“Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may on account of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.” 1 Peter 2:12

Friday, May 1: Preparations for “Busting K-town with the Gospel” will be busily under way this month as Kanesa and Brandy get ready for 16 summer volunteers. Ask that God would open every door and every heart to make houses and supplies available for each volunteer! Pray that Kanesa and Brandy would also think of every detail that needs to be addressed and will have the strength to do it all!

Saturday, May 2: Pray for Fran who has been listening to stories from Kimberly and retelling them to the children. Ask that she would trust God to meet all of her needs according to His riches and His wisdom.

Sunday, May 3: Penny and Nan are in their last weeks. Pray that God would strengthen them to finish the race well and that they will not be distracted by many thoughts of returning home.

Monday, May 4: Thank you for praying for Teresa while she was gone to South Africa the entire month of March for medical reasons. As she returns she will need to make many changes in her lifestyle mainly because of back problems. Choices of what villages in which to minister with her health and AIDS classes will need to be made. As Teresa and Don determine in consultation with the local traditional king which villages to go to, pray that God would show them His wisdom.

Tuesday, May 5: Zerma traditional rituals and celebrations such as marriage, birth, death, and others that are influenced by Muslim beliefs are not easily changed. Pray that God would show clearly to new believers how to make these ‘celebrations’ ones that truly honor God in their new found faith in Christ and the courage to practice them.

Wednesday, May 6: Praise God for the “Busting K-town with the Gospel” volunteers. Ask God to begin to prepare them even now for their time here. They arrive next month. Ask God to give them wisdom beyond their years and endurance for all they will face. Ask God to give them and their families peace as this is not the typical summer for most college students!

Thursday, May 7: Many children come to kids clubs in several locations. Ask that God’s Word would penetrate their hearts and minds each time they come. May it transform their lives.

Friday, May 8: Tonight Penny and Nan will show the Jesus film their last time in M. Pray that as the Word goes forth once again the people’s hearts would be penetrated. Ask that people who have never seen it will be drawn to watch it. Ask that as the girls follow-up after the film they would have many opportunities to further share the Gospel.

Saturday, May 9: Complacency and disobedience seems to mark the lives of many of the believers in K-town. The thorns have grown up around the Word that sprouted and have seemingly choked out their passion. Ask God to uproot the thorns so that only the living and active Word of God would grow in them

Sunday, May 10: Thank God for believers who are seeking to reach their communities. Pray for B, a Zerma believer who has started a literary class and garden project as an outreach to his community. Pray that it would be an effective way of reaching others with the Gospel.

Monday, May 11: Pray for the Sustars as we move from Texas to North Carolina. Ask God to help the girls adjust to a new environment and to give them friends.

Tuesday, May 12: Happy Birthday to Stephanie Ledlow. Thank God for the many blessings He has given Stephanie this past year. Pray that He would continue to bless her and her husband, Scott. Ask that He would give Stephanie wisdom for every decision she makes in the year to come.

Wednesday, May 13: Ask God to call people to partner with the Zerma through prayer.

Thursday, May 14: Many farmers will be working this month toward the completion of preparing their fields to plant in June/July, the beginning of rainy season. Pray for their strength and health as this is a mostly hand labor and intensely hard work.

Friday, May 15: Food supplies are beginning to run out and people are feeling the effects of that. Pray for those who are hungry and in need. Ask that God would give us wisdom in knowing how to deal with many legitimate physical needs.

Saturday, May 16: Today is Caleb Cain’s 10th birthday!!! We praise God for his enthusiasm and joy. Pray that his faith would continue to grow and strengthen everyday.

Sunday, May 17: The believer’s conferences in K-town have been different than our expectations but God is nonetheless faithful. Kanesa and Brandy plan to do another one at the end of the month. Ask God to give them wisdom to know when to have the conference as well as all that they should study. Pray that God would use these times of study in the lives of those who participate.

Monday, May 18: Ask God to call people to partner with the Zerma through prayer.

Tuesday, May 19: Christin Sustar is 9 years old today. Thank God for His grace in her life. Ask that this year would hold many wonderful things for Christin as God continues to mold her into a young woman who loves and serves Him as well as others.

Wednesday, May 20: Three men in the Ouallam area have indicated their desire to follow Christ. Pray the Holy Spirit will help them remain faithful, to strengthen and encourage them where they live because there are few Christians there for fellowship.

Thursday, May 21: Pray for the Zerma believers to stand firm and trust totally in God.

Friday, May 22; Please continue to pray for Christian leader, Alhassan, and his family, whose daughter died shortly after giving birth to her first child. The baby is doing well but there are major health concerns when a baby has no mother, mainly concerning nourishment.

Saturday, May 23: There are many believers who are being persecuted for their faith. Pray for God to fill them with His Spirit and give them peace and perseverance. Pray that their testimony would draw many into the Kingdom!

Sunday, May 24: Teresa’s AIDS prevention and hygiene classes came to a halt the entire month of March while taking care of medical concerns. Pray this work will be back on schedule this month and for Teresa to have strength to do the classes.

Monday, May 25: Penny and Nan return back to the States today. Pray that God would give them a smooth transition and that they would not have too much trouble re-adjusting to American life. Ask also that they would not forget the things that God did in them while they were in Niger and that He would use them to challenge others to come.

Tuesday, May 26: April is the hottest month of the year in Niger. May is not much better but it comes with the realization that rainy season is nearing. Begin to pray for rain and for farmers as they make more preparations fro planting.

Wednesday, May 27: Don and Teresa are so very thankful to be able to work with various amicable leaders in the community and government. Pray that the Bolls would be bold in sharing the Good News with them and their villages. Pray that strong Christians would be called out to help finish the task.

Thursday, May 28: The 16 summer volunteers will be here in less than a week. Pray that they will be completely ready for everything that is coming this summer, both the good and difficult things.

Friday, May 29: Family life in Niger does not always model the Biblical example and there are many hurting husbands and wives. It is difficult enough for those who do follow Christ much less those who do not. Ask God to bring many to Himself and restore broken families.

Saturday, May 30: Many women do not have ways to support themselves if they do not have husbands. Some turn to prostitution as a means to make a living or for other reasons. One young woman who has professed Christ in S village is counted among them. Pray for Kanesa and Brandy to have wisdom in discipling her and how they might help her find another means of supporting herself and her family. Ask God to set her free from this bondage and to provide her a way of escape.

Sunday, May 31: Salamatou, the only married baptized Baptist woman believer in Ouallam, should have had her baby by this month. Please pray for her and her baby’s health and her witness in the Ouallam community.

Thank you for working with us through your prayers,
The Zerma Team