“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to Thy Name give glory because of Thy lovingkindness, because of Thy truth.” Psalm 115:1

Sunday, March 1: Rejoice with the Bolls as they continue to learn of new believers. Praise the Lord that the Christians in various villages are being faithful in sharing the Good News. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to go before them as they share.

Monday, March 2:
Alan was bitten by a sick cat last month. After taking the cat to the vet, it was suspected that the cat had rabies. Praise God that He brought Allan to Kanesa and Brandy’s house for wound care and they were able to take him to the doctor for treatment. Ask God to continue to grow Alan in his faith and to use him to spread the Gospel among his own people.

Tuesday, March 3: Hot season has come!!! Please ask that God would help us to be thankful in the midst of the heat and not to grumble. Pray for God to cause everyone to be careful to drink enough water and take care of their bodies during this hard time of year.

Wednesday, March 4:
Today is Ben Sustar’s birthday. Ask that God would lavish him with the love of his family and friends while he is in the States. Pray also that God would continue to teach him and grow him in his relationship with Christ.

Thursday, March 5: Please lift up Penny and Nan and continue to ask that they would continue learning Zerma and that the King would strengthen them as they live in M. Ask that they would find all their strength in Christ and continue to know Him more and that we would remain unified.

Friday, March 6: Penny and Nan are showing the Jesus film in M tonight. Ask God to make all of the details work out and that the hearts of those who come would be penetrated by the Gospel and the character of Jesus.

Saturday, March 7: The new hospital/clinic that they have been building in K-town are now complete and staff has been hired. Legal approval was just given for opening. Please pray that the King would open the doors that need to be opened and reveal Himself to all who enter the doors of the clinic.

Sunday, March 8: Mark Ledlow celebrates his birthday today! Praise God for Mark, and all that he and Deanna do to further the Gospel in Niger. Ask God to continually lead Mark as he makes decisions that effect many people.

Monday, March 9: Lily is continuing to live in Bama and has asked us to lift her up as she continually feels like she is sick. A broken heart tends to do that. Pray that she would continue to grow to love Jesus more and more and to rely upon Him. Praise God for the way that God uses her to encourage others to rely on Him!

Tuesday, March 10: Trees were planted, Bible stories shared, prayers prayed, things changed. Praise the Lord that volunteers were willing to pay the price to come and to share their expertise, share their love of the Lord, and encourage the villagers as well as the Bolls.

Wednesday, March 11: Please continue to pray for H and beg the King for her husband’s salvation and her own boldness. Ask that we would have divine appointments to share with D and that the King would keep tugging at his heart and take the blinders off his eyes. Ask the Holy Spirit to rain down on this place and set the captives free!

Thursday, March 12: God has given Kanesa and Brandy a vision for their next months in Niger which include having 16 summer volunteers come to pierce the darkness with the light of Christ for two months living in 8 different neighborhoods. Please pray that the King would give us 16 awesome men and women to come serve with us this summer and pierce the darkness.

Friday, March 13: Pray for Kimberly as she leads a new kid’s club in a nearby neighborhood. Over twenty kids have been coming each week to hear stories from the Bible. Pray for these children, that the Word would take root in their hearts and that they would give their lives to Christ. Pray for their parents, that Kimberly would have opportunities to share the gospel with them as well.

Saturday, March 14:
March means HOT SEASON. Pray for the work that still needs to be done to be prepared, stories need to be taught, Prayers need prayed. Thanks!

Sunday, March 15: Every Sunday, Brandy leads a kids club for the neighborhood kids in K-town. They sing, tell a Bible story, and even act the stories out. Pray for the hearts of these little ones to be penetrated with God’s Word and for it to never leave them. Ask God to bring them to faith even while they are still young.

Monday, March 16:
Happy Birthday, Phil! Pray that God would bless Phil in this next year with wisdom as he leads the Zerma team. Pray for him as he tries to be salt and light among the Zerma people and as he leads the Zerma team. Pray that God would give him a hunger for His Word and a thirst for righteousness. Pray that he would be an effective communicator of the gospel.

Tuesday, March 17: This week, Kanesa and Brandy are attending a women’s leadership conference. Pray that as they share experiences in leadership and hear from others that God would use the time to encourage all who attend. Ask that God would continue to develop intentional leadership skills in Kanesa and Brandy that would be for His glory.

Wednesday, March 18:
Penny and Nan are at the half-way mark of the semester. Praise God for all He is doing through them in M. Pray that God would give them perseverance to continue to through the rest of the semester. Ask also that God would lead them each day as they seek to disciple the believers in M and continue to broadly sow the Gospel.

Thursday, March 19:
As the kids at the Ouallam Kid's club repeat "the Saving Road," pray that these are not just words, but that the kids would really know what it is to be saved and that they would accept the "Road" to the Savior.

Friday, March 20: The Bolls have been able to visit 29 villages either presenting the AIDS/health or scheduling for a visit. Please give praises to the King as He is giving the Bolls the energy and the "roads" to travel to take these classes out.

Saturday, March 21: Continue to pray for a small group of men that Phil is visiting with regularly. None of these men know Christ. Some are open to hearing from God’s word, others seem intent on defending Islam. Pray that God’s Spirit would open up their minds and hearts to receive the truth.

Sunday, March 22:
Pray for Zerma believers who are scattered among small villages in Niger. For some of them, they are the only believer in their villages. In many others there are only two or three believers. Pray that God would help these men and women to grow in their faith and knowledge of Him. Pray that they would learn to be bold in sharing their faith and in living out their faith day by day. For those who feel lonely, pray that God would send other believers to encourage them.

Monday, March 23:
Kanesa and Brandy will spend much time this week preparing for a believers conference in K-town on Saturday. Pray that God would lead them in each thing they prepare. May they be sensitive to His Spirit and listen for His guidance.

Tuesday, March 24: Please continue to lift up the Sustar’s as they seek to minister in the States as well as get some rest. Pray that God would give them the words to speak to those they come in contact with each day.

Wednesday, March 25: Please continue to pray for the new villages that the Bolls will be visiting. They have now visited most all of their previous contacts. Pray that as they enter new and unknown villages that they would be able to share and that the people would accept the teaching of AIDS/Health as well as direct and indirect evangelism.

Thursday, March 26: Thanks for your prayers for our kids. Pray that their experiences growing up here would be used by God to help mold them into men and women of godly character and great faith.

Friday, March 27: This month should see much progress in latrine work at 3 village schools, possibly finishing them all. Pray the work goes well and safely. Prayer is much needed and appreciated. Pray that this help provides a positive witness from local Christians in each village.

Saturday, March 28: We will be studying about prayer and fasting today at the discipleship conference for believers in and around K-town. Ask that God would make a way for each of the believers to come and that as Brandy and Kanesa lead the time that God would speak through them to strengthen the Christians.

Sunday, March 29: Christian leaders in the Ouallam area seem to be 'reluctant' to baptize new believers. Pray that God would 'pierce their hearts' with understanding, knowledge, and courage to follow through with new believers baptism.

Monday, March 30
: Every week, several men gather at Kanesa and Brandy’s home for Bible study. Ask that God would grow these men into leaders of the church in K-town. Pray that His Word would take deep root in their hearts and bear much fruit in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Tuesday, March 31: Remember that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Continue to pray that God would call forth his servants to join us in Niger in reaching the 99% of the Zerma who don’t know Him.

Thank you for working with us through your faithful prayers,

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