July 2003

The month of June was a month of transitions for our missionaries in Niger. The Cains and the Ledlows both returned to the field and are settling in "back home." As you settle into your quiet time each day during the month of July, here are some specific requests for you to pray over each day. They're arranged (in no particular order) for daily prayer.

Tuesday, July 1
-- Pray for the Cains as they settle back into Ouallam after being in the U.S. for a year. Pray that they would adjust quickly back to the climate and culture of

Wednesday, July 2 -- Fonda (his nickname) and his family are reportedly the only Christians who live in a rather large village. Fonda's grandchild was recently sick. Please pray for this family who has taken a stand for Christ.

Thursday, July 3 -- Aissa is doing well as is her whole family. Deanna Ledlow is still seeing her every day and took her to the national hospital today to take food to her fathers, brother. He has a gaping hole in his heel and has been in the hospital for 10 days.

Friday, July 4 -- This is the growing season in Niger, pray that God would send adequate rains and that the harvest would be abundant. Pray for those who are experiencing hunger today, that their needs would be met.

Saturday, July 5 -- Hamani, one of only two Christian men in his village, went to be with the Lord about two months ago. Pray for the other Christian man Alamu and his family that God would give him grace, comfort and courage to carry on despite his seemingly now isolation in a large village

Sunday, July 6 -- Pray that the Word of God would be sown widely among the Zerma and that those who are hearing it or perhaps reading it would understand it. Pray that God would work in the hearts of the Zerma to draw them to Himself. Pray for courage and boldness on the part of believers as they share the truth of the

Monday, July 7 -- Pray Mark Ledlow as he continues to work on the Ledlow house which is being planned and constructed.

Tuesday, July 8 -- Harouna is a night guard at the Bolls house during their Stateside Assignment. Pray for him, a Christian, his wife, Medina, and children as they are separated at this time. Medina is pregnant, has a job and will stay in their village which is a long distance away.

Wednesday, July 9 -- Pray that God would raise up strong leaders among the Zerma--men and women of absolute integrity who know the truth and are not afraid to stand up for it, men and women whose lives characterize the renewing and transforming power of
the Holy Spirit.

Thursday, July 10 -- Pray for Charity Hawk and her direction and cultural adjustments to living in the bush village of Waru. Pray for her to obtain a love for the people of Waru.

Friday, July 11 -- Sahel Academy (Jeremy and Stephanie Ledlow's school) is still in desperate need of a science/physics teacher for the next school year. Please pray that someone will be called to this position and ministry to the missionary students.

Saturday, July 12 -- Pray for the Zerma team as they plan strategies and work together to see that all the Zerma people have an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray that they would be creative.

Sunday, July 13 -- Rainy season has evidently begun early this year. Sufficient rain has allowed planting to be done in several areas in May and enough rain continues to fall to avoid replanting.... so far. Pray that a steady amount of rain will continue for a "bumper" harvest this year.

Monday, July 14
-- Christians in Niger are under constant attack. They are hard to keep focused and they need discipleship desperately. Many of the newer Christians are strong now but watch the old ones and are very confused. Please pray for strength and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, July 15 -- Teresa (Bolls) began teaching a English literacy class in early May and stopped the end of May when she left for Stateside assignment. Some of the students are Christians and others are very open to the Gospel. Pray that God would work in their heart and even be more open when Teresa restarts the classes.

Wednesday, July 16 -- Pray for the Ledlows as they adjust to the heat and pace of Niger. Deanna writes, "God has been good in our transition back. We are all doing well. The kids are a bit bored at this point from the pace of the states..."

Thursday, July 17
-- Zongo suffers from cataracts but has been able to see some. She came by the other day and could not see. She had been leaning over her cooking pot and upon raising her head, discovered she could see nothing. It was a very emotional time for her and her daughter we took her to see.

Friday, July 18 -- Pray also for Albass, a 7 year old boy that has been living with Zongo since his mother died.

Saturday, July 19 -- Moussa Boubacar, the pastor of Kwaara Tagi, lost another child a few weeks back to a lung infection of some sort.

Sunday, July 20 -- Moussa has also resigned as pastor due to pressure from the congregation because of some improprieties. Pray for our pastors world-wide, as it seems that they are being targeted by the enemy.

Monday, July 21 -- Djibo, wife Sophi and child Nuurey live in the village of Kaabu-fo Bangu Jinde. That is a hard-to-write and even harder-to-say big village name! It is also a big village full of people, most of whom do not know Christ as Savior. Please pray for Dijbo, a Christian, his family and this village.

Tuesday, July 22 -- Pray for Deanna Ledlow as she is tries to regain her fluency and facility in French.

Wednesday, July 23 -- It is not unusual to hear of a Zerma Christian giving in to temptation. Pray for these believers, that they would stand firm in their faith and resist the temptation to sin.

Thursday, July 24 -- Pray for Zerma believers who are undergoing trials and tribulations, that they would know the “peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7)

Friday, July 25 -- Pray for the Christians who had been in the class that Teresa Bolls was teaching, that they would be bold in sharing their witness and remain faithful while the class is on hiatus during Teresa's absence.

Saturday, July 26 -- Pray for the neighbors of all of our missionaries in Niger, who watch the actions of our missionaries to see if the missionaries "walk the talk." Pray that all the neighbors would see Jesus in the actions of our missionaries.

Sunday, July 27
-- Many Zerma have heard gospel messages on the radio and by listening to audio cassettes. Pray that God's word will continue to go forth, pray that every village would have opportunity to hear His word

Monday, July 28 -- Pray for Zongo's daughter, Amina, who has 3 small children but is trying to walk to her mother's house daily to prepare meals for her mother and father.

Tuesday, July 29 -- Pray for the churches in the United States who are thinking about and praying about the decision to send mission teams to Niger. Pray that they would be convicted of the need to prayer walk, to send construction teams, to send VBS teams, and to send others with skills so needed in Niger.

Wednesday, July 30 -- Pray for Rick Leavitt as he has committed to staying on and helping Mark Ledlow for at least the time while the new house is being constructed. Pray that God will reveal His will for Rick's life to him, and that Rick will see the path that God chooses for him.

Thursday, July 31 -- Pray for Charity and Faith. They are far from their homes and their support systems...pray that they will learn to depend on God in a new way each day.

Thank you for your prayers for those who are serving 'to the uttermost parts of the earth.'

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