls as they discover various means in which they can minister to others.

6 Friday – Pray for Brandy Nelson as she moves to Baltimore to begin studying at the C.S. Lewis Institute. Ask God to help her and Danny with their wedding plans. They will get married October 16 in Alabama. Pray also for her Zerma friends as they learn of her marriage. Much as for us all, marriage is an exciting event in Zerma people lives.

7 Saturday – Pray for the Zarma language to become easier and more natural for Stacey and Jordan. Pray that they not be discouraged and that they will be able to communicate the Love of the Lord through their words and actions.

8 Sunday – Pray for Cindy and other teachers as they will be doing lots of preparation, including room preparation, for the classes to come in the next few weeks. Pray God’s guidance and endurance as Cindy and Ben are also supervising volunteers Stacey and Jordan in the Cain’s absence. Pray for the many changes that will be taking place in the Sustar home!

9 Monday – Ramadan will begin around 10 August. Ask God to give many visions and dreams of Him as well as a deep desire to truly seek Him.

10 Tuesday – The rains finally began. The seeds were planted and the plants came up. Then the wind came and destroyed many plants as well as covered up many plants with sand. Pray for Zerma farmers and families as they continually battle with wind, rain, worms, grasshoppers, animals and other things that could destroy the crops as well as their spirits.

11 Wednesday – Praises and thanks to Saundra O’Neal and Martha LeQuieu, members at Third Baptist Church that have been copying, addressing labels, stuffing envelopes and mailing this prayer letter to many of our Prayer supporters for the past few years. Thank you also Third Baptist who has paid for this to happen for these past few years. This has been a ministry that many do not realize for the people behind the scenes that makes known specific prayer that results in changed lives among the Zerma people.

12 Thursday – The Bolls were able to meet with the new Chief of a village that has been a special village to them for several years. The Chief is excited that the Bolls will be sharing about AIDS/Health July 29. Pray that this presentation will remain fresh in their minds for years to come.

13 Friday – We have requested prayers for Aminu who was hurt in a motorcycle accident with brain trauma. Teresa & Don have been visiting him many times, and one day one of his children mentioned about a book that Teresa had given her dad. The children mentioned that they would like to study, which lead to a storying group with Aminu & his kids. Pray for Teresa as they meet to study more than once per week.

14 Saturday – Ask God to draw Ami and her husband together and to give them a strong love for each other. They are still having marital problems; please pray for the pastor and the church members as they counsel them.

15 Sunday – On July 17 you prayed for wisdom as we are required to do things out of our comfort zone… the Bolls were the main speakers at a baby dedication ceremony – with many friends and Muslims all around – but dedicating the newborn baby for Pastor Emerik and his wife Alice and telling various Bible Stories throughout the dedication. Christian prayers and music were one addition, plus the fact that the parents and baby were in attendance in the dedication!

16 Monday - Praises for the classes that Teresa and Mamou have been having. The kids are very interested and when Jordan and Stacey were with the Bolls they were able to have a Kid’s Klub studying about Moses. Although some of the men told the kids they could not use their prayer mats, the men moved the mats closer to listen. Everyone enjoyed coloring the pictures – young and old alike. Pray that there will be more opportunities for study in this village as well as others.

17 Tuesday – Praise - on July 11 – The prayer request read: “June 21 the Ouallam area still had no rain… pray that rain would continue…” July 11 Ouallam received 2” rain early morning, and .8” later during the day.

18 Wednesday – Pray for Cindy Sustar as she begins teaching the 5th and 6th grade class at Sahel today. Pray for the students to have a smooth transition to the beginning of school. Pray for Cindy and Ben as they will have many adjustments in their family life as well as their ministry to the Zerma.

19 Thursday – Pray for God to continue to guide Stacey in the place that He has called her to work and that He lead, prepare and show her opportunities for ministry.

20 Friday – Praises and pray for the Sunday School Class Arlington B.C. in Charlotte, N. Carolina that will be joining the Zerma Prayer support team as they will soon be sending out the Prayer letter via the Post Office. This is a very expensive and time consuming job and is a real blessing to the Zerma team as well as the people that pray for us that do not have access to a computer.

21 Saturday – Pray for Jordan and Stacey to have a close walk with God during their time in Niger. Pray for God to bless their ministries and the different activities they will be involved with during the month.

22 Sunday – We praise the Lord for Caroline and for her positive attitude during her medical time in the US. She has been a blessing to many as she has kept a good attitude throughout the surgery and recovery. Pray that she continues to bless others as she ministers to them and encourages others during her difficult time. Pray for the positive influence to the many Zerma people that know her and have been praying for her.

23 Monday – Pray that Stacey and Jordan will be able to see God more fully during their time in Niger. Many days they will be out of their comfort zone, they may not understand much of what is being said, they may be homesick, they may be tired. Pray that God encourage them in a special way and they will look to Him for rest.

24 Tuesday – The last week of July the Ouallam Church and “Temple of Victory” combined efforts, with Teresa teaching the leaders how to “Story the Bible”. Pray that all those that attended will continue to use the concept of sharing the Bible through stories.

25 Wednesday – Pray for the FADA groups that Ben meets with and shares the Gospel. Ask God to give them a burning desire to learn about His Word and the Good News of salvation.

26 Thursday – Ask God to continue to grow the church in Goudel in number and in strength. Ask God to give Pastor Amadou wisdom and discernment as he leads this congregation.

27 Friday – Pray for Jordan as she prepares to physically leave the work and ministry in Niger. Pray for her to be able to finish strong and have a sense of accomplishment for her two months in Zerma land. Pray she is able to continue work among the Zerma spiritually and share God’s love for them with others.

28 Saturday – Please continue to pray for the Cains as they make decisions and plans for returning to Niger and the work among the Zerma. Pray for Caroline and Caleb as things work out concerning their schooling.

29 Sunday – “I’ve been watching you and how you interact with others. Your heart is different. When you told the Story to my children I could see that you have a special relationship with your God. I can see that you love the Lord and you believe that He loves you. Because of you and the way you act, I am interested in Christianity” Although I did not think I would ever hear that from this evident devout Muslim, I know that our actions speak much louder than our words. Pray that we will all be faithful in showing Love to others.

30 Monday – Pray for guidance and our witness as we seek where to place several latrines. We are looking in the Ouallam area for villages with schools, and a place to help the school with a latrine and hopefully with other supplies.

31 Tuesday - Today Jordan will be leaving Niger. Pray that she has safe travels and is able to have a relatively eventless trip. We praise the Lord for Jordan coming to Niger and spending her summer helping the Zerma team. Pray for those Zerma she has shared God’s love with and for her as she adjusts to life back in the USA.Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us.


The Zerma Team