June 1: Today is Teresa Boll’s birthday. Please ask the Lord to continue to heal her back. Praise the Lord for Teresa’s servant’s heart and diligence in serving Him and the Zerma people.

June 2: Praise God for bringing summer volunteers to work in K-town. Today five of the seven volunteers arrive. Pray for them as they go through five days of orientation and a crash language class. After that they will live in the bush on their own, boldly sharing from God’s Word. Pray for them to adjust well culturally as well as physically to all the changes.

June3: This is generally the month that the rainy season begins and planting crops takes place all over Niger. Pray that God would bless their hard work with a good harvest this year. Pray for seeds of the Gospel to be planted in their hearts as well.

June 4: Today the last two K-town volunteers will arrive. They will be living with Kanesa and Brandy as they will be doing basic first aid along with sharing the Gospel. Pray for them as they will only get four days of language. Also pray that God would give them many opportunities to share the Gospel as they use nursing skills to minister to the people of K-town.

June 5: Praise the Lord that Harouna was able to get a job digging wells. Please pray for his family. In the past, prayer was requested for his son, Seyni. While gone on well work, Harouna’s wife also got very ill. The well work takes him over 100 miles away from home. Please pray for this family as they are the only Christian family in their village who seem to be suffering greatly.

June 6: Penny and Nan have been gone from M-village for a few weeks now. Praise God for the way they labored in the harvest field. Please lift them up as they transition back to life in the States, get jobs, go to school, and re-connect with family and friends. Ask that God would continue using them to labor in the harvest field that is America.

June 7: Pray for the Sustars as they speak to girls during a week-long camp in South Carolina. The camp is June 8-12. Ask that God would lay on their hearts what to share and that God would use the time to call many young girls to serve Him overseas one day.

June 8: Kids are amazing at their learning abilities. The Bolls rejoice as the “Roman Road” is shared by many of all ages…. All have sinned, and Jesus died for us all. To hear a child tell it in the Zarma language is awesome. Praise the Lord that as children come to know and love Him that they[ realize that He loves and died for them too.

June 9: Lily wrote us last month from Bama and said, “I feel as strong as an elephant today in Jesus. I have joy in Him.” This is such a huge encouragement as she has been struggling physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Please continue to lift up Lily that she will continue to grow in her faith and be set free from the bondage Satan has bound her up in..

June 10: The believers in K-town are struggling and Kanesa and Brandy are seeking wisdom on how to help them come back to their first love. Pray that God would draw them back with a passion for Him. Ask that they would be emboldened with Christ’s mighty power that would make them stand as one united front to see K-town come to Jesus!

June 11: Pray for the Sustars as their girls continue to adjust to the states and share with their friends. Ask that as Rachel, Christin, and Karis miss Niger and their life here that God would show them the may good things about America.

June 12: Please continue to pray for “Fran” to grow in her knowledge and understanding of her faith in Jesus. Praise God for her hunger for the word. Recently, when Kimberly was sharing the Biblical account of Joseph with her, she stated that the story of Joseph was pleasing to her. Pray that she would understand and know God’s plan for her life.

June 13: There are several believers in M-village who need discipleship. Please lift up “Mary,” “Pinto,” and “Smiles” as they try to continue follow without a constant presence of a missionary. Ask that God would grow them through His Holy Spirit and that they would become women who boldly share. May the Word be planted on good soil where the sun does not scorch it nor the thorns choke it out.

June 14: Pray that the rains will come and continue to come until the planted seeds mature and there will be food to eat as well as hopefully enough to sell.

June 15: As farmers prepare their fields by hand for the rains, keep praying that God would bless their efforts. Many walk several miles to their field carrying their equipment, the wives will later prepare a meal and walk out to make sure their “men folk” get a meal.

June 16: Ask God to strengthen Zerma believers and give them boldness to share and live out their faith. Pray that they would not “play” with the Gospel but that they would accept it wholeheartedly and love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

June 17: Pray for our health. It is very hot here now, indoors and out, and it is very fatiguing. Pray for our endurance to keep sharing the Gospel under trying conditions.

