February 2003

Can it be time for the February prayer letter already? Today is January 14th and I see it is 76 degrees at 9:30 am. That is very cool for most Zerma people in Niger at this cold season time of the year even though it is near 100 during mid-day. I hope you are recovering from a wonderful Holiday Season that was not too cold and that it was a meaningful one for you, family and friends.

We want to praise the Lord that Charity and Faith arrived safely, only 6 hours late and 4 pieces of luggage short! They seem to be doing great, adjusting pretty well and learning a lot - like "One needs to drink water or one might get dehydrated!" Pray for their health and their adjustment to Niger to such things as humidity about 26%, 96F, another language, walking everywhere, many strange sights and smells. Pray that they will grow to love the Zerma people and learn quickly so they can share the Love of the Savior.

Saturday 1 February - All of us who follow Christ are engaged in a spiritual battle, especially in places like Niger where Satan has had a spiritual stronghold for thousands of years. Pray that we and our Zerma brothers and sisters in Christ would stand firm, hold fast to the truth, proclaim the Gospel with boldness, and exercise our faith in the true and living God.

Sunday 2 February - No groundhog over here and if it was he would surely see his shadow on about a 96F day. But the cool clear nights are still very cold for the people here. Many suffer from colds and respiratory problems from the cold dry air. Pray for their health.

Monday 3 February - Please pray for Faith and Charity as they will be in Niamey getting their orientation there. Praise the Lord for those that will be helping them adjust to a new way of life among the Zerma people.

Tuesday 4 February - Gardening is in "full swing" with much produce coming in and maybe some still being planted. Many Zerma people are good farmers. Ask God to give them strength and health to bring in his wonderful harvest. Pray as they transplant various produce that their hearts may also receive a ransplantation - that of accepting Jesus.

Wednesday 5 February - Pray for Rick, Faith and Charity as they travel to Torodi today. Pray for Faith and Charity as they learn about Life in a Zerma town from another fellow Journeyman, Koleta who works with the Fulani people. Pray that Faith, Charity and the rest of the team as we decide which village they will be living and ministering.

Thursday 6 February - Pray for the volunteer team of Wildwood Baptist, Clinton, MS as they prepare to leave for Niger and the work they will accomplish.

Friday 7 February - Phil begins teaching a Survey of Missions class at Union University. Pray that he would be used of God to inspire, encourage, and inform students about God's heart for the nations.

Saturday 8 February - Pray for Faith, Charity and Koleta as they will be traveling back to Niamey today. Pray that they have learned much about Zerma people and will have a safe journey. Pray that they will be able to minister to those that they are traveling with. Pray that as Faith and Charity study the Zerma language and culture, God will bring into their lives a special Zerma friend who will be a source of encouragement and insight into all things Zerma.

Sunday 9 February - Praise the Lord for two of the men at the prison. As Don was sharing the Bible story of Jesus' baptism two requested baptism. Pray for these men as they seek to really know Jesus as the Redeemer.

Monday 10 February - Pray for Faith and Charity as they begin language classes today with their teacher Ibro. Pray that they will be able to hear and learn the Zarma language. Pray for the volunteers from Wildwood that will be arriving to Niger today. Pray for those they will minister to while they are in Niger and that all will remain healthy.

Tuesday 11 February - Pray that the volunteers from Wildwood will be able to adjust to the time and the many activities planned while they are here. Pray as they have orientation and then prayer walk in the village of Mondollo where there are no known Christians. Pray that the villagers will begin to understand and apply to their lives some of the truths that are being shared with them.

Wednesday 12 February - As we go prayer walking through the market in Ouallam today, pray that we will know who to pray for and how the Lord would want us to pray. Pray that we would have the "eyes of Jesus" and see the needs around us and that we would know how to minister and pray in the midst of the Zerma.


Thursday 13 February - As we are making changes with the community center - making it mobile, pray that we would know how best to prepare the supplies that will be being made mobile. Pray for safety as we travel to Kaoura to prayer walk in this village. Pray that the prayers and "seeds" planted in the Kaoura village would grow mature Christians.

