August 2002

By the time you read this most of our Zerma Team will be in the U.S. on Stateside Assignment. In July the Ledlow's left for Arizona and the Cain's for Tennessee. Mark left Niger ill - after arriving in America and doing some rest and traveling he was hospitalized in Florida. He is much better and at this writing they are at Missionary debriefing in Virginia. Pray that Mark will get the necessary rest he needs as well as good health.

Jessica has been sick but now recovered from amoebas and Malaria. With her being in Ouallam, Jessica and Teresa (mostly Jessica) were able to complete 4 books, three have been taken to the printers. We have been able to use a copy of each of them. Praise the Lord for Mrs. Royce, a fellow church member from Jessica's home church. She is going to help us with the many drawings for the work, both for telling a Bible story as well as to use for health work. Pray that we can get the information to her and that it can be sent to Niger and used for the glory of the Lord as well as to help the folks with health and hygiene. Much thanks also to Norris Landry (Jessica's dad) for sending the pictures to us via email. Much thanks for Becca Cooper and Jessica Johnston for helping out in Ouallam for one week. The "team" was able to do VBS in 4 places, once using Drama. The props were good, the water turned to blood and the rock spewed water when hit by Moses (Played by Gary, Peace Corps Volunteer in Ouallam area). Please continue to pray for the various places Teresa and Jessica would like to go to teach the Moses story. As of today they have done in 12 places to over 570 people - both young and older... and it doesn't matter how old you are, if you have never held a crayon in your hand, all have enjoyed coloring the pictures. Much thanks to Jessica who did most of this newsletter this month. I
(Teresa) think she did a good job! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Thursday 1 August - Please continue to pray for team member Ibro, his wife Rachida and baby Aimee Joy. Suffering through some severe adversity and difficulties in his Christian walk, Ibro is almost back to normal after a few months of rest, reflection and encouragement from mature Christians. Ibro is taking over much of the administrative work for the Pepper Project. This helps Don a great deal. During one of Ibro and Don's trips to check on the peppers, Rachida and Teresa were also able to go. Rachida helped Teresa with the VBS in Dokimana. Please pray that they will catch a vision and do some of these teachings in their area and in the new church start.

Friday 2 August - Pray that God would reveal His love to the Zerma people. Pray that they would see that God is a loving and caring God - and that they would not have to work or improve to deserve His love.

Saturday 3 August - Summer Missionary Jessica Landry continues in that youthful energy that brings encouragement to the Bolls. Pray for Jessica as she continues to honor God in her work and commitment to God here in Niger.

Sunday 4 August - Today at 3AM EST or 9 AM Niger time God's word will be broadcast for 30 minutes from the low power radio station at Simiri. Pray that God would touch the hearts of the listeners in this Zerma heartland. We understand that they use many of the Christian cassettes that are left at the Station. Pray that all that hear the good news will be attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and come to know Jesus as personal savior.

Monday 5 August - Pray for the many kids in Ouallam that attended a camp put on by a sister mission from Niamey just last week. Pray that the lessons they heard would sink deep into their hearts and cause them to grow to love Christ. Thank the Lord for the 20 Christians that came to Ouallam from Niamey. Pray that they would continue to have a vision for their brothers and sisters to hear the gospel. Pray that the Ouallam Christians would catch a vision to share the good news in their area.

Tuesday 6 August - Pray for Rick as he will be in charge of the financial business this next year. Pray that he would have patience and understanding as he continues to "catch on" to the language and culture. Rick's job has him ministering to about 20 Southern Baptist personnel, many of whom are traveling in and out of the country, or are gone on Stateside Assignment. He deals with 6 different people groups. He also has a burden for the many Muslim men that work on the Southern Baptist Campus/Guesthouse/Office. Pray for Rick as he ministers to these Muslim men.

Wednesday 7 August - As of this writing, over 575 people have been able to hear the story of Moses. Pray that the many kids and adults who have heard the story of Moses this summer would come to know and accept the one true Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Thursday 8 August - Pray that God would send rains for the crops that have been planted. Pray that the people would have a good crop to feed them for this next year. Ask God to reveal to them that He desires to provide for every single need in their lives if they but turn to Him, the giver of all good gifts.

Friday 9 August - We praise the Lord for the many places that have asked Teresa and Jessica to come out and tell the story of Moses. As they just have a few days left together and at least 10 more places they would like to go (as of this writing), pray that God would give them clear direction and energy to go where the message needs to be heard.

Saturday 10 August - Pray for Kimberly's neighbor, Aissa, who has heard the stories but has not completely surrendered to the gospel. Pray that as Kimberly is away this next year, the Holy Spirit would continue to speak the truth to Aissa and that the truth would set her free. Aissa's kids have attended more than a few of the various VBS groups that were taught in Ouallam. The children would like to attend the church meeting but have been discouraged by their father. This is also one of the obstacles that keep Aissa back - pray that his true Islam heart would be softened and he will at least let the family choose whom they would like to serve.

Sunday 11 August - Pray for the new church that has been started in Goudel. Pray for the leader, Zakery, to grow and lead in a way that would honor Christ.

Monday 12 August - Pray for the Zerma people that profess Christ. Pray that they would live so that people would see their good deeds and glorify their Father in Heaven.

