March 2003

As you read this we are still having relative cool nights and the temperature doesn't get much above 100F. Faith and Charity have adjusted well to life in Niamey and language study. The Wildwood volunteers were here and we were able to have a lot of laughs as well as get a lot done. We were able to get a lot of work done in moving the center with inventorying the books/videos/cassettes and getting most of them in metal boxes for transporting. Much was moved, the electricity was fixed and many other jobs were done. We were able to prayer walk in several villages and did health work in 3 villages. There was much encouraging done - not just for the Nationals but for the Zerma team. You can't help but have fun when ten people are staying in the same house! People slept in the guestroom, hall, kitchen, dining room and living room. We couldn't put anyone in the bathroom because it stayed too busy! Thank you so much for your extra prayers during this past week: we were able to be flexible when needed, God gave much wisdom during the village visits, no one got sick from some of the strange foods we ate, God gave traveling mercies, and although there were some accidents, no one got seriously hurt. Most of all, God gave the Bolls a sense of peace during a very difficult time being here. Just before the volunteers came we learned that Don's dad fell and injured his back. Then when Don went to Niamey to get the volunteers we learned that Teresa's mom had had heart surgery. Don's dad was in the hospital for over a week, but had a good therapist and is now walking and we praise the Lord for that. Teresa's mom is still in the hospital but doing much better. We thank you so much for your prayers and support - It could have been a very difficult time had you not been praying. You literally stand in the Gap for us and our work.

March Prayer Requests 2003

Saturday 1 March – During the month of March we will be making final decisions about Charity and Faith: where they will live, different strategy methods, getting their future homes prepared etc. Please pray for wisdom for things to go as God would have them.

Sunday 2 March – Pray for the Ledlows as they start the crating process, which would include purchasing things they will need for their next term. They may also be purchasing some needed items for the guesthouse set-up as well as for the new home that will be built their next term of service. Pray for wisdom and patience.

Monday 3 March - A child playing with fire caused over 60 mostly straw huts, almost the entire village of Binga, to burn in late January. One small child died. Southern Baptists provided initial help of 70 straw mats as well as some clothes, shoes, kitchen items and other things.

Tuesday 4 March – This is the month that hot season really begins! Though the days have been hot, the nights usually cool down some. This will not be the case for the next few months! Please pray for us as we try to do the work in oppressive heat.

Wednesday 5 March – Please pray for Rick as he has many demands on him during this time. He is doing the "business" work for several different teams; he has Bible studies, helps with discipleship classes, literacy classes and is working on a Storying/Volleyball group. We praise the Lord that he was able to go to the US and spend time with his friends and family during Christmas – but the return trip, coming back to Niger at the end of the month – end of the year – and flights not connecting in Paris caused him to stay in Paris several extra days. He has had a hard time trying to "catch up" since his return. Pray that he does not burn out!

Thursday 6 March – World Vision has a satellite station in Ouallam now and one of the Christian men commutes to Ouallam on Mondays, staying most of the week, and then returns to his family in Niamey for the weekend. He has begun a Bible study with several of the youth in Ouallam. Pray for wisdom and a revelation for a new and deeper relationship to be found among the Zerma as they study with a strong National Zerma leader.

Friday 7 March – The first "Movie at Rick’s house" went well – 10 folks, 6 men, 4 women watched the10 commandments. There was one man, Mohammed that came to watch the video; he was very interested and excited about what he was learning. After he left the others realized that no one knew him. Pray that his heart was touched and that he would want to know more about the God that sent his Son. The second movie went even better – 6 new/different people attended. Since Mohammed, 2 other men have returned to ask questions and discuss the movie more in depth. Plans are in the works to show another movie about Abraham.

Saturday 8 March – Today is Mark’s Birthday - Pray for his family as they are still traveling and speaking at Churches.

Sunday 9 March – It is very disheartening that many of the Nationals do not meet together unless there is an American person there, whether or not the missionary even speaks. Please pray for a vision for the Zerma to want to meet together to worship their Lord – and not just to impress the missionaries.

Monday 10 March - Pray for Charity and Faith as they will be staying the week in their village. Pray for them to be able to communicate, to learn to love their new Zerma neighbors and to have a good experience.

Tuesday 11 March - Muslims are taught that the Bible is corrupt, that the Koran is the final revelation from God. Pray that God would create in them a desire to read or hear the scriptures for themselves. Pray that they would discover the truth, and that this truth would set them free. Pray that in Jesus Christ, they would discover forgiveness and everlasting life.

Wednesday 12 March - Pray for unity and mutual love and respect among Zerma Christians. Pray that this unity would be a strong testimony to their friends and neighbors who don't know Christ.

Thursday 13 March - James Brown the "pepper man" will be back in Niger for about a week this month working closely with Zerma team member Ibro Souna in cooperation with others to continue set-up of the Niger Pepper project. Pray for this relation that is resulting in more food generating income for the many involved as well as a Christian witness among the business community.

