"Seek the welfare of the city I have deported you to. Pray to the LORD on its behalf, for when it has prosperity, you will prosper." Jeremiah 29:7

Sunday, November 1: Please pray for Brandy and Kanesa as they leave Niger today. Ask that God would give them peace and joy as they say bye to a place and people that they love dearly. Pray for good travel mercies as they travel through Asia and make their way "home."

Monday, November 2: Please pray for the Sustars and for Cindy’s family. Cindy’s parents continue to struggle with the health and her father was diagnosed with cancer on October 8.

Tuesday, November 3: As Kanesa and Brandy return home, they will be seeing doctors just to get check-ups and make sure they are healthy. Ask that all these visits would go well and that the doctors would see anything they need to see. Please pray that they would be completely healthy and that they would get the rest they need before starting life all over again in the States.

Wednesday, November 4: Pray for Krista, our semester missionary. Pray for continued good health and for her language skills in speaking Zerma. Pray for her as she helps in various Kids’ Clubs as well as other ministries.

Thursday, November 5: In October Don and Teresa were able to have a “conference” in Kanda. There were 14 people there from 7 villages. We are thankful to be able to help equip Christians as well as help them with hard life questions. The Bolls are planning another conference in November which is further - in villages that have newly baptized believers though some have been Christians some time. Pray the Bolls will be able to effectively present ways these Christians can worship, study, pray and evangelize with others.

Friday, November 6 Pray for the Zerma team missionaries who are confronted with many needs of the people here on a daily basis. There are school needs for children beginning school in October and a need for food before the harvest is in. Pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment as we try to meet the needs of people and not lose focus on their greatest need—salvation.

Saturday, November 7: Pray for Fati, a struggling believer who has many family problems and is praying about being baptized. Pray for Cindy as she helps Fati through a very difficult time.

Sunday, November 8: Pray that the whole Zerma team would make it our goal to hear each day what the Lord is saying to us and for the courage to act on it.

Monday, November 9: Haddie lost her young daughter this time last year. Now she has just lost her husband also. Haddie's older daughter, Jasmine, just left to return to school and had to come back because of her father's death. Ask that as she returns again to school that God would comfort her in her loneliness. Please pray for this strong Muslim family that God would continue to break down the walls to their hearts and draw them to Himself.

Tuesday, November 10: During Ramadan very few to no children came to the Bible Studies in Ouallam. We are so thankful that they have begun to come again. Pray for Teresa as she is trying to help Ramatou with sharing the stories.

Wednesday, November 11: Today is Veteran’s day. Let’s be thankful for the Veterans that sacrificed so much for all our freedom. Please pray for missionary kids like Matt Bolls, US Navy, who is preparing to go to Iraq next month. Pray for Matt, wife Christie and 5 year old daughter Sydney to be situated in a new home before Matt’s deployment in December.

Thursday, November 12: Pray for those that we share the Gospel with on a daily basis asking God to reveal to them that His word is the truth.

Friday, November 13: Pray for the Sustars – both in Niger and in the United States. Ben’s cousin died October 8 - leaving a wife and two young sons.

Saturday, November 14: Praise the Lord that Ramatou has been coming to get help from Teresa so she can be better prepared to teach the next class. Pray that Ramatou will be able to have the vision to continue to study and teach others.

Sunday, November 15: Pray for small groups of believers in the villages of D and B. Many have kept their faith secret and they struggle to meet together regularly because they fear the village leaders. Pray that God would give them boldness and confidence to live out their faith.

Monday, November 16: Pray for spiritual leadership among the Zerma. Pray that God will call forth leaders who know His word, who are burdened for the lost, and who are bold in sharing the Gospel. Pray for the men and women of influence among the Zerma, that they would commit their lives to Christ.

Tuesday, November 17: Djibo and Isaka were recently baptized. They are from a very remote village where there are no other known Christians. They cannot read but were given a solar powered audio player of the New Testament in the Zerma language. Pray God’s protection and encouragement for these two new, very excited and happy believers.

Wednesday, November 18: Please pray for the children at “L-town.” For several weeks in a row no children have come to the kids’ clubs that meets there. God has been moving and acting in the hearts of people but now spiritual opposition has arisen. Pray for the people there to not be fearful of Christianity and for them to come out of the spiritual darkness and into the light.

Thursday, November 19: When weeds don’t grow for lack of rain you know it’s not good. The rain for the main growing season in the immediate Ouallam area was lacking, leading to a poor to non existent harvest. Other areas had more rain but many will have a poor harvest. Pray for those who have to make difficult decisions how to survive until next years harvest.

Friday, November 20: After four years working in Niger Kanesa and Brandy return to the States today. Ask that they would have smooth transition and find God's wisdom in where to live, where to work, and how to adjust back to the busy life of the States. Pray that God would continue working in K-town as they will no longer be there.

Saturday, November 21: Pray for the start of a new group meeting at Phil and Kimberly’s house on Saturday evenings. The group consists of Zerma teenage girls. Krista, our semester missionary, is leading this group. Pray for the young ladies to be open to God’s word and that they would believe and step out in faith because of their belief.

Sunday, November 22: Pray for the men in various villages that are currently the only Christian. Some are persecuted, some are ostracized, and some are tired of the fight with Satan and are beginning to go to the mosques and say their prayers with their Muslim friends and family. Please pray for strength for these Christians.

Monday, November 23: Please pray for Mark and Deanna Ledlow. Their ministry has drastically changed through the IMB transition. Pray for wisdom.

Tuesday, November 24: On Nov. 26th or 27th Muslims around the world will be celebrating the feast of Tabaski soon, commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son (who they believe was Ishmael) by God’s command. As Abraham sacrificed the ram that God provided, so too will Muslims across Niger and around the world spill the blood of rams and then roast them over open fires. . . .

Wednesday, November 25: Pray that God would open the eyes of our Muslim friends during Tabaski time to understand that Jesus was the final and perfect sacrifice whose shed blood for our sins ends the need for any other sacrifice.

Thursday, November 26: Please pray for Kanesa as it's her birthday today. Pray that she would have sweet time of fellowship and thanksgiving with her family as she spends her first birthday & Thanksgiving in four years with her family in the States.

Friday, November 27: Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We are very thankful to the many blessings that God has sent our way. We are especially thankful for a strong and faithful prayer support group that prays for the Zerma team as well as the Zerma – their health, their welfare, and their walk with the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for us!

Saturday, November 28: Pray for A, I, and Z, new believers who are under pressure from their families to revert back to Islam. Pray that they would stand firm in their faith. Pray that God would protect them from the schemes of Satan and others who seek to cause them harm. Pray that they would find other believers to worship with who will encourage them and help them to grow in Christ.

Sunday, November 29: There are quite a few Zerma believers in K-town and surrounding villages. They have believed in Christ, but they have not come to truly love Him. Ask that their affection for Christ would consume them and that it would pour over into everyone they meet.

Monday, November 30: Caroline Cain is celebrating her sweet 16th birthday today. She thanks you for all the prayer support over the years. Pray that she would continue to grow in her walk with God and for wisdom in the choices she makes. Pray that she continues to manage her time well. We are so proud of the young woman she is becoming!

Thank you for standing with us through prayer. We pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving,
The Zerma Team