Tuesday 13 August - Pray for Jeremy and Stephanie Ledlow as they prepare to start a new school in the states. Pray that God would provide friends for each of them and that they would be able to catch on quickly with the school system and way of teaching. Pray that they would continue to grow in Christ and be leaders amongst their peers.

Wednesday 14 August - Pray for the Bolls and Jessica as they travel to Niamey today and make the final arrangements for Jessica's trip home. Pray for safety as the road from Ouallam to Niamey is not paved.

Thursday 15 August - Rick has been meeting with a group of men each morning for prayer and Bible study before work. Many of these men are not yet believers. Pray that the Word of God would penetrate their hearts and that the prayers they hear would become their own. Pray for Rick as he shares the gospel, that God would give him a discerning heart and the ability to communicate effectively in the Zerma language.

Friday 16 August - Pray for Jessica as she travels back to the U.S. after spending a summer ministering to the Zerma in Niger. Pray for her and Becca Cooper (summer missionary to the deaf) as they leave Niger and travel, spending the night in Paris, and then back to the U.S. on Saturday. Pray that God would give them favor and safety as they go through the many airports; ask God to give them wisdom and many opportunities to show the love of Christ.

Saturday 17 August - Pray for the Cains and the Ledlows to be able to remember the Zarma language as they are away from Niger for the next year. Pray that God would give them the memory needed to retain what they have learned and to even learn more in the months ahead. Pray that they would be able to share some of the needs, prayer and personnel requests. Pray that as many people hear about the work in Niger, they would be touched to become more involved in ministering to the Zerma.

Sunday 18 August - Pray for Don as he ministers at the prison on Sunday afternoons in Ouallam. Pray that the prisoners would respond to the Gospel and accept the truth of Christ. Pray that Don would have joy in sharing Christ and that he would have many more opportunities to share at the prison. Praise the Lord for those that have been released to return to their homes/families that they are remembering some of what had been taught. One Sunday as Teresa was telling the Moses story in Manga'ize, one of the former prisoners helped - not just a little. He really knew the story and had an awesome way of sharing it. Pray that he would continue to share. After the VBS session he heard the new cassette on "Life everlasting". He was then given the booklet (hot off the press!) and a cassette. Pray that he will continue to hear and learn - share and accept.

Monday 19 August -Pray for Caroline and Caleb Cain as they adjust to life in the U.S. Pray that as they start a new school (Caroline - third grade; Caleb - preschool), they would be able to make friends and do well.

Tuesday 20 August - Pray for Don and Teresa as they get back into their regular schedule after a busy summer. Pray that they would continue to have patience and joy as they are the only missionaries in Ouallam for the next year. Ask God to give them direction and wisdom as they minister to the many needs around them.

Wednesday 21 August - Pray for Jessica as she starts another semester of college. Pray for the quick adjustment that she will need to make from living in Africa all summer to a college dorm room the next week! Pray that she will have peace of mind amongst her busy schedule this week.

Thursday 22 August - Pray that Rick would be able to continue the strict diet that doctors have put him on concerning his health. Pray that God would keep him healthy so that he could be an effective minister in Niger.

Friday 23 August - Pray for future volunteers as they seek a clear word from the Lord to come to Niger. Pray that the needed paperwork would get completed and plans that would glorify Christ would be made.

Saturday 24 August - During rainy season, many things change. Because of the lack of good road systems, several villages cannot be reached. Pray for the few Christians in these villages to be encouraged during a time
when they might be isolated from all other believers.

Sunday 25 August - Pray for the Cains and the Ledlows as they will have many opportunities to speak at churches in the states. Pray that God would open the hearts of those who hear them speak; ask God to open their hearts to see and pray for the many needs of the Zarma people, especially the need for them to come to Christ.

Monday 26 August - The Zarma Team has put in several personnel requests. Ask the God of the harvest to send workers to come out and work with the Zarma people. Pray that the many seeds that have been planted throughout the years would soon produce a harvest of discipled Christians. Pray that these Christians would have a vision for reaching all the Zerma with the gospel.

Tuesday 27 August - Pray for Teresa as she ministers to the sick around her. Pray that she would have wisdom to know what medicines to give the many people that come to her door. Pray that God would open many doors to reveal Himself as the Great Physician.

Wednesday 28 August - We praise the Lord for a busy, yet productive summer! However, because of such a busy summer the Kid's Club that Teresa has on Wednesday evenings stopped for the last month and a half. Pray for Teresa as she starts this ministry up again and shares the hope of the gospel with this group of kids each week.

Thursday 29 August - During their stateside assignment, Phil and Kimberly will be ministering to students on the campus of Union University in Jackson, Tenn. Pray that God will help them to be effective communicators of all that He desires to accomplish in the world through missions. Pray that God would use them to encourage those who are being called to go as missionaries and to help prepare those who have already answered the call to take the gospel to a world in need of a Savior.

Friday 30 August - Pray that God would continue to burden Jessica's heart for the Zerma people and that she would remember all that she learned throughout the summer. Pray that God would open the doors for her to share what He has done in her life through working with the Zerma people to many churches and people in the states.

Saturday 31 August - Please pray that the Zarma pastors would have a vision to reach their people with the truth and love of Christ. Pray that they would be leaders who share the truth in love.

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