June 2002

Greetings from Niger - where the rains are trying to begin and many farmers are preparing their fields for planting time. Please remember the Zerma as they prepare, plant, work, cultivate in hopes of a harvest. Also help this to remind you to pray for the Gospel Seed to be planted in prepared hearts - prepared by faithful prayers and the Holy Spirit.

As I write this, there are many things that are happening with the Zerma team. Rick is not back to Niger at this writing. Please continue to pray for him. The last report was: "(the doctor) said my kidney stones were caused by a metabolic disease that is preventing my body from breaking down proteins in my daily diet. I have 4 stones in my right kidney and 2 in my left kidney. He has prescribed some medication that will dissolve the stones. I do not have to endure laser surgery or lithotripsy - which also means I do not have to pass the painful pieces
and remnents of the broken stones! YA HOO!! PTL!! I have to begin taking an on-going medication that will help monitor the acid levels in my body and hopefully prevent the formation of future stones. I will also have to alter my diet and curtail the amount of proteins I consume. No worries! I spoke with Dr. Harrington in RVA this morning. He is going to consult with my doctor and ascertain when I will be free and clear to return to Niger! As soon as I hear something I will let you know and we can begin making arrangements for the return trip. Thanks for all the prayers and emails. I miss you guys and cannot wait to return to my Africa home!

See ya soon! Rick"

The Cains thank you for your prayers during their month-long conference in Abidjan. They had a fulfilling time of learning and planning and discussing and praying about ways we can best reach the Zerma with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establish strong churches throughout this people group.

Saturday June 1 - Today is Teresa's birthday - the last one before the BIG one! Please pray for her and the many decisions that need to be made concerning her health. The results of her mammogram returned after 7 weeks, over one month after she returned in Niger. The results were questionable and need further imaging. Please pray for this situation.

Sunday June 2 - Hopefully the entire Zerma team will be in Abidjan this week for a Spiritual retreat with our entire Affinity group. We will have just finished a Church Planting Movement Conference done in Abidjan as well. Please pray for a "real" retreat, a time of renewal in the Lord as well as a growing time where we will learn to work, learn, listen, love better together.

Monday June 3 - Ask God to give Zerma Christians a passion and vision for reaching the lost. Pray that God will reveal men and women of peace who will accept His salvation and provide the way for churches to be established in their own village.

Tuesday June 4 - Pray for this last day for the Zerma team in Abidjan. Pray for a time of rest, a closure to the retreat, and a fresh encounter with the Lord.

Wednesday June 5 - Pray for the Ledlows as they will be traveling on a small plane - from Abidjan to Niamey. Pray for Safe travels. Pray for the pilot who will be making two trips. Also please pray for Jessica Landry as she will be traveling from LA. toward Paris.

Thursday June 6 - Pray for Jessica as she continues her flight from Paris on toward Niamey. Pray for the Bolls, Cains and Rick as they will be flying in a small plane from Abidjan to Niamey. Pray that the Abidjan airplane will arrive on time so they can be at the airport to meet and welcome Jessica.

Friday June 7 - Today the Zerma team will have a team meeting. Many decisions and last minute "things" will have to be done since the Ledlows will be leaving soon, and Jessica is just arriving. Pray that we will be obedient to the Holy Spirit's moving and that there will soon be a Church Planting Movement among the Zerma people - and that WE won't be in the way.

Saturday June 8 - Today we will be having a "Meet and Greet Jessica" reception so the other missionaries will be able to come and meet and welcome Jessica. Pray especially for Jessica today, that she will be able to adjust and adapt to the culture, the heat and the new way of life for the next 2 1/2 months. Pray for her time as she will be staying with the Bolls.

Sunday June 9 - Pray that all Zerma believers will have access to the Word in their own language through cassettes, the Zerma Bible, tracts, etc. Pray that believers will have both a desire and the ability to commit large portions of Scripture to memory.

Monday June 10 - Happy Birthday to Jeremy. Pray for him today as he will be preparing for Stateside Assignment. Pray for the school situation - both the one that he will be attending in the States, but for the future one here in Niger. Pray for friends at his new school, pray for an easy adjustment and a good Stateside Assignment experience.

Tuesday June 11 - Pray for Jessica and Teresa as they will be having orientation, language classes, and will be working on the materials for VBS. Jessica is to bring the pictures, books etc. and they will be compiling them into booklets for each student, as well as translating, typing, etc.

Wednesday June 12 - Pray for Kid's Club that meets weekly in Ouallam. Pray for a special time of learning for these kids. It is very obvious that the Lord is already working in many lives. Pray that the word will be shared - that the Holy Spirit will teach and train.

Thursday June 13 - Pray for Jessica and Teresa as they will be doing a great deal of prayer walking during the next two and one half months. Pray for the Holy Spirit to show them where to go, how to pray, and for FAITH that God will answer their prayers.

Friday June 14 - Pray for Kimberly and Caroline as they finish home schooling for 2nd grade. Pray that everything would be completed by the time they leave for furlough in July.

Saturday June 15 - Pray that God will help believers recognize and use the gifts He has given them. Pray that church members will have an attitude of humility as they exercise their gifts, that their relationships would be harmonious and mutually edifying.

Sunday June 16 - Pray that God will call out leaders with commitment and integrity, and the ability to communicate effectively. Pray that those who need training will have their needs met.

Monday June 17 - Pray that believers will desire to grow in their faith and that mature believers will be there to guide them. Pray that the Zerma would have a vision to make disciples of all nations.

Tuesday June 18 - Pray that the Zerma churches will learn to worship in a way that is authentically Zerma, while glorifying God and remaining true to Scripture.

Wednesday June 19 - Ask God to grant perseverance to and encourage those who are working among the Zerma.

Thursday June 20 - Today Teresa and Jessica are hoping to take their VBS material to the printer. Pray that the material will be able to be used mightily in sharing the Gospel with not only the kids, but young adults and adults as well.

Friday June 21 - Today the Ledlows will be leaving for Stateside Assignment where they will be doing lots of traveling, speaking, visiting, along with Doctor appointments and hopefully some time of rest and refreshment. Please pray for them as they travel. They will have to spend the night in Paris before traveling on to the States.

Saturday June 22 - Please pray for the Bolls and Jessica as they are hoping to return to Ouallam today - with the necessary booklets/pamphlets/worksheets in hand. Pray for a safe trip and a fast adjustment for Jessica.

Sunday June 23 - Pray that all Zerma believers will learn how to pray both privately and publicly. Pray that God will answer their prayers according to His will.

Monday June 24 - As the Zerma prepare their fields for planting, pray that God would send adequate rains this year and that they would have an abundant harvest.

Tuesday June 25 - Please pray for the Ledlows as they will be leaving for a 6 week road trip covering 20 States. During this time they will be visiting with family, friends, and speaking at several churches. Pray for safety as they travel.

Wednesday June 26 - Pray that God's Word will be established in the hearts of believers. Pray that believers will look to Scripture as their sole source of authority.

Thursday June 27 - The "Pepper Project" is continuing with nursery work, harvest and grinding all at one time. Pray that farmers will continue to be excited and dedicated in this work. Pray that they will be able to have a good harvest and be able to increase income and standard of living conditions.

Friday June 28 - Please continue to pray for rains. Rains usually begin about the first week of June. During this time there will be much preparation and planting of millet the main crop. Many will move to temporary housing (Ziggy) near their field.

Saturday June 29 - Ask God to grant perseverance to and encourage those who are working among the Zerma.

Sunday June 30 - Pray that the Zerma churches will learn to worship in a way that is authentically Zerma, while glorifying God and remaining true to Scripture.

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