March 2005

Tuesday, March 1 - Many of you have prayed for Susie, Teresa's sister-in-law, who was critically injured in the car accident that killed her husband, Dwain and son, Levi. She was in a coma for several days and has undergone several operations. Her improvement has amazed many. We have seen her walking and communicating very well! Most operations were successful leaving little notice of her injuries. Many decisions still have to be made in Susie's life with the drastic change in her family. She has one child left, Michael, who is a student at Baylor. Pray for continued healing. Praise the Lord that Michael was able to speak to over 1500 people at the funeral and was able to share the gospel. Praise the Lord that Susie is giving the Lord all the Glory and praise. Dwain and Levi were both Christians.

Wednesday, March 2 - Pray for travel safety for Kimberly, Caroline, and Caleb as we travel to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, for the home school group's 3 week session.

Thursday, March 3 - Pray for a neighbor woman with whom Kimberly has become friends. Thank you for praying for friendships to be developed in our neighborhood.

Friday, March 4 - Today is Ben's birthday. Pray for the deepening of key relationships Ben has with Zerma men and for God to open their hearts and ears to hear and receive His word.

Saturday, March 5 - Pray for volunteers to respond to our new requests and come join us in reaching the Zerma with the Good News. If you are interested in learning more, go to the Zerma website:

Sunday, March 6 - Pray for our spiritual sensitivity to be increased, that we may be aware of where God is at work already among the Zerma.

Monday, March 7 - Pray for us to be ready to give an account of the hope that is within us to the Zerma people we come in contact with everyday.

Tuesday, March 8 - Pray for the radio broadcasts that are presenting the Gospel in the Zarma language. Pray that they would reach many ears and help bring a great harvest of souls.

Wednesday, March 9 - Pray that God would raise up men among the Zerma who will become strong spiritual leaders as they learn to serve others.

Thursday, March 10 - Pray for the storying group Cindy and Kimberly are working with in the "Kwaara Kano" neighborhood. Pray for the children and young women to maintain their high interest in discovering more about who God is and who Jesus is.

Friday, March 11 - Ask God to multiply Mark's time as he prepares housing for new personnel and serves as financial and business facilitator for the our mission personnel.

Saturday, March 12 - Pray for Deanna Ledlow as she coordinates guest housing for all visitors. This can be an overwhelming job. Pray that God would use her in a mighty way to plant many seeds for His kingdom as she interacts with people daily.

Sunday, March 13 - Pray for Deanna's friend. She knows all the Bible stories. Pray that God will speak directly to her and her husband, drawing them into a relationship with Him.

Monday, March 14 - Pray for 6 volunteers from the Bolls' home church, Wildwood Baptist, that will be coming to Ouallam this next weekend. Pray for them as they are packing and finishing up projects that they will be doing in various villages next week. Pray that the hearts of the people in various villages will be ready to hear the Good News. Pray for good health and a peace about the task ahead of them. Pray also for Don and Teresa as they will be making last minute arrangements and plans.

Tuesday, March 15 - Pray for God to reveal to us a 'Person of Peace' in village Mondello and for God to make a way for the Gospel to be planted here.

Wednesday, March 16 - Phil's Birthday. Pray that God would give him vision and discernment as he leads the Zerma team and seeks to plant churches among the Zerma people.

Thursday, March 17 - Pray for God to reveal to us "Persons of Peace" in villages Mendello and Bardouga and for an invitation from the village chiefs for us to come and present the gospel.

Friday, March 18 - Today, the Wildwood volunteers will be traveling from Paris to Niamey. Pray for a safe and uneventful trip. The volunteers should be arriving about 16h30 Niamey time (9h30 CST). Pray their luggage arrives and for a safe trip to Ouallam. Today will be a long stressful day for all involved, so please pray for safety, good health, and patience.

Saturday, March 19 - Today, in Ouallam, there will be orientation for the volunteers. They will be working on getting things prepared to present the gospel to various villages, packing medicine and getting accustomed to the seven hour time difference. They will also be touring the Ouallam area and if time permits, will be taken to a small village so they can see what it will be like when they go to much larger villages next week. Pray for the villagers in Issa Tchalla, who are always good hosts for new visitors, but as far as we know, there are no Christians at this village, even though they were the first village that participated in the "Mobile Center". Our prayer is, as the villagers have more contact with Christ, they will see Christ as the Savior and not just a good prophet.

