September 2003

Spend some time this month praying for the missionary wives: pray that they would be the helpmeets to their husbands that God intends for them to be; that their marriage relationships would go deeper than ever before; and that they would have an intimacy with Christ that is transforming.

Pray that all of us -- missionaries and prayer warriors both -- would use our time wisely, making the most of the time the Lord gives us each day. Pray that each of us would make prayer a priority in our lives and that we would know and hunger for the word of God

Monday, September 1 -- Please pray for Dr. Ron Braswell as he is beginning to make plans and arrangements to return to the Ouallam area for another medical trip working on diseases of the eyes as well as hopefully doing some cataract surgeries in various bush villages. He is in the process of collecting used glasses as well as medicine samples. The deadline for the supplies is 15 September so please pray that he will be able to get the necessary supplies before this date.

Tuesday, September 2 -- Pray for Rick Leavitt today. Pray that he would have a deep heart for holiness and a hatred for evil -- that he would not make compromises with the world. Pray for God's will in His life and for Rick's knowledge of God's will for his future. Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 3 -- Don Bolls' parents get up about 4am Mississippi time. That’s about 9am Simiri, Niger time when radio station Yilwa is broadcasting 30 minutes of Christian Bible study, preaching or music. If you are up at that time or even if you aren’t, remember to say a prayer for this effort to get out God’s word and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thursday, September 4 -- Pray for Mark Ledlow, that he would continue to have a burning desire to know, love, and obey God's Word.

Friday, September 5 -- Please pray for the women at the prison in the capital city of Niamey where Charity has begun a new ministry. There are at least 2 ladies there who have come to know Christ since being in prison, so pray for their growth and that Charity can encourage them in their walk. Pray for the others to want to know more about Christ.

Saturday, September 6 -- Praise God for several young men and women who placed their faith in Christ during a recent evangelism campaign in Ouallam, led by a group of Christians from several different churches in Niamey. It was a joy to see these young people respond to the gospel and it was a joy to see the spirit of love and fellowship among the ministry team (Christians from several
different denominations) as they led the services and spent time together
during the week.

Sunday, September 7 -- Please begin now to pray for plans and preparations for ministry that will take place later this year and in 2004. Several volunteer groups are in the process of planning short term projects in Niger that have the potential to affect thousands of Zerma people for Christ.

Monday, September 8 -- In accordance with 2 Tim. 2:2, pray that God would lead our missionaries to those "faithful men who are qualified to teach others also." Pray that God would raise up strong leaders among the Zerma who would carry on our vision of seeing that all the Zerma have a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel.

Tuesday, September 9
-- Stephanie and Jeremy Ledlow have started school, and everything is going well so far. Pray that there will be stability in the schools and the teachers, and that they will form wonderful Christian friendships.

Wednesday, September 10
-- During the Bolls' time in the states it has been a blessing to see individuals as well as churches become interested in the work among the Zerma. Please pray that Don and Teresa continue to share about the work among the Zerma and as we continue to add to the prayer team that there would be a fresh and exciting involvement among the Zerma, even to the point of becoming so involved that some pray-ers would come and join in the work.

Thursday, September 11 -- Pray for the Fulani church - that it will continue to thrive and flourish - now that Koleta is gone. Pray that there will be godly men to lead the church.

Friday, September 12 -- As our team has been given the task of reaching the Zerma people with the gospel, we are ever mindful of the question "How many Zerma have heard the gospel today?" Pray that the number would increase rapidly until all have had the chance to hear a clear presentation of the Good News.

Saturday, September 13 -- Staying in touch is so very important, and these days, computers and e-mails have come to be a sort of lifeline for all of us. Pray that the Ledlows' crates will arrive soon so that they can have their desktop computer back. One of their laptops was stolen and the other has been in the shop more than it's been out.

Sunday, September 14
-- Pray for Rashida. She is pregnant and due in October, so pray for her health and her spiritual well-being. Her husband is Pastor Ibro, and they both ask for prayers for their spiritual growth and walk with the Lord.

