“Shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God; and not for sordid gain but with eagerness; nor yet as lording it over those allotted to your charge, but proving to be examples to the flock.” 1 Peter 5:2-3

Wednesday, July 1: Pray for the Sandersville team as they leave Niger today and fly back to the U.S. Pray for safety as they travel and pray for the people they witnessed to in Niger, that they would receive Christ. Pray for the believers they were able to disciple and encourage, that they would grow in their faith.

Thursday, July 2: In May, Fourera fell and broke her back bone. In Ouallam “strong” medication is very limited, but the power of prayer has been awesome! We have written and called several to pray for Fourera and her unrelieved pain in taking two ibuprofen 2x a day. After lots of prayer and talking to other Christians in the Ouallam area, God relieved some of the pain. When she could not rest, God gave her rest. Less than two weeks later she is walking (with a limp, but WALKING) and is giving thanks to God. Many times we have not because we ask not. God is still the God of Healing and we praise HIM for HIS work in Fourera’s life.

Friday, July 3: Penny and Nan worked in M for four months and when their time was completed, God led Penny to stay and work with orphaned children in a church in Niamey. Pray for her as she has taken on a big task alone. Ask God to provide a partner for her. Ask that God also would bless her obedience and provide for all of her needs as well as the needs of the children.

Saturday, July 4: Lily is coming back to Niger from Bama this week. Ask that as she is reunited with family and friends that it would be a sweet time for her. Pray that Kanesa and Brandy would have much time with her to encourage her in her faith. Ask for Lily to be a bright light in her family.

Sunday, July 5: The K-town seven have been at it for a month now with nearly a month to go. Pray that they would continue to be bold and passionate witnesses of the grace of God. Pray that God would use them to shame the “wise” arguments of those who resist the Gospel!

Monday, July 6: Praise the Lord that He provided an example and showed us our need for time away from regular work to rest. We tend to call it vacation and even missionaries need that time of rest! Thank God we have been given that and encouraged to take those times of rest. Pray we use the time wisely.

Tuesday, July 7: Through a divine appointment, Brandy and Kanesa met Abe on the side of the road in the middle of the bush one morning. After listening to part of Acts, Abe asked, “Why did Jesus die in the cross?” They then shared the story from beginning to end and Abe wanted to know more. Pray for Abe as he has heard the Gospel. Ask that he would continue to hunger for it and that he would be given faith to believe in the only Savior.

Wednesday, July 8: An old missionary once said half of the Africans go to bed at midnight and the other half get up! Please pray for late evening and night time ministry among the Zerma. It usually involves a different atmosphere and approach but always the same goal of making Christ known.

Thursday, July 9: The month of July should provide regular and adequate rain to grow crops. Please pray that these rains continue to come to the many thousands of people so there will be a harvest this year. Many families sole income is in the fields. Ask for consistent rains this year and for abundant crops. Pray for those who are hungry and short of food, that God would supply their needs.

Friday, July 10: This week a team of 12 arrives from Kanesa’s church. They will spend much time being among the people as well as encouraging the summer volunteers. Ask that God will use them to proclaim the Word boldly and that their time here would give the volunteers the boost they need to finish the race strong.

Saturday, July 11: Praises to the Lord that Teresa is able to help much of her back problem with several “lifestyle changes”. One of them is a simple regular exercise called walking! Persistent and regular are the keys. This has allowed and encouraged her to walk to many homes to minister, love, share and witness the love of the Lord as well as His Promises.

Sunday, July 12: Pray for “I”, a friend of Phil’s who has passionately defended his Muslim beliefs but has also been listening to some evangelistic cassette tapes. Pray that he would sincerely seek the truth and that God would reveal Himself to him.

Monday, July 13: Pray for a volunteer team of seven people arriving today for two weeks. They will be helping Kimberly in two different neighborhoods with kids clubs through drama and crafts. Pray that the children and their families would respond to Jesus’ love for them.

Tuesday, July 14: Don Bolls reaches that magic age of 60 today. He has lived most of the last 24 of those years among the Zerma who give much respect to those with age. Ask that he use this advantage in his life to make Christ known to those who otherwise would not be so willing to listen and believe.

