“The people who walk in darkness will see a great Light; Those who live in a dark land, the Light will shine on them…For a Child will be born to us; and the government will rest on His shoulders; And His Name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:2, 6

Monday, December 1: The four Hands On semester missionaries are two weeks away from returning to the States. We are very grateful for the way they have poured out their lives among the people. Ask that God would give them focus for the remainder of their time and that they would love the Zerma without reserve. Ask that God would give them good goodbyes as they leave their villages. Pray that God would begin preparing them for the next step ahead.

Tuesday, December 2: It has been quite a roller coaster with the marriage of Sina & Ramatou. To date, the wedding is cancelled. Sina failed to show up for his wedding, and then after their baby was born, he failed to show up at the naming ceremony of his child. Ramatou says it has been very difficult for him as his "parents" are not in agreement to the fact that she is a Christian ~ nor that they want Sina to be. Pray for much wisdom in this. May Don and Teresa know best how to help the church as they learn church discipline and grace.

Wednesday, December 3: Phil returns to Niamey from a three week church planting conference. Pray for safe travel. Pray that as he shares with the team what he has learned that we will learn ways to be even more effective in sharing our faith and planting churches among the Zerma.

Thursday, December 4: Demonic oppression is real and present in Niger. Several weeks ago, Kanesa had an encounter with a young girl who was possessed, and it has become all the more real to us how the enemy is alive and working. Please pray for this land and ask that the chains that bind them would be broken. Especially pray for K, the little girl that has been handed over to the enemy. Ask the King to speak to her parents in undeniable dreams and visions and give them open hearts to believe!

Friday, December 5: During the first of November the 'Orchardman' project was begun. Volunteers from Sandersville Baptist church taught tree planting methods as well as Bible lessons. Pray trees grow fast and strong and that they will be reminders also of the Bible stories shared.

Saturday, December 6: There is a new sister, Faith, in M village. As a result, the spiritual warfare has taken a step up, and Amber and Millie are battling hard against the enemy. Pray for Faith to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ask for Amber and Millie to have wisdom in teaching her in these last days of their time. Pray that each one would be strong against the enemy and fight with the power of the Lord.

Sunday, December 7: Please continue to lift up Lily, Kanesa and Brandy’s friend in “Bama”. She has begun classes and has met new people. She has been struggling with being easily angered and is broken by her sin. Pray that God would help her to work through the grief of losing her sister and then moving far from home, and that she would overcome anger with the joy of the Lord.

Monday, December 8: Christmas is just around the corner and this is an important time for IMB missionaries. Not only does this season afford us many opportunities to share the Prince of Peace with those without peace, but it gives many an opportunity to give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This offering provides 5,000+ missionaries with the necessities of life so that they can focus 100% on sharing the Gospel. Thank you for giving. Ask that God would put it in the hearts of many to give so that the Zerma team and every other team can stay on the field and that the IMB can send out many new workers. May there be such an abundance of joyful giving that it would be as in the days of building the temple when the King had to say, “Don’t bring anymore. It is enough.”

Tuesday, December 9: Once one has "made the plunge" and decided to be a Christian it seems that Satan works even harder. This seems to be what happened with Moussa. Pray for him as he has been in prison, not once but twice since his baptism. Pray that Moussa will repent, admit that he cannot do it on his own, truly want to follow Jesus.

Wednesday, December 10: Please continue lifting up our anorexic friend and ask that the King would set her free from the bondage she is in! Ask that He would give her Scripture each day that speaks truth into her life, and ask that she would have a willing spirit to believe it!

Thursday, December 11: Praise God for safe travels for the Sustar family as they returned to the states and traveled throughout the east coast. Pray that He would continue to protect them as they travel, give them rest, and allow them to cast the vision to those they come in contact with about the things God is doing among the Zerma.

Friday, December 12: Praise the Lord for the first Christian baby dedication and naming ceremony. Muslims have a type of ceremony where the "Priest" dedicates the baby and names it. There is an animal that is sacrificed. Ramatou decided to have the Christian naming ceremony in lieu of the Muslim one. Praise the Lord for her faithfulness in spite of her "falling" she has remained faithful. She seems to be truly repentant and still seeks to follow the Lord with her life as He sees fit. Ask that this young one would grow up with a heart to know and follow the Lord, and that many of his people would come to follow Christ because of his testimony.

Saturday, December 13: Henry, the fridge repairman in K-town, is hungry for more. He has continued to study with Brandy and Kanesa, and has come to a turning point. He has finally admitted that there is a great difference between Islam and Christianity which is huge confession! Pray that as he wrestles with truth that he would work through all of the “stumbling blocks” in his heart until he comes to the point where he places his faith in Christ with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Sunday, December 14: “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality. Bless those who persecute you; bless and curse not. Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Pray Romans 12:9-15 for the church of Goudel. Ask that they would be a unified body that strengthens, encourages, and admonishes one another in the love of Christ.