Monday, September 15
-- Zerma Christian Harouna Seybou is still guarding the Bolls house while they are gone. Instead of living in his village far away where he is almost isolated from other Christians he now has more fellowship and a chance to grow in new ways his walk with God. Pray it may be so.

Tuesday, September 16 -- Please pray for Waru, especially Hawa and Fati. Although Charity no longer lives in the village full-time, she is continuing to make visits. Please pray that she can show them Christ's love and that she will be able to use her time wisely during the days when she is there. Charity reports,"After a recent short visit, my heart was so thrilled to see how much they wanted me to keep coming back. Pray that they will want to hear what I have to say when I am able to begin telling them Bible stories."

Wednesday, September 17
-- Pray for Deanna Ledlow's father in Tucson, Arizona. His name is Bob Mashburn and he struggles with his health. Pray that his back pain would be relieved.

Thursday, September 18 -- Pray for the town of Mangaize (Mawn-GAY-zay). Heavy rains in August resulted in more than 70 houses falling down. Pray that those who lost homes would find food and shelter and they would have the means to rebuild their homes.

Friday, September 19 -- Continue praying for the rains in Niger. If they keep up, the harvest will be good and there will be food for the coming winter. In the best of years, there is not enough food to last through the winter, so pray for an abundance.

Saturday, September 20 -- Wallace Cameron in life and now death has had an indirect but huge impact on Teresa Bolls' ministry to the Zerma people for the last 25 years. As a very active church member and Gideon he was a big supporter of the work among the Zerma. Pray for Zerma Christians and their mostly non-Christian families that have such an influence on their lives. We praise the Lord for the special time that Teresa was able to have with Wallace before his death. We would also like to thank you for your prayers, cards and donations to the Gideon Bibles in memory of Wallace.

Sunday, September 21 -- Praise the Lord that the crops are doing well around the village of Waru! Please praise God for sending a lot of rain this year! Pray too that while their crops are doing well, at this time, they are very low on food. Many are complaining of being hungry. Pray that we can be discerning and help as the Lord leads. Most of all, pray that we can be gentle and loving towards them at such a needy time in their lives.

Monday, September 22
-- Jeremy Ledlow has asked you to pray for his guidance in choosing a college. He is currently a junior in high school, grade 11, and is seeking God's will for his future.

Tuesday, September 23 -- Pray for Hawa (HOW-wa) a neighbor of the Cains in Ouallam. Her husband died recently leaving her with eight children to care for. Pray that their physical needs would be met and that she and her family would place their faith in Christ.

Wednesday, September 24 -- Pray for Mark and Deanna Ledlow today. They are building a new home; pray that this home would be a reflection of God's love and a testimony in their community. Pray that they would be protected from the attack of the enemy.

Thursday, September 25 -- Pray for Faith today. She lives in Torodi, and used to have a roommate but now lives alone. Pray that she will be encouraged every day and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Phil. 3:14

Friday, September 26 -- Pray for Kimberly and Caroline Cain as they readjust to homeschooling after a year of stateside assignment.

Saturday, September 27 -- Pray for Latifah, a 7 month old girl, who is extremely malnourished. Pray for her health and for the family who took her in after her mother died. Pray that God would provide for the family who is raising her.

Sunday, September 28 -- Prayer for the expansion of our prayer network all the missionaries have been struggling with Christians in their walks. There is a stronghold in Niger and it is very hard to break

Monday, September 29 -- Pray for Charity as she works on typing materials for a radio program in Zarma. After making a draft of the materials, they will be tested for accuracy and retyped. Eventually these materials consisting of Bible stories geared toward the Islamic faith will be recorded and aired on the radio. Begin praying now that many people will hear the Good News through these Bible lessons. Pray that the translation work, typing, testing, and retyping will continue in a timely manner!

Tuesday, September 30 -- Pray for Mark Ledlow as he builds a house and does all the work that is necessary on the compound in Niamey. Pray that his actions will be a witness and a testimony as he works with all those who will be helping with the construction.


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