November 2003

Trust in the Lord and do good; live in the land and be safe. Seek your happiness in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desire." Psalm 37:3-4

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Saturday, November 1 -- There are 3 new believers in Torodi; one being the first zarma Christian that we know of. Pray for these new believers as they face the persecution. Pray that they will stand strong against the attacks of their friends and families. Pray that the Holy Spirit will begin teaching them the ways of the Lord.

Sunday, November 2 - We've been in the process of translating some evangelistic material into the Zarma language for radio broadcast. Pray that this would be completed soon and that it would be an effective means of spreading the gospel among the Zerma.

Monday, November 3 -- Please pray for the women's prison and the Christians who are there. Pray for Aissa who is hungry for God's Word but has no way of hearing it except from people who visit the prison. Pray that the stories and scriptures she has heard will resonate in her mind and heart and encourage her spirit during times of frustration and discouragement. She has not seen her family in almost a year!

Tuesday, November 4 -- All of the Zerma team members have not been able to meet together for over a year because of Stateside Assignments. Pray that the team continues to make good decisions in reaching the Zerma people for Christ.

Wednesday, November 5 -- Ibro and Rashida just lost their baby a couple of weeks ago. She was just at the Ledlows' house 2 weeks ago and all was fine; baby was due around November 5. Then she got really sick last week and was put into emergency for 3 days. They thought she was better and moved her into a normal room, by the next day the baby had died. Pray for her as she grieves.

Thursday, November 6
-- Pray for the three existing churches in Torodi: the Hausa Church (consisting of a family and three men), the Fulani Church (consisting of 3 men and one woman) and the Deaf Church (now currently with 7 believers). Pray for their time together as they study the Word, and pray for them as they share their faith with a unresponsive world.

Friday, November 7 -- Pray for Ibro who is correcting the radio lessons that have been translated and typed in Zarma. Pray that he would be able to correct all errors in the materials, so that others may hear them and be able to fully understand the stories of God.

Saturday, November 8 -- Pray for the Muslim spiritual leaders, that as the apostle Paul was converted on the road to Damascus, they too would have a Damascus road experience in which their lives are completely turned around as they give their hearts to Christ.

Sunday, November 9 -- Remember the village of Binga that burned last year? Please pray that they have a good harvest this year to get them well established for the dry season. Pray that God will cause them to remember neighboring village Christians that helped them during a time of need and God will be glorified.

Monday, November 10 -- The Ledlows' neighbor, Ayssa, had her littlest child burned quite badly on his hand and stomach by boiling water. And her husband stepped on a thorn and has been unable to work for the past week or so. Being the sole breadwinner and no work.......means empty tummies. Pray for quick healing.

Tuesday, November 11 -- It's been several months since Teresa has done a village wide well-baby clinic, reminding the mothers and families of various health related items. Pray that there will be several in the villages that remember and help remind the mothers.

Wednesday, November 12 -- Do you have a computer? If not, try going to the library and check out to see the past to present monthly prayer letters as well as many pictures and how you can better pray for the Zerma people. And while you're at it please say a prayer for this type of media and the people who work to get it out for the salvation of Zerma people.

Thursday, November 13 -- Please pray today for Fati and Hawa in Waru. During Charity's last visit, she was able to spend much time with them! She also got to talk with them about spiritual things and they wanted to hear more! Pray that they would be hungry for the truth and accept true freedom from their bondage of animism and Islam.

Friday, November 14 -- As we (Don and Teresa) go about getting full medical check-ups we are reminded how blessed we are in the U.S. to have such wonderful medical care. Pray for others around the world that don't have this care or can not afford it. Please pray for our health and check-ups as well as the health of many we work with.

Saturday, November 15 -- There is a nearby village that has 10 men who are very interested in following Jesus. Pray that the Christians here will have the opportunity to go and share more with them, so that they may be a part of leading these men to Christ.

Sunday, November 16 -- Niger is in the midst of Malaria season. Even our own missionaries have been really sick with it this season. Pray for everyone's health and strength.

Monday, November 17
-- Rashida (who just lost her baby) was recuperating, but she had to go back in the hospital and it is very serious. Please pray for her and Ibro. It is very expensive for her to be in this clinic.

Tuesday, November 18
-- Please pray for Ramatou and Kwado, 2 children (around age 6) who live in the village of Waru. They have become very special children to Charity! Pray that though they are young, they will see understand that God loves them so much. Pray that the Lord would be working in their hearts at this young age! Perhaps someday, they may be Christian models for others in the village...Pray that it might be so!

Wednesday, November 19
-- Muslims around the world will be observing the fast of Ramadan this month. During this time, the Zerma will be fasting during the daylight hours, abstaining from both food and water. They then eat and drink during the evening hours. Although this is yet another event where they are trying to win God's favor, this is also a time where many are genuinely seeking God. Pray that God would reveal himself to Muslims during this time, that they would come to know the true path to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thursday, November 20 -- Pray that God would raise up leaders among the Zerma who will be a powerful influence among their people in spiritual matters. Pray for those who have placed their faith in Christ, that God would give them a hunger to know His word and hearts that thirst for righteousness.

Friday, November 21 -- When Don and Teresa left Niger 5 months ago there were several expectant mothers. Pray for these mothers, babies and families. Pray that they would be reminded and begin mixing the porridge and begin feeding the babies at the appropriate times. Pray that these babies will be healthy and come to know Jesus in a special way.

Saturday, November 22 -- Pray for Mark Ledlow today. He is in the middle of building a house (which can be a torment even in the U.S.!) and is working very very hard. Pray that he will remain healthy and patient with the many delays he will encounter.

Sunday, November 23 -- Pray for Deanna Ledlow. Her neighbors have had malaria so she has been caring for their toddlers. Pray for their health.

Monday, November 24 -- Pray that God would give us opportunities to share the gospel with our Muslim friends and neighbors. Pray that He would bring people across our paths who're seeking Him and that we would be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have in Christ.

Tuesday, November 25
-- Faith has been recently working with several believers, trying to instill a vision for the Great Commission. One thing the missionaries want to see is the natives taking the Gospel to their own people and then even to other parts of the world. Pray that God would instill this desire and passion in their hearts. Pray they will have a perseverance to go to the far and hard places, for those are the people who have NEVER heard the gospel.

Wednesday, November 26
-- Pray for all the missionaries and their attitudes, as so many times they get frustrated with the culture or foreign ways of doing things. Pray that they will all have patience in dealing with the Africans, loving them with a love that comes only from God, so that the gospel will not be hindered.

Thursday, November 27
-- Today it is Thanksgiving in the United States. Pray for our missionaries on the field, who miss the things we take for granted. Pray that they will have their own special traditions for their children as they raise them on the field.

Friday, November 28
-- Pray for Rick Leavitt today. He has spent time in the desert, seeking God's will for his life. Pray that the time of refreshing will be long, and that he will truly never thirst because the water given to him has become a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4

Saturday, November 29 -- Pray that God alone gets the glory, that our missionaries take none for themselves. For He alone is worthy!

Sunday, November 30 -- Caroline Cain's 10th birthday is today. Pray that today will be a special blessing for her.

Thank you for your prayers, may God richly reward your efforts.


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