Friday 14 March - Pray for Charity and Faith as they will have so many changes in their lives for the next couple years. Pray as they learn how to communicate and depend on their Lord. Pray for the right decisions to be made concerning their stay in Niger.

Saturday 15 March – Today is Phil’s birthday. Pray for Phil to have a good day, for the classes he teaches and for his wisdom and patience as a husband and father.

Sunday 16 March – Jana from SIM (Society of International Missions) is now living and working in Kwaara Taji neighborhood and works with the church. Pray for her to have the wisdom and the vision that the Lord would want her to have. Pray for a rest as she is the only American in the neighborhood. Pray for the many demands that she is faced with and for wisdom to know how to deal with them.

Monday 17 March – In Kaoura when we did a well baby clinic, weighed babies and gave vitamins to babies, children and pregnant mothers there was a little girl that had sores all over. We were able to put some topical antibiotic on it but the problem is much deeper. Pray for healing and that she would have experienced Jesus at work through the hands of those that ministered to her.

Tuesday 18 March - Praise the Lord that we can find rest in Him and that the International Mission Board allows us some time off! Teresa and Don will be taking some time off for the next three or so weeks. Pray for a refreshing and restful time.

Wednesday 19 March – Salamatou continues to meet with the Kids on Wednesdays. Some days there is a really large group. Pray for wisdom and patience as she teaches these young and impressionable minds.

Thursday 20 March – Please continue to pray for the many people that we were able to minister to during the time that Wildwood volunteers were here. While we were in Kwadabio Kwaara there was a young man that had broken his arm a few months ago. Pray for the continued healing of his bones and that he will begin to use his arm again. He has not used it since it was hurt

Friday 21 March - Today, as every day, Zerma Muslims will meet for public prayers at least five times. For some, these ritual prayers are relatively meaningless, for others the prayers reflect a spiritual hunger to know and please God. Pray that for all, this ritual of Islamic prayer would be replaced with meaningful conversations with God. Pray that God would reveal Himself to them, even as they pray, and that they would discover the true and living God through the person of Jesus Christ.

Saturday 22 March – Rick is looking for someone to work with him on a Saturday afternoon youth ministry. Rick met a Christian man in his late 20's, named Nassirou Djibo who attends the Eglise Evangelique Baptiste Kirkisey II. He wants to work with youth and put together a youth volleyball program. He wants to meet on Saturday afternoons to practice volleyball. Rick saw an immediate ministry/storying opportunity. Nassiru was very excited about the idea of combining the ministry with the volleyball. The problem - Rick has absolutely no communication skills in French. They are currently seeking someone that would be interested in working with them on this project. Please pray that they would continue to seek the will of the Lord and that the Lord would provide communication skills.

Sunday 23 March - Pray that believers among the Zerma would be loving and clear communicators of the gospel, of the hope that is within them. Pray that they would have boldness and courage in the face of resistance and opposition.

Monday 24 March – Pray for Jeremy and Stephanie as they continue their studies in an American school. Pray for their friendships and their witness. Pray for them as the Lord works in their lives as they return back to Niger.

Tuesday 25 March - Pray for the Zerma team, that we would understand the Lord's vision and direction for our work and follow His leading in faith. Pray that we would acknowledge Him in all our ways as He directs our paths.

Wednesday 26 March - There are still many thousands of Zerma who know nothing of Christ. Pray that God would rise up laborers to live and work among the Zerma, sharing the Good News.

Thursday 27 March - Pray for the families of Zerma believers. Many of them have wives, husbands, children, etc. who have resisted or refused to follow Christ. Pray that believers would grow in their faith, that they would live a transformed life, and that their Christian lifestyle would be lived out in such a way that others, especially their families, would be compelled to seek and follow the Savior themselves.

Friday 28 March - James Brown will be bringing another man, John, with him to Niger this trip. Pray for them to have a safe trip and will be able to accomplish the things that the Lord would have them to do in Niger and among the Zerma people.

Saturday 29 March - Pray that 2003 would be a year of significant change in the lives of the Zerma--a year in which we see thousands of Zerma people placing their faith in Christ and establishing churches in their towns and villages. Pray that the Holy Spirit would move in a powerful way across Niger, pointing people to the Savior and revealing the glory of God.

Sunday 30 March - The seed of the Word continues to be planted in the hearts of the Zerma through messages on cassette tapes, the Jesus film, gospel tracts, and the witness of believers. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guard this gospel seed and that it would take root, grow, and bear abundant fruit. Claim God's promise that His word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He desires.

Monday 31 March - Pray for God's leading in starting a youth ministry in Niamey after the Ledlow’s return from their stateside assignment.

'He defended the cause of the poor and needy...' Jeremiah 22:26

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