May 2002

Greetings from Niger - where it is getting hotter and hotter!!! And the team staying busier and busier!!! James Brown and Sue Sprenkle both arrived in Niger 18 April. James is here to work on the peppers and Sue is here to write articles about the work among the Zerma people as well as the work being done with the deaf in Niger. Thank you for your prayers for them, they both had a good trip and both are out today and really busy!

Prayer Requests:

Wednesday 1 May - Please pray for Rick today. It was learned that he has kidney stones in both kidneys. Pray for his time in the States. Pray for patience and wisdom. He went to the urologist on 16 April and
the info/blood work etc. had not been forwarded so he had to go back to the hospital and have more blood work and x-rays. Pray that the doctors would be willing to realize that we need a "Healthy Rick" here in Niger
-- soon! Pray that the doctors will be able to deal with the problem and Rick will be able to return soon.

Thursday 2 May - On 13 April "Daari" died. Daari is the sister of Kadija, who is the wife of Pastor Moussa. Daari had been very interested in Chrisitanity, had attended church, went to several functions, and was so nice and a good person to be around. Daari never formally accepted Christ as her Savior. Pray for her family in the Ouallam area, pray for the Christians there as they minister to the family. Pray for Moussa and Kadija in Niamey as they mourn for the loss of a beautiful person - that evidently put off a decision for Christ.

Friday 3 May - Pray for the Cains as they should be traveling back to Niger after their month long study on Strategy for the Zerma people. Pray that they have a safe trip and would be able to share soon with the Zerma team some of the many things they learned during this past month.

Saturday 4 May - Many times we send you requests from Niger, but there are many times that we have friends that need prayer support as well. We want you to know that we also pray for you when we know of needs in your lives. In April a good friend of the Bolls and a Zerma Prayer Team member went to be with the Lord. His was lovingly called Swog. He was a wonderful man, father, husband and friend. He was very involved in missions and with missionaries. He took care of his dear wife, Mary Ann who has been down with health problems. We thank the Lord for our friends - and we would ask you to join us in praying for Mary Ann and the Wildwood Church family in the passing of Swog. His life and his love touch so many, there will be a huge void.

Sunday 5 May - Pray for the new church start in Goudel. Many people are coming by to listen to the music and stay to hear the gospel. Pray for the leader, Zakery.

Monday 6 May - Pray for the Zerma team as we meet today. Pray that we will be able to set priorities, make the necessary Strategical plans so that many would be able to hear and respond to the gospel. Pray that we would be the team that God would have us to be, loving and sensitive to those around us.

Tuesday 7 May - Pray for the Bolls and the Cains as they will be traveling back to Ouallam today. The road from Ouallam to Niamey is being worked on, but is far from finished. Pray for a safe trip and that they would be able to get settled back to a busy schedule.

Wednesday 8 May - Pray for Caroline and Kimberly as they might be able to begin classes again today. Pray for the Cains as they will have many visitors to come by welcoming them back "home" and also to ask for their gifts from Abidjan. Pray for time, patience and understanding.

Thursday 9 May - Pray for Teresa's English Class that meets in the Ouallam Outreach Center. There are about 14 young men, most of them are either Christian or very interested in Christianity. These young men are wanting to learn English quickly so they will be able to help with some translating work this summer. Pray that they would be able to learn not just English but more about our Savoir.

Friday 10 May - Pray for the peppers - as they continue to grow, be harvested and made into a mash to be sent to the States. Pray for the farmers, that they would be able to continue to water and work in their gardens. Pray that this "project" would be able to help the local farmers to have a good income and that they would see Jesus in the lives of Don, Phil, James and the local Zerma Christians that are helping.

Saturday 11 May - Please pray for the local farmers that are trying to prepare their fields for the coming rains. Pray that the rains would come and would be able to have a harvest. Pray that the food that they have now would last until the next harvest.

Sunday 12 May - Pray for the Christians meeting in Manga'ize. This group of believers has had very little outside help due to their location. (They are about 60km North of Ouallam on very rough roads, very close to the Mali border) A few years ago there was some unrest in this area and Americans were unable to travel North of Ouallam. The gospel was shared with these people, many have accepted Christ, they continue to study and seek ways to praise the Lord. The Bolls were able to visit Manga'ize 14 April to see some land they had recently acquired. They are in the beginning stages of getting bricks etc. for the building of a church. Pray for these believers, that they would be able to "build the church" that God would have them build, not just of bricks - but in their hearts and lives.

Monday 13 May - Praise the Lord that the Jesus video has been shown in several villages. Pray that the people would remember some of the scenes that are shown, some of the remarks that were made, some of the truths that are taught would remain with the people - that they would accept the "Jesus" that they learned about and love him as their Lord and Savior.

