August 2003

AUGUST PRAYER REQUESTS -- ONE FOR EACH DAY! Fo-fo. Thanks for praying for rain--so far the rainfall has been good and the crops seem to be doing well. Pray that there would be an abundant harvest, with plenty of food for everyone. You will never know how much your prayers mean to those who are on the field.

Friday, August 1 -- Many people of Niger are getting sick with malaria this time of year. Pray for our missionaries to have patience and discernment in dealing with those coming for help.

Saturday, August 2 -- Don and Teresa are having a great time in the US on Stateside Assignment. Please pray as they put before the church in person work of the Zerma Team as well as the Zerma Prayer Team and the desire to see Zerma people come to know Christ. Thank you!

Sunday, August 3 -- Please continue to pray that God would raise up leaders among Zerma Christians, men and women of integrity and courage who have a passion for Christ and a vision for seeing that all the Zerma people have an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Monday, August 4 -- Please remember to keep Zongo before the Lord as she is now living in a dark world and trying to keep a very active 7 year old, Albass. Pray that it will be possible for her to have cataract surgery soon.

Tuesday, August 5 -- Pray that as we tell the stories and share the gospel, that God would enable us to address the heartfelt needs of the Zerma. Pray that our
understanding of the culture and ability to speak the language would continue to increase.

Wednesday, August 6 -- As you know, personal lives of missionaries can radically affect their work among the Zerma people. Pray for Teresa (Bolls) and her step-father, Wallace, who is very sick.

Thursday, August 7 -- Pray for those Zerma who are being persecuted for their faith--pray that their faith would endure and be a strong testimony to those around them.

Friday, August 8 -- Pray for Salaamatou as she works with children in Ouallam--pray that these precious kids would place their faith in Christ and that through them God would raise up a new generation of believers.

Saturday, August 9 -- Please continue to pray for Faith's literacy class. It is going great, and the women are beginning to read words for themselves now. Pray that before Faith leaves, the women will be able to read the true "Word" for themselves.

Sunday, August 10 -- Pray that new believers would learn to depend on God for their needs--the physical as well as the spiritual. Pray they would come to know that our God "can supply all our needs through His riches in Christ Jesus."

Monday, August 11 -- (This could be a prayer concern for almost everyday.....) Mature Christian leadership has been very difficult to find among the Zerma people. Often ones in leadership fall prey to worldly temptations, difficult to resist, damaging their and their church's witness. Pray for wisdom and strength among these leaders and for God to call out new leaders seeking His heart.

Tuesday, August 12
-- Jeremy and Stephanie Ledlow begin school today, August 12. The school is still in need of a high school science teacher. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Pray for their transition to this much smaller school and the adjustments to new friendships, again.

Wednesday, August 13 -- Continue to pray for that good rain in Niger! Maybe there will be a bumper harvest of food this year to cut down on some rampant hunger.

Thursday, August 14 -- Continue to pray that the gospel would be sown in people's hearts through radio, cassettes, preaching, and other means. Pray that these seeds would be planted and would grow and bear fruit, claiming God's promise that His word will not return to Him void.

Friday, August 15 -- Faith continues to pray that her own faith will be increased. Join her today and pray that she will be strengthened daily and that she will see how God is constantly at work in her, through her, and around her.

Saturday, August 16 -- Pray for Mark Ledlow to remain Christlike in the everyday pressures of working with the people in Niger that have a different concept of, straight, good, even, etc...during the process of this construction project.

Sunday, August 17 -- Pray that today, as Zerma Muslims kneel on their prayer mats and say their ritual prayers, that God would speak to their hearts in a personal way, revealing Himself as Creator, Sustainer, and Savior in the person of Jesus Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict them of their lostness and draw them to the One who forgives sin and gives eternal life

Monday, August 18 -- It is very difficult to find good viable reasonably priced garden seed on a regular basis in the Ouallam area. Don Bolls has helped Sandi incorporate the seeds with his other small business. Sandi is an honest, hard worker. Pray that he will come to know Christ as Savior

Tuesday, August 19 -- Pray for the Zerma who are sick and lack adequate food, that God would provide the means for them to get well and have good nutrition.

Wednesday, August 20 -- Pastor Ibro, his wife Rashida and child Ammie, need continued prayer. Rashida is also pregnant and due in October. They are both doing well physically but need extra prayer for struggles in their continued walk and growth in Christ.

Thursday, August 21 -- Another deaf man has decided to follow Jesus. this makes two in Torodi. You can imagine the hardship of being secluded not only due to the language barrier, but now religion also. Pray for them as they share their new faith with other deaf in the area and grow in their relationship with Christ

Friday, August 22 -- Pray for Hassaun. He became a Christian last summer. He is showing such an excitement for learning and growing in Christ. At first he was afraid of persecution. Now, he is proud to sit and read his Bible.

Saturday, August 23 -- Pray for the Fulani church- that it will continue to thrive and flourish- now that Koleta is gone.

Sunday, August 24 -- Deanna's friend and neighbor Ayssa's youngest child was so sick so few days ago, Deanna was afraid he would die. He was admitted to the local clinic, the one our missionaries would use. He was treated for an extreme case of bacteria and fungus in his gut and Malaria. This family is like an extended family to the Ledlows. Please pray that the love of Christ shows through us in everything they do, as Ayssa's family has still not made a commitment to follow Christ.

Monday, August 25 -- Faith no longer has a roommate in Torodi. Pray for her during this time of transition as she needs encouragement, and as she learns to depend even more on the Lord.

Tuesday, August 26
-- Faith writes, "There are so many different tribes in Torodi, it is very difficult to focus on the Zarma people alone. Please pray that I will have wisdom in who the Lord would have me invest time in and lead me to those that are truly hungry for the Word of God."

Wednesday, August 27 -- Pray for the Muslim teachers and religious leaders--they need to know Christ. Pray that God would soften their hearts and open their minds to the truth of the gospel. Many, if not most, have gross misconceptions of what Christians believe--pray that they would have opportunity to hear and know the truth.

Thursday, August 28 -- Ayssa's father's brother (that you prayed for last month, the one with the gapping hole in his foot) passed away a few weeks ago. The antibiotics quit working after the third dose

Friday, August 29 -- Jeremy and Stephanie will begin School on August 12. The school is still in need of a high school science teacher. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Pray for their transition to this much smaller school and the adjustments to new friendships, again.

Saturday, August 30 -- Jeremy Ledlow has asked you to pray for his guidance in choosing a college. He is currently a junior in high school, grade 11.

Sunday, August 31 -- The "Pepper Project" continues in spite of the absence of some of our team missionaries. This is good! Please continue to pray for this effort to put the capability of an income-producing, therefore food-producing, possibility before the people. Remember especially Ibro Souna who bears most of the responsibility at this time.

God bless each of you.


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