January 2006

"Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5 (NIV)

Sunday, January 1, - Happy New Year! ANSWER: November 15th we asked you to pray about 5 possible believers in the village of Wiratondi. Upon our first visit there, we found the village name is Wura-tondi and three men that have accepted Christ as Savior. This was exciting. Thank you for praying and PTL! As we finished our visit they ask, "When can you come back so we can visit another village where there are others who want to follow Christ?" This was more exciting. Pray for God's protect for these new believers.

Monday, January 2, - (Jan. 2 - Jan 11) Teresa will be teaching health/hygiene classes to the ladies in the neighborhood of Tchemwindi in Ouallam. Pray for these ladies as they learn about how women can take better care of their families. Pray for Teresa as she tries to communicate to the ladies, remember all classes are taught in Zerma.

Tuesday, January 3, - Learning many things while writing up a project proposal yielded the following for the town of Ouallam: July-September the Ouallam health clinic saw 10,772 cases of malaria, 3041 diarrhea, 1053 dysentery, 967 parasites, 17 snake bites. That is a great deal in a town of just under 10,000 people! Please pray!

Wednesday, January 4, - As volunteers consider requests from the Zerma Team, many challenges are faced before they can answer and fulfill where they feel God is leading. Many tasks can and do become major like passports, vaccinations, insurance, church support, planning, money and simply the time to take off from a regular job to go. Pray that no obstacles dim their resolve to answer God's call.

Thursday, January 5, - Our best gardening season is upon us "with a vengeance". Demand for garden seed has outstripped demands of any previous year remembered. Behind this demand is a previous poor harvest season in many areas and simply more demand of garden produce. Pray that people will have an abundant harvest and through this, Christ's love is seen through us, a love they also can embrace.

Friday, January 6, - January 6 David Weems was to be in Ouallam working with the Bolls. He became ill and will not be able to come at this time. Please pray for David and Mary as he regains his health. Pray for another time that perhaps David can work it into his schedule to come and help minister to the Zerma.

Saturday, January 7, - ANSWER: Many give so that we will have transportation to travel for ministry in "getting the gospel out". With fuel prices nearing $4 per gallon, it can get expensive. Praise God for those that give so that others can go. If you haven't done so already, think what God would have you do about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering...it's not too late.

Sunday, January 8, - Please pray for 'S', a Zerma woman whose house is known as a house of prayer in her community. Pray that as she and her husband, 'F' boldly share the Gospel that the message of Jesus Christ would be gladly received.

Monday, January 9, - Thank you for praying for the evangelistic efforts that took place during the Francophone Games during December. Please continue to pray that this work would bear much fruit over the next weeks and months as so many have heard the gospel. Pray that God's Word would take root in the hearts of those who heard it and hear it today and that as a result they would give their lives to Christ.

Tuesday, January 10, - Pray for Phil and Kimberly as they lead the Zerma team and plan strategies for reaching the Zerma people. Pray that they would lead effectively and make wise use of their time.

Wednesday, January 11, - Pray that the Zerma believers would live holy lives that are altogether different, in order that others would see the change Christ has made in their lives and desire to follow Him as well.

Thursday, January 12, - Pray for Mark and Deanna Ledlow as they locate and prepare housing for new personnel and maintain the guesthouse in Niamey. This year there will be an increase in the number of volunteers coming to Niger, pray that Deanna will be able to handle this additional load as she as also serves as financial facilitator.

Friday, January 13, - Thank you for praying for Caroline as she's adjusted to wearing a back brace. Although it's not very comfortable she is getting used to it and it doesn't bother her too much. Pray that the brace would be effective in keeping her back from getting worse.

Saturday, January 14, - Today is Deanna Ledlow's Birthday. Pray for her today to have insight, wisdom and perseverance in making daily decisions and as she shares Christ with those she encounters.

Sunday, January 15, - ANSWER: Praise God for giving Kanesa and Brandy a great month of language study and allowing them to share with numerous people even though they have a small new vocabulary.

Monday, January 16, - January 16 through 25 Teresa will be teaching ladies from the neighborhood of Gastduiré in Ouallam. Again, please pray for communication and the love of Christ to be very apparent.

Tuesday, January 17, - Please pray for 'H', one of the guards that Kanesa has been sharing with. He is of the dominate faith here, but has heard the Gospel several times and is considering the idea of Jesus being God. Please pray that God will reveal Himself to 'H' in a dream or vision.

Wednesday, January 18, - Please begin to pray now for the many volunteers who will be joining us in Niger this year. Pray all the logistics and planning that will need to take place in preparation for their coming and for the financial resources they will need to get here. Pray that the various requests we have submitted will be filled.

Thursday, January 19, - Changes are being made with the 'Niger Pepper Project'. Basically it is a complete change in administration, back to the basics in a very simple way that can be easily built on as production increases. Please pray that we learn and build on past mistakes. Pray for wisdom for the Christians involved and those that are not, to be convinced of the deity of Christ.

Friday, January 20, - Most all of the Zerma Team prayer requests have a much larger story behind them than you actually read in the daily prayer request. If interested, please don't hesitate to ask for more information. We would be glad to share more with you. Please pray for us as we try to write clear concise requests that will honor the item as needed for prayer.

Saturday, January 21, - Pray for the Blacks as they continue to learn language and share the gospel with their friends. Pray also for Melissa as the new baby is due in March. They are currently looking at their options of clinics that can safely delivery the baby.

Sunday, January 22, - Pray for Amadou and Hassi as they share Christ with the people of Goudel. Pray that God would build his church there and that it will be a light drawing many into relationship with God and that it would multiply itself rapidly.

Monday, January 23, - Please pray for God to soften the hearts of the people who live in Kollo and the surrounding villages that Kanesa and Brandy will be working with. Pray that they will adjust to their new home quickly and be a bright light in a dark place.

Tuesday, January 24, - Praise God for Yacouba and Renata. God is opening tremendous doors for them to share Christ with key people in leadership. Pray these seeds take root and that the evil one is not able to keep them in darkness.

Wednesday, January 25, - Please pray for Ibro, Brandy and Kanesa's language teacher. Ibro is a Christian, so would you ask that God would strengthen him according to the glorious riches that are in Christ Jesus. Would you also ask that God would speak to Ibro in a way that he would be reminded of God's great love and favor that has been granted to him?

Thursday, January 26, - Pray for the Pastors of the evangelical churches in Niamey. Pray that unity will be maintained and that they will have a deep, God given vision to reach the city of Niamey with the gospel. Pray for those being persecuted - that they will feel God's comfort penetrate every area of their lives.

Friday, January 27, - Pray for love and unity among the Zerma team for "by this all will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another." Pray that our love for one another will be so evident that the Zerma will know we are Christ's disciples.

Saturday, January 28, - Pray for Jeremy Ledlow as he searches for his place in the states now. Ask God to give him direction as he makes decisions about college, career and where God wants him now.

Sunday, January 29, - ANSWER: You've prayed for some time about our project to translate a series of 100 radio programs into Zarma. The rough translation has been completed for all of them and we've actually recorded the first 10 lessons. Thanks for your faithful prayers that have helped see us through on this--please continue to pray that all the recordings would be completed soon.

Monday, January 30, - January 30-31 Teresa will start another class teaching the ladies from the neighborhood of Niamsal in Ouallam. Pray that all will understand and be able to take the ideas home and put them to use.

Tuesday, January 31, - Praise God that Niger, although a Muslim nation, maintains religious freedom. Pray that believers here would be bold in bearing witness to Christ and seek opportunities to plant churches while the fields are ripe.

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