Friday 14 February - Thank God for your loved ones this Valentine day and also for the not so lovable. Pray that the Zerma would learn about the Love of Jesus and learn how to love one another the way that the Lord would want.

Saturday 15 February - Pray that as the Volunteers are ending their stay in Ouallam that they will have a heart for the people and will have a desire to share with others so that there will be many praying for the salvation of the Zerma. Hopefully by today we have made many changes in the center and have ministered to many in the area.

Sunday 16 February - Pray for the volunteers and the Bolls as they will be traveling to Tilwa to worship with the group there, as well as traveling to Waru to encourage the Christians there. Pray for the volunteers and Don as later in the day they will be going to the prison to witness to the prisoners in Ouallam.

Monday 17 February - If you put any emphasis on Presidents Day please take the occasion to pray for the President of Niger, that he may be a Godly man making good decisions for his country where most Zerma people live. Today the Bolls and the Wildwood volunteers will be traveling to Niamey. Perhaps there will be lots of shopping, sightseeing, packing to do, but pray that we will continue to take time to visit and pray for those that are serving us. Tonight (Niger time) at midnight the Wildwood volunteers will be leaving Niger. Praise the Lord for them coming and pray that their prayers will be answered - that the Zerma would come to know Jesus in a very real and personal way.

Tuesday 18 February - Pray for the Volunteers from Wildwood as they should be arriving home today! Ask God to continue to bless them and to help them as they adjust to the time and get back in their busy schedules. Praise the Lord that they came and ministered to so many.

Wednesday 19 February - Pray for Salamatou who is now doing a Bible study for many children in Ouallam. When a group of Niamey Christians came on December 18th for a special event, there were 250 kids that attended. Salamatou ministers to many of those and others.

Thursday 20 February - Please continue to pray for Faith and Charity as they are studying Zerma formally 3-4 hours per day, and informally the rest of the day! Pray that they would learn the language and love the Zerma people.

Friday 21 February - Pray for Don and Teresa as they will be taking the "Mobile" center out to various villages. Pray for those that come to learn and that the Bolls would be able to best know how to minister to them. Pray for safe travels and good health.

Saturday 22 February - The vision of our team is to see a contextualized, reproducing church planting movement among the Zerma people throughout the world. We believe, based on scripture, that this is what God desires also. Pray that this vision would become a reality. Pray for the Zerma Christians, that God would equip them for the task of spreading His word and planting churches so that He might be glorified among the Zerma.

Sunday 23 February - Pray that the Holy Spirit would move among the Zerma people, drawing them to Himself. Pray that as the Spirit moves, there would be many opportunities for the Zerma to hear the gospel and respond to His offer of salvation freely given through Jesus Christ. Pray that both missionaries and Zerma Christians would be sensitive to these opportunities and that God would give us the words to make His gospel known.

Monday 24 February - There have been many Zerma children who have heard the gospel and given their hearts to Christ. Pray that these little ones would grow in grace and knowledge of the risen Savior. Pray that God would grant them courage and protection as most of them come from Muslim families.

Tuesday 25 February - As Zerma Christians read the Bible or perhaps hear it through the radio or by audio cassette, pray that God would grant them understanding and insight, that they would be transformed by the renewing of their minds, and come to a deeper knowledge and awareness of His presence in their lives.

Wednesday 26 February - Pray for the physical needs of the Zerma. Pray that they would have adequate nutrition, clothing, and shelter. Pray for those who are experiencing illness and pain, that they would find healing and relief.

Thursday 27 February - We hope and trust that God is working in the hearts of Christians outside of Niger, calling them to service among the Zerma through long or short-term missions or perhaps through gathering greater prayer support. Pray that this calling would be confirmed in their lives and that they would boldly take that step of faith--trusting in the Lord's leading--by joining us in our ministry to reach the Zerma with the Good News.

Friday 28 February - The Niger pepper project continues. Pray for all involved in the growing, grinding, storing as well as the business end. It is a wonderful opportunity for Zerma people to seize on a way to better provide for their families.

'He defended the cause of the poor and needy...' Jeremiah 22:26

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