Tuesday 14 May - Pray for Ayssa and her husband, Taharou. Ayssa has been studying with Deanna weekly in the Bible Study. She and Taharou were able to see the Jesus video. Taharou is becoming more and more interested in knowing about Jesus. Ayssa seems so close to make a decision for Christ. Pray for Ayssa, Taharou, Deanna and Mark as they study and talk. Ayssa and Taharou are next-door neighbors of the

Wednesday 15 May - Please pray for the Ouallam church. Phil taught several men about Christianity in a weekly class. These guys seem to have begun to put some of their learnings in to practice. They have been faithful in coming to church to study on Sundays and to pray on Wednesdays. Their prayers have deepened and their actions have seemed to begun to show a real concern for the lost around them. Pray that they would continue to grow in Christ and have a true desire for their friends, family and neighbors to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

Thursday 16 May - Today is Caleb Cain's birthday. Pray for him to have a special #3 birthday. Pray for his time in the States beginning in July. He was born in Africa and has never been to the States. Pray for his time with his new family - grandparents, cousins, American friends.

Friday 17 May - The Prayer Walking/Construction team from North Phoenix Baptist Church was able to touch many lives during their short time here. Pray that the prayers that were prayed would come to fruitation and that the Zerma people would come to know a true and loving God.

Saturday 18 May - Please pray for Salamatou. She is pregnant but having some difficulties with the pregnancy. She has had 2 miscarriages so the Cains took her to Niamey to get blood work and another exam. She was to have an operation 19 April 2002, a circulage. (Not sure of the translation in English, but it is where they stitch the cervix closed. Apparently she dilates much too early and this may be why she miscarriages) Please continue to pray for her during this time, for rest and for wisdom.

Sunday 19 May - Please pray for Ibro and Rachida. Their baby, Aimée Joy seems to be doing fine, growing up fast. Pray for Ibro as he seems to be having some difficulties. Pray that he would once again have the desire to share the gospel with the excitement that he once had. Pray for the new church start close to his home. The land has been purchased but they are not yet meeting there yet.

Monday 20 May - Please pray for our newest team member, BSU Summer Missionary Jessica Landry. She will be coming June 6th to work for the summer with the Bolls in Ouallam. Pray for her time in the States as she finishes her freshman year of college, finalizes her paperwork to come to Niger, and prepares her heart and mind for the time away from her friends and family in LA. Pray for her to love the Zerma people and have a desire for them to know Christ.

Tuesday 21 May - Pray for the Ledlows as they continue to make and finalize their plans for their Stateside Assignment in one month. There are many plans to work out with the speaking at several churches, conferences that they will be attending, school for Jeremy and Stephanie, travel arrangements, etc. Pray that they would be able to make the plans, do and go where God would have them.

Wednesday 22 May - Please pray for Tanda and Teresa as they continue to study the Bible Stories. Pray that Tanda would continue to show an interest in Jesus, but that she would see the need to have Jesus in her heart.

Thursday 23 May - Please pray for Gail Hill as she has the burden to learn Zarma and work with the Zerma peoples. Pray that she would be able to hear and understand the language and love the people.

Friday 24 May - Pray for the Cains, the Bolls and Rick as they travel to Abidjan for a Church Planter Movement Conference (CPM Conference). They will be flying on a small, private plane.

Saturday 25 May - Pray for Mark as he will be traveling to Abidjan for the CPM conference. Pray for Deanna as she will not be able to attend this conference as Jeremy and Stephanie will have to remain in school for their final exams. Pray for this time of separation for the Ledlows.

Sunday 26 May - Pray for Aissa and Kimberly as they continue to study the Bible Stories. Pray that Kimberly would be able to finish the stories and be able to present the gospel to Aissa in a way that she would understand and accept Jesus. Kimberly and Phil will be leaving for Stateside Assignment the end of July and it would be so good if Aissa hears all the stories and is able to make a decision before the Cains leave.

Monday 27 May - Please pray this week for the CPM Conference that will be held in Abidjan. Pray that we would learn ways to be more useful in getting a Church Planting Movement started among the Zerma peoples. Pray that we would be sensitive to the teachings and that the leaders of the conference would be able to share some of their information in a way that we would understand and be excited about using.

Tuesday 28 May - Please continue to pray for the 5 women that accepted Christ in Ouallam. Some of them have already gone back to various villages. Most all of these women will be gone shortly after the rains begin. Pray that they will be able to do some discipleship with Teresa before they leave.

Wednesday 29 May - Please pray for rains. Although it complicates our plans sometimes, these people need a crop. The millet that is planted will be their source of nourishment for the following year. Pray that the rains come, that the crops will be planted and will grow to harvest. Pray that the work that has been done will be able to continue even though we are not there, but that the Holy Spirit will continue to teach and help.

Thursday 30 May - Please pray for the Zerma pastors. Pray that they would have a heart and desire for the Zerma people to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the message that will be shared in many churches and groups.

Friday 31 May - Pray for Deanna, Stephanie and Jeremy as they will be traveling on a small, private airplane to Abidjan today. They will be able to join the rest of the team for a time of Spiritual Retreat. Please pray for all the Zerma time, for us to have a time of fellowship, spiritual refreshing and rest during the next few days.

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