June 18: Today is Brandy’s birthday. Thank God for His care in her life and the many blessings He has given to her. Pray that she would continue to invest all she has into the ministry God has given her and Kanesa in K-town. Pray that God would lead her as she will make many decisions and changes in the next year.

June 19: A team from our partnering church, FBC Sandersville, GA will be arriving today and assisting us in ministry for the next two weeks. One of their main projects this time will be teaching various groups of women to sew, knit, crochet, etc. Pray for Billy, Judy, Marilyn and Ruthie, that God would protect them as they travel and that their efforts here would bear much fruit for His kingdom

June 20: Pray for the health of the Zerma as we mention almost every rainy season, there will be many that become ill. Many will be in malaria infested areas to be near their crops, they will be drinking water that may not be clean, they will be rained on and cooled, all of which in their weakened state with unfamiliar surroundings and the work load could cause major medical issues.

June 21: When the rains begin, as they should in June, Teresa and Don will not be able to get to many villages for AIDS/Health classes. Plans are to try to prepare another booklet that could be printed much less expensive in order that many would be able to have one of the booklets. Pray for Teresa as she will be revising and improving the booklet for mass distribution.

June 22: Pray for the women of “L” town. Many have stopped their children from coming to the Kids’ Clubs because it is “Christian.” Pray for them to know the freedom they can have in Christ Jesus and their hearts would be open to the truth. Praise God for the 12 -15 children who still come each week to hear the Bible stories. There are many children that Don and Teresa are trying to minister to in the Ouallam area. Many have serious illnesses and the treatment can be difficult. Please pray for wisdom to know how best to help in these sufferings.

June 23: Pray for Don traveling to several villages to encourage, fellowship and disciple with local Christians. Pray especially for 2 new groups where several have decided to not only follow Jesus but meet and study together. At one meeting Don was fearful of “overloading” them with too much information at one time asking if they wanted to stop. They said “No, we have need of this.” Pray that many will see the “Need” to know and grow in the Lord and be hungry for His Word.

June24: Please lift up “H” as she is now living in Cotenou with her husband while her elderly mom is in Niger. Ask that God would use this time of isolation from other believers to grow her in her faith. Pray that she would be able to win her husband “without a word” by the respectful life that she lives before him. Pray also that God would care for her mom and provide for all of her needs.

June 25: As Don continues to work on the “Orchardman” project, it has been disheartening to see so many of the trees that did not live for various reasons. Pray for Don to be able to deliver more trees and share suggestions, with the prayer that during rainy season the trees might put down a good root system and not be the only “green” for so many leafy eating varmints. It will also be quite a challenge to get the trees to the villages during the rainy season.

June 26: Pray for Owl, Seed, and KZ. These are all places where the summer volunteers are sharing the Gospel boldly. Pray that God would give them incredible favor and open the hearts of many people who are hearing the whole Gospel for the first time.

June 27: Being a diabetic would be difficult in any situation, but “problems” seem compounded by the heat, the price of the medicine, the lack of knowledge, no glucose reader and being on a special diet which seems very difficult as well as very expensive. Sometimes family and friends do not really understand why it is necessary to eat differently etc. As the Bolls tried to minister to one, they have learned that others would encounter problems as help is far away, expensive and time consuming which could bring more hazards to their health. Please pray for those that suffer so and pray for wisdom for the Bolls as they try to help in some way..

June 28: Please pray for “B” a Zerma believer who has been teaching Zerma literacy classes to a group of young people and leading a Bible study group on Sunday mornings. Pray that he would seek to bring glory to God in all that he does. Ask that he would continue to grow in his faith, and that these young people, as they learn to read, would comprehend the Gospel and let it change their lives.

June 29: God is bringing conviction into the hearts of many who hear the Gospel. To see the realization that Christ is the true way come on their faces is both thrilling and frustrating because so many understand and yet so few are willing to accept Christ personally. Pray that as God’s Spirit convicts the Zerma people that they would not be able to turn away from His incomprehensible love!

June 30: Half-way! The summer volunteers in K-town are at the half-way point. Pray that God would give them a renewed sense of purpose and calling as the long days can become wearisome. Pray that they would pour all they have into their village while they can. Ask that God would raise up more laborers to work in the harvest field of Niger.

Thank you for working with us through your prayers,
The Zerma Team