Wednesday, July 15: H and her son moved back to Cotenou to be with her husband last month. Pray that just as God used her time in Cotenou two years ago to grow her incredibly that He would do the same this time. Pray that she would be a witness to her husband and that through her respectful behavior that D would be won without a word. Pray that they raise their son together, teaching him to fear the Lord.

Thursday, July 16: Pray for peace throughout Niger, especially in the hearts of the people. Pray that the people of Niger would discover that true peace only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Friday, July 17: Ask for A and H as they seek to lead a church in the capital city. Praise God for their faithful and consistent witness. Ask that the people around them would yearn for the peace and hope that they see in this family.

Saturday, July 18: The Orchardman tree project seems not to show much success with high tree loss for many reasons including chickens, goats, cows, birds, bugs, termites, lack of water and more. More trees were delivered June. Pray they will do better during rainy season. Thank God for the witness they make available. Pray for people to care for their trees and that much fruit will be produced.

Sunday, July 19: As the economy has taken a down-turn in America, it has forced many to make cut-backs including the International Mission Board. Because of this they have suspended sending anymore short-term personnel in 2009 and have limited the number of career appointments. Praise God that He is sovereign King and will send out His laborers. Ask that people will give sacrificially to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering as well as the Cooperative program because that is how over 5,000 missionaries are supported all over the world

Monday, July 20: Pray for a group of Nigerien friends who will be traveling to different towns this month doing evangelism and drama presentations. They are a diverse group from different churches and ethnic backgrounds but united in their love for each other and faith in Christ. Pray that God would use them greatly this summer to bring people to salvation.

Tuesday, July 21: “Send the light, the blessed Gospel light, let it shine form shore to shore…” How many of you know that old Gospel song? Ask God to raise up laborers for the harvest field because the harvest is plentiful but there are so few laborers, especially men. Ask God to cause young and old men alike to lay aside “expectations” from others and follow God whatever “shore” He might like them to go to.

Wednesday, July 22: Dad in S village can no longer see and seems fragile though he is definitely the powerhouse of his family. Pray that he would be bold about his faith and not have a spirit of timidity but of power and love and of sound mind.

Thursday, July 23: Pray for the leaders of Niger to become clear of God’s future for Niger and their role in it. Pray that they will follow Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Friday, July 24: Praise God for the missionary community and how we can be a family to each other though physically separate from our real families. Pray that God would continue to grow unity among all the teams and that we would seek ways to help each other to minister best among our respective people groups.

Saturday, July 25: Please pray for J and M, a pastor and wife in K-town. Pray that they would be consumed with love for the King and a burden for the lost. Ask that God would give them unexpected opportunities to share the Gospel and that they would be bold. Pray that they would live lives worthy of the calling of the Gospel for the glory of God.

Sunday, July 26: Praise God for the many kids and mothers coming to a kids club that Kimberly is leading in the village of “L.” Pray that they would continue to have a hunger for God’s Word and that they would understand their need to accept Christ as Savior.

Monday, July 27: “Would you teach me how to read Zerma? I want to read the Bible myself.” Please pray for the literacy and reading classes being taught in the Ouallam Church. It’s amazing for us to see how God opens doors – another ministry of love for Teresa as she walks to the church 4x a week now.

Tuesday, July 28: Please lift up all of the missionary children. Pray for God’s protection upon them. Ask that they would be covered by His presence and that they would know Christ and be used to make Him known in the dark places.

Wednesday, July 29: Today is Karis Sustar’s birthday!!!! Pray for Karis to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Ask God to reveal Himself to Karis and give her faith in Him even while she is young.

Thursday, July 30: Tomorrow the summer volunteers will be heading back to the States. Praise God for the way He used them. Ask that their labor would not be in vain but bear much fruit. Pray that God would help them to re-adjust to American life as well while not being re-conformed to the old way of life!

Friday, July 31: The Zerma team is so excited that the Sustar’s will be coming back to Niger today! Pray for them as they say goodbyes to many friends and family and ask God to give them easy travels.

Thank you for working with us through your faithful prayers,
The Zerma Team