Sunday, March 20 - As we gather together to worship, pray that we will all worship in Spirit. The volunteers may not understand much of what is being said - but the Spirit will be there to help them to worship... Pray for the people that attend the Church in Ouallam, that they would hear more of the message and understand. Pray for the volunteers and the Bolls as we will be traveling to worship in Tiloa, a village with several Christians. Pray for a safe trip and good communication.

Monday, March 21 - Today, the people will be traveling to Tiloa and dividing up in groups. Hopefully, some others from the Zerma team will be able to meet us in Tiloa. One group will be working with the kids - doing games and teaching Bible stories using pictures and cassettes. Another group will be weighing babies; another group will be doing some medical work. Pray that in all that is done and said that the villagers will see Christ in what is said and done, and that more will accept Christ as their personal Savior. The team will return to Ouallam to rest and show the Jesus video in the evening in the village, Bougar, which have just been through 6 weeks of Health and Bible stories. Pray for room in the vehicle to carry the volunteers, generator, and video equipment. Pray for the people of Bougar to accept Christ, whom they have been studying for several weeks.

Tuesday, March 22 - Writing your name down on a list indicates a high level of commitment from a Zerma person to the reason their name is written. Over four years ago, we began a work of witness and Bible study in a village called Libo, leaving behind many study helps. In January, eleven names were written down showing a high interest of "drawing near Jesus". Pray with us that these eleven will draw close enough to Jesus that their name be written in the Lambs book of life. This is the village that we will be working in today - traveling 40 miles on goat paths, teaching health, doing a well-baby clinic, sharing the Bible stories from creation to the ascension of Jesus. Pray that the entire village might HEAR and UNDERSTAND - and ACCEPT!

Wednesday, March 23 - Today much Prayer walking will be done in Ouallam by the women volunteers. Pray that the Zerma will be able to see Jesus and experience the Love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us as individuals. Pray for the children at the afternoon Kid's club, that they will not just remember the stories that are told to them, but they will see them as TRUTH. Pray that lives will be changed. Pastor Bobby, Don and Kevin will be heading to various villages doing Leadership training. Pray that all will be encouraged, and for safe travels.

Thursday, March 24 - Today the Bolls, with the help of the Wildwood volunteers, will be entering a new village, Saajo Kayna. This village has a Peace Corps Volunteer that currently lives in this village and she is very excited about these classes coming to her village. Pray that she will be able to continue the classes; health, hygiene, safety -- and most importantly - the Gospel. Pray that the villages will hear and be receptive to the teachings. We will be doing a well baby clinic, some medical and some of the group will be keeping the children entertained.

Friday, March 25 - Time in Niger is almost finished for the volunteers from Mississippi. Pray for more volunteers to be willing to come and repeat this work - in other villages. Pray that the villages will forever remember the Christians that came to tell them and show them the Love of the Lord. Pray that many seeds will take root and lives will be changed. Pray as they will be packing, traveling back to Niamey, Pre-check, and saying good byes. Pray as they get on the plane at midnight that they will have a safe flight - and changed lives. Praise the Lord that they answered the call, stepped out of their comfort zone and helped in more ways than we will ever know.

Saturday, March 26 - Pray for safe travels and rest - for both teams, the one from Mississippi and the one from Ouallam!

Sunday, March 27 - Pray Matthew 9:37-38 Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest field.

Monday, March 28 - Pray Matthew 10:39 that God will lead the Zarma to truly count the cost of following Christ and as they choose Christ, for Him to so transform their lives that their heart's desire would be to give their lives away for Christ's sake.

Tuesday, March 29 - Pray for God to soften hearts of the village chiefs in Tchalla and Issa Tchalla so that we may come and sow the gospel, that it will take root and reap a plentiful harvest for the kingdom.

Wednesday, March 30 - A local Zerma pastor is participating in the "Niger Pepper Project." He will be taking the small plants to some of the villages where he is working and assisting national believers in learning to grow peppers as a source of income. Pray for the success of this project and for national believers to take ownership of this

Thursday, March 31 - Pray Matthew 4:19 "Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men." Pray that Jesus would speak these words to the Zerma people and they would follow Him.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer. Your prayers make a difference in where many Zerma will spend eternity!!

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