Monday, December 15: Today Amber, Heather, Jessica, and Millie, the four Hands On semester missionaries, return to the States after living in villages for four months. Pray that God would give them an easy transition and that they would have sweet reunions with the ones they love. Pray that they would be able to share the things that God taught them and that they would continue to grow as they have here.

Tuesday, December 16: Praise God for the new prayer warriors from First Baptist Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina that have just committed to praying for the Zerma people. Ask God to raise up many more prayer warriors for the Zerma.

Wednesday, December 17: Praise God for First Baptist Church Arlington, TX for the home they are providing for the Sustars and for the warm hospitality in welcoming them to the states. Pray that God would bless the Sustars with fellowship and the love and support of family while they are there.

Thursday, December 18: Kimberly’s mom arrives from the states for a 2 week visit. Pray for safe travel and praise for a good time with family.

Friday, December 19: As Christmas draws near, it can be a time where many missionaries miss family in the States more than normal, especially single missionaries. Pray that God would place each of His laborers among family this Christmas, whether it be their Zerma family or their team family. Pray that the joy of His presence would fill each one.

Saturday, December 20: Please pray for the Blusters: Meredith, Denise & Don as they will be traveling to Niger December 27-28. They will be coming to help Don Bolls with the "Orchard" project in villages surrounding Ouallam. Please pray for villages that will benefit from this work in an on going effort to establish fruit trees as a means of food and income.

Sunday, December 21: Today is Kimberly Cain’s birthday. Praise God for the faithful work that she has done in Niger. Ask that God would bless the times she spends with the women and children of different neighborhoods. Pray for wisdom and insight as she shares Jesus’ love with others. Ask that she would be given new opportunities to share the Gospel boldly and that she would take advantage of every one.

Monday, December 22: Last month, R, a young girl, on Kanesa and Brandy’s street died. She was the daughter of a very wealthy family who has never had a “need” or even tiny desire for the Gospel. Since then, Kanesa and Brandy have been able to share the Truth very openly on two different occasions with two different family members. Pray that the God of all comfort would come to R’s family and draw them into Himself. May they finally see the need for the Savior Jesus who alone can redeem them. Pray that this influential family would lead K-town to Christ! All things are possible for him who believes.

Tuesday, December 23: Kanesa’s parents arrive from the U.S. today! Praise God that they are able to come and to be a vital part of the ministry in K-town. Pray that God would use them greatly to influence the older people. Also, pray that God would protect them from illness while they are here and after they leave.

Wednesday, December 24: Pray for “Anne”, a teenage girl who desires to follow Jesus. She comes to Kimberly’s Kids’ Clubs. She is sharing the stories with her friends and is bringing them by the Cain’s house. Pray for her as she seeks to grow in her relationship with Christ.

Thursday, December 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Praise God for His incredible gift of Emmanuel, His very presence with us. May the people of Niger become aware of God’s intentional pursuit of mankind in sending the Savior. May many Zerma come to proclaim that Jesus is God with them.

Friday, December 26: Since 1990 when Teresa began teaching health, hygiene, nutrition it is always a blessing when we can go to many villages - even ones we have never been to - and share about ways we can care for ourselves, our families, and learn through direct and indirect ways that there is a God that loves each of us - and that He entrusted His children to us for a time. Pray that we all would be diligent in teaching our children, caring for them ~ both physically and spiritually.

Saturday, December 27: Please pray for Debi & Butch Howey as they are doing the "paperwork" so they will be able to come to Ouallam to help the Bolls with various projects: Trees, AIDS awareness, prayer walking, school latrines as well as a time of encouragement to many.

Sunday, December 28: Please continue lifting up H. Her business is not working out since it’s getting cooler, and she’s looking for a new way to support her family during this time. Ask that the King would prepare her husband’s heart for the Gospel as he comes to visit in the next couple months and ask that the King would give us uninterrupted time to study each day!

Monday, December 29: Today is Phil and Kimberly’s 18th wedding anniversary. Praise God for the Cain’s and their ministry among the Zerma. Ask God to continue to bless their marriage and that God would use them as a couple to minister and model what a Christ-filled marriage looks like.

Tuesday, December 30: Please continue lifting up Kanesa’s millet allergy. Ask that the King would continue to protect me and drive away the things that would cause me harm. Please continue asking for all of us on the Zerma team to be healthy as we press on.

Wednesday, December 31: “The old is gone, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Pray for new believers throughout Niger to have a desire to start their own businesses in order to support their families and that their courage and faith leads them to see that God honors the work of their hands. Ask that God would bless the work of their hands and that all who see them would know that “they are the offspring whom the LORD has blessed” (Isaiah 61:9).

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