“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

February 1: We praise God for the ability to get the medical care we need in one way or another. Please lift up Kimberly and Teresa as they both will be traveling to South Africa for some tests and doctor visits. Ask that God would give clarity in all the exams done and that His peace would be with them and their families while they are gone.

February 2: Praises for the time that Paul Speake was in Ouallam and the surrounding villages. He leaves today. Please pray for him as he travels and pray that the many trees and “witnessing seeds” that were planted will grow to fruition.

February 3: Praise God for answered prayer. There is a new kid’s club in “L”, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Niamey that began meeting the first week of December. There are around twenty children coming plus a mother who is a new believer. Pray that these children will believe and choose to follow the God who loves them so much He gave His son for them. Pray that God will give Kimberly clarity in telling the stories and sensitivity to those who want to follow Jesus.

February 4: Pray for Debi and Butch Howey as they will be traveling to minister with the Bolls in the Ouallam area. Pray for strength, endurance and wisdom as they will be involved in many of the ministries – with prayer walking, Tree planting, and AIDS awareness/health classes.

February 5: Praise God for His work of healing in our lives in many ways. Pray that Karis would be encouraged and invited to see herself as a valued and loved part of our family as she continues through this play therapy with Dr. Powell at First Baptist Church Arlington.

February 6: Today the Zerma Team will be meeting for a time of fellowship, encouragement, and strategy. Pray for wisdom and safety as we travel, meet and plan and evaluate how we can better reach the Zerma for Christ.

February 7: Please lift up Lily and ask that she would have a desire to study and do very well in school. Also ask that she would continue to grow in the Word and prayer.

February 8: The Bolls would like to thank the many that have continued to pray for Teresa’s mom Dean. She is doing really well; at home caring for herself, attending church and many activities almost back to normal. Thank you for your concern, your prayers, and your letters and email.

February 9: Pray for “Fran”, a believer and host of a Kids’ Club, to be discipled as she listens to the Bible stories with the children in her neighborhood.

February 10: Pray for “O”, a seeker in Niamey who has invited Phil to start a Bible study at his house. Pray that God would open his mind and heart to the gospel. Pray for his salvation and that of his family.

February 11: Pray for Ben and Cindy as they continue to discuss and gain clear understanding of what specifically our service in Niger needs to include when we return in the summer of 2009.

February 12: Williams came to see Kanesa one night though she had never met him. After some time of chatting he shared how he had been hurt in an accident and though he had been to many witch doctors, none had been able to heal him. Then he remembered seeing the Jesus film and how Jesus had healed people and wanted Kanesa to pray for him. He also shared that he knows Satan lies to us and that they have “dust” in their eyes and cannot see the truth clearly. Please pray for Williams to be completely healed and see the power of our King that he might be a testimony to many.

February 13: The AIDS/Health classes continue to go to the villages. Pray for endurance as there are still many of the 1,225 villages in the Ouallam area that have not yet heard the classes (which also includes much direct as well as indirect witnessing). The roads will be getting more difficult to travel with the sand, the days will be longer, and the day hotter. The Bolls will also be entering in many new villages. Pray for positive reception of not only the classes but the Gospel.

February 14: God is love. Praise God for His love and the love of family. Please lift up H and ask that she would become a prayer warrior and hunger for the Word. Ask that she and we would have many opportunities to share love with her husband, through word and deed. Ask the King to soften his heart and bring him to salvation. Also ask the King to bless her business.

February 15: Pray for Caleb and Caroline Cain as their days are busy with school and various activities. Pray that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

February 16: Please pray that present believers in Niger would embrace a new spirit of entrepreneurship as a witness of Jesus and that their life choices would move others toward Jesus each day.

February 17: Pray for “A”, who continues to faithfully lead his small house church each Sunday in a Niamey neighborhood. Pray that God would give him wisdom and discernment in spiritual matters, and that God would use “A” in a mighty way to bring the Zerma into the kingdom of God.

February 18: Please lift up the 16 volunteers we are asking for this summer. Ask that the King would call them out and prepare their hearts to become all things to all men so that by all possible means some might be saved. Pray that as they penetrate K-town and surrounding villages that this place would be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

February 19: February is basically the end of ‘cool season’ and March will begin a hot….very hot season. Pray for those that have had income from their garden produce – gardening will also slow down markedly during this transition to heat.

February 20: Praise God for who He is today— the holy, awesome, loving God who is calling the Zerma people to Himself.

February 21: It has been exciting to see the children at the church in Ouallam learn and act out many of the Bible stories. Pray as we continue to learn these stories that the Bible will become real and something for them to live by.

February 22: Pray that our team would not only learn what each other’s passions and
gifts are but embrace those and invite them to fully live in those passions and gifts as we serve in Niger.

February 23: Pray for “I”, a Muslim friend of Phil’s who owns a small store near the Cain’s house. Pray that as Phil shares the Word of God with him that God would give him understanding and insight into the timeless truths of scripture and that the path of righteousness is found in Christ alone.

February 24: Praise the Lord for the many that were ministered to during the Howey’s stay in Ouallam. Pray as Debi and Butch travel today that they will have a safe and uneventful trip – and that the many “seeds” that were planted will take root and continue to grow.

February 25: K-town is in its second month of having monthly discipleship conferences. Please pray that God would grow the believers in unity and in their faith so that they might be able to share boldly the hope of the Gospel.

February 26: Please lift up Penny and Nan who have not been living in M for long. Ask God to give them amazing relationships that will be the bridge to discipleship of present believers and to the Gospel for those who have yet to come to know Him.

February 27: Praise God for all that He is doing in Niger. Pray for Dad in S to become a courageous giant in the faith, leading others to faith.

February 28: Please lift up those that are counting the cost of following JC. Ask that they would find it worthy of the cost, and ask that the believers would be strengthened and unified together!

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