“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were entreating through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ be reconciled to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:20

Thursday, October 1: Pray for Krista. She has completed her language study and will be learning a lot on her own. Pray for her to understand Zerma and to communicate effectively with people. Pray that she would radiate Christ’s love for the Zerma people.

Friday, October 2: This year rain continued well into September. Thank you for those prayers.
Please continue to pray as harvest time nears that enough moisture is present for crops to mature well.

Saturday, October 3: Sometimes we tend to forget missionary children that are grown and have been off the field for a long time, but their parents are still on the field. Please pray for them, especially for Stacy (Bolls) LeQuieu as she celebrates her birthday today - another year without her parents to be there with her to help celebrate.

Sunday, October 4: Kanesa and Brandy are spending this month wrapping things up and saying goodbyes to all of their Niger family and friends because their term is nearing an end. Ask that their final times in each village would be meaningful and eternal. Pray that they would finish strong.

Monday, October 5: Three women’s groups began in September. May God give the four leaders (Hassi, Mariama , Amina, and Abla) boldness, discernment, and protection for them and for their families. Praise God for their leadership abilities and their desire to see others enter the kingdom of God.

Tuesday, October 6: We have been more and more concerned for Albass who suffers with epilepsy. The Bolls have been helping with the medicine for him and requested that you pray for him and those around him that do not understand his problem. Praise the Lord for your prayer, advice and other concern. Albass is doing much better. Please continue to pray for him and that he will one day follow his faith to believers baptism.

Wednesday, October 7: A good or bad running vehicle can seemingly "make or break", or at the very least, change anticipated ministry plans. Please don't forget the seemingly mundane prayers concerning vehicles. Thank God for vehicles and pray for those people we depend on for our vehicle maintenance and repair.

Thursday, October 8:
K-town believers and those in the villages are still struggling with following Christ wholeheartedly. It seems that they just do not understand that they must make a choice. Ask God to pierce their hearts with the knowledge that the Almighty died for their sin and they must serve Him alone. May God give them courage to stand strong in the midst of persecution.

Friday, October 9: A softball tournament in Africa? Yes, today in Niamey begins the NUTS softball tournament between several West African countries – with missionaries as well as many ex-pat participants, Peace Corps Volunteers as well as other organizations. Pray for safety as they play and for witnessing opportunities to the many that will come from several different groups.

Saturday, October 10: Pray for Kimberly’s kids’ clubs and women friends. Ramadan is over and many have participated in the Muslim fast. Pray that they will be open to the truth of God’s love and believe that Jesus is the only way.

Sunday, October 11: Ramadan that was celebrated last month was very difficult for some. Many times someone in the family either died or became very sick. Fasting all day (no water, no food, not even to swallow) and working in the fields, or riding a hot dusty taxi, being older, or nursing are difficult plus the rains that intensify malaria. Ramadan is over, but for many their spouse, baby, father, mother, grandfather is gone from their life. Pray that many would see that there is a God that loves and wants to set us free from the slavery of the law.

Monday, October 12: Last month, Kanesa and Brandy went to visit H and her family in Benin. Pray that the seeds that were planted among the Zerma people of Benin would grow and bear much fruit. Ask that those who believe would receive a burden for their own people and come back to share with their families!

Tuesday, October 13: Happy Birthday, Cindy Sustar! Ask God to give her discernment and wisdom as she ministers to women and children.

Wednesday, October 14: Harvest season is fast approaching. Please ask God to protect Kanesa from any allergic reactions to millet.

Thursday, October 15: Lily will be returning to Bama soon to continue her studies. Pray that she would make true friends who will push her towards Christ. Ask that she would do excellent in her studies and that God would use her tremendously.

Friday, October 16: Caroline will be taking her PSAT test tomorrow. Pray that she will be calm and do her best.

Saturday, October 17: Today is Rachel Sustar’s birthday. Ask God to help her be a witness to her friends. Praise God for giving her a tender heart and a desire to minister to Zerma children.

Sunday, October 18:
Pray for wisdom as we move forward to acquire property in the city of Niamey.

Monday, October 19: As Brandy and Kanesa are in their last two weeks, ask God to make them physically and emotionally strong. Pray that God would give them wisdom and discernment as they make plans for the next several months. Pray for the seeds they have planted and for the ministry they have established, that it would flourish. Pray that others will be called to continue the work in Kollo.

Tuesday, October 20: Pray for Kimberly as she ministers to women and children. Pray that she would be an effective and valuable mentor to Krista

Wednesday, October 21: Because this harvest may not be a good one, many people will be trying to raise lots of vegetables in their gardens. Pray for those that work in their gardens during "dry season gardening". Pray that they will be able to have a good garden, to bring in produce for their families and to be able to bring some to the markets for cash.

Thursday, October 22: Pray for new believers who are being discipled that they would stand firm in their new faith. Pray that God would give them spiritual insight and understanding as they hear and study His word.

Friday, October 23: Please lift up H as she continues to follow Christ and teach her young son about Jesus. Ask that she would be faithful to read and listen to the Word and that God would teach her by His Spirit.

Saturday, October 24: Please pray for God’s protection of Christian families in Niger, both nationals and missionary families. Ask that God would unite husbands and wives and their children. Pray that they would make a strong testimony of following Christ.

Sunday, October 25: Continue to lift Sid up, as the persecution from his family increases and his faith grows stronger. He is running to the Word to find comfort. Praise God! Ask that Sid would continue to find strength in God’s Word and that he would hold fast to the truth.

Monday, October 26: Please pray for F and B, the two women who were baptized this summer. F is struggling to follow only the Jesus road and Binta has since moved to be with her husband.

Tuesday, October 27: Pray for Moussa and many like him who have left home in search of work. Poor rains have aggravated and caused this "exodus" to begin early. Many travel long distances and stay gone for long periods of time away from family and friends trying to make enough money to live on as well as send back home to support family. These absences can be difficult on the family. Please pray for Moussa, his family and many others like him.

Wednesday, October 28: Some say that Z, one of the new believers in K-town, is still going to the mosque for Muslim prayers. Ask that God would strengthen Z to stand on his own in the faith and seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Thursday, October 29
: Praise God for faithful ones who are pouring out their lives for the sake of bringing the message of reconciliation to those who are perishing. Ask that God would help them to persevere and not grow weary in the midst of the daily grind.

Friday, October 30: Pray that God would lead us to those men and women He has prepared to hear the gospel. Pray that we would be sensitive to opportunities to share the message with the lost.

Saturday, October 31:
Tomorrow, Kanesa and Brandy leave Niger to do some traveling on their way back to America. Ask for their family to know how to best support and encourage them during this great transition Pray that God would give them wisdom and discernment as they make plans for the next several months. Pray for the seeds they have planted and for the ministry they’ve established, that it would flourish. Pray that others will be called to continue the work in Kollo.

Thank you for your prayers,
The Zerma Team