September 2001

I hope many of you were involved in the PRAY 2001. It was exciting for us. I haven't heard all that went on in Niger Aug. 3, but for some it was an awesome day. In Ouallam we put a huge map on the floor of the church, sat around it and prayed for each country, then using the prayer guide we prayed for all requests.

Then using the Zerma August Prayer Letter, we prayed for each of those requests. Then we went prayer walking. It was so inspirational to see some of the local people begin to pray, then how their prayers grew deeper during the day. Then, the coolness of the day was good, but the slow, cooling rain of over one inch that we received that night was more than awesome. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Mark's grandmother passed away Monday, Aug 13. At present they are not sure if Mark will be going or not. Her name was Jane Berry. She resided in Texas but the funeral and burial will be in Arizona. Please pray for Mark and his family during this time. Please pray for Mark as he makes the decision whether he will be leaving for the funeral.

School started for Jeremy and tephanie Aug. 13. It was a good day for them, Jeremy was excited and eager to continue this year. This is a great praise for the Ledlows, as well as all of the team.

Rains have been good in Ouallam (10+ inches) but in Niamey and West Niger, there has not been sufficient rain. Where the millet in Ouallam is almost waist high, it is about ankle high in most areas Southwest of Ouallam.

1 Sept, Sat - Pray for the Cains as they will be traveling to Ouagadougou for FES (Schooling for Caroline) This will be for 3 weeks. The road has been worked on and is much better.

2 Sept, Sun - Please pray for Rachida, the wife of Ibro. She is about 7 months pregnant and still having some sickness.

3 Sept, Mon - Pray for Phil as he returns from Ouagadougou to Niamey, then on to Ouallam. Pray for them as they will be separated for 3 weeks. Pray for Caroline as she is now in the second grade. Pray for the teachers during this time. Pray for Kimberly and Caleb as they will be in Ouagadougou (guesthouse) without a vehicle.

4 Sept. Tues - Pray for Sahel Academy as they teach the several missionary kids this year. Pray that the kids will continue to be excited to go to school and learn. Jeremy is 15 years old now.

5 Sept. Wed - Pray for the volunteer team that will be coming in October. At present there are 18 coming. Pray for Charlie Holt as he is doing much of the arrangements.

6 Sept. Thurs - There will be much preparation to do before the volunteer team comes. Pray for Deanna and Ibro who will be doing much of the paperwork, finding the villages that God would have us work in, checking with local medical people, getting lists of necessary medicines.

7 Sept. Fri - Praise God for reports of a group of about 40 Christians from various villages meeting together weekly in an area where Phil finished storying last year. Pray for their spiritual growth.

8 Sept. Sat - Pray for Caleb as he continues, grows and learns to talk more and more. Pray that even now seeds would be planted in his heart that would enable him to become a godly man.

9 Sept. Sun - Pray for our Zerma friends who have received a Bible. Some have a Zarma version, some have a French version, still others have an Arabic version. Pray that they would be compelled to read the scriptures and would come to see that it truly is the word of God. Pray that God would “unveil” the meaning of His word and that they would place their faith in Christ.

10 Sept. Mon - Pray that in addition to adequate rain, the crops would be protected against pests and insects and that the Zarma people would have an abundant harvest.

11 Sept. Tues - Pray for the missionaries as we attempt through words and actions to share the gospel. Pray that where we are weak, God would strengthen us and when we err, that God would correct us. Pray that we would continue to learn the Zerma language and use it effectively. Pray that we would learn how to make bridges where barriers now exist. Pray that the Zerma people would see us, not so much as “wealthy Americans”, but foremost as “followers of Christ.”

12 Sept. Wed - Pray for the government leaders of Niger, that they would govern with wisdom and discernment. Pray that they would be the means, both directly and indirectly, by which many people come to know Christ personally.

13 Sept. Thurs - Pray that God would raise up pastors and other leaders from among Zerma believers. Pray that these leaders would find support, both financially and spiritually. Pray that God would mold them into men and women of integrity and vision.

14 Sept. Fri - Pray for our team meeting today. There will be traveling on some rough roads, there are many decisions that will have to be made concerning strategy, Projects and the Volunteer Medical team/Prayer team coming.

15 Sept. Sat - Pray for Todd Laferty who will be coming to talk to, interview, etc the first term missionaries as well as short term personnel. Pray that this time together will be profitable for all concerned.

16 Sept. Sun - Pray for James Brown who will be arriving in Niger possibly today or very soon. Pray that the "pepper project" that is planned will be very profitable for the Nigeriennes. Pray that they will be able to have income for their families through this endeavor.

17 Sept. Mon - Pray for those many Zerma who have heard and understood the message of salvation but have yet to make a decision to give their hearts to Christ. Pray that they would understand fully the consequences of rejecting Christ. Pray that they would trust in Christ alone for salvation.

18 Sept. Tues - Pray for Rick as he is at Missionary Learning Center making final preparations before his trip to Niger in October. Pray as he will be leaving friends and family for at least two years.+

19 Sept. Wed - Pray for Don and James Brown as they will be working with the Nigeriennes. Pray that they will be able to identify the people and the locations for the peppers to be grown. Pray that they will be able to work through the necessary logistics of getting the peppers grown and sent back to the U.S.

20 Sept. Thurs - Pray for Caroline as she begins 2nd grade and for Kimberly as she teaches her. Pray that Caroline would be well-prepared to enter 3rd grade in the U.S. next year.

21 Sept. Fri - Pray for Phil as he will be traveling again to get his family from Ouagadougou. Pray for safety on the roads.

22 Sept. Sat - Pray for the volunteers that will be coming to Niger to pray walk and do the medical work. Pray that they will be able to get the necessary funding and the necessary paperwork done. Pray that God would prepare their hearts as they come to minister to others.

23 Sept. Sun - Pray for the town of Ouallam, that it would become a “beacon” for this part of Niger. Pray for the Christians who live in Ouallam, that they would collectively have a vision for seeing a strong church established in their town. A church where love, encouragement, edification, forgiveness and acceptance is found.

24 Sept. Mon - Pray for the church "Cimbeero Bonjara", that is in Niamey, which is lead by Ibro. They will be moving to another location soon as the land they are meeting on will hopefully soon be sold. Pray that they will be able to locate "THE PLACE" that God wants them. Pray that they will have the funds to move and re-establish.

25 Sept. Tues - Please pray for the church leaders. Many are struggling to teach others. For some there is an education factor, for some it is not clearly understanding what God means, for some there is other pressures, from family, friends, neighbors. For some it is the wrong "call".

26 Sept. Wed - Pray for a leader at Ouallam. Phil is presently preaching but we would like to see one of the national people take this over.

27 Sept. Thurs - Health - This is one small word, and a huge request. While on vacation all the Ledlow family were sick, either with malaria or dysentery. Aug 2 one of our strongest leaders in Ouallam had a miscarriage, Sat., Aug 4 Caroline got very sick and by Sunday was dehydrated. A trip to the hospital in Niamey was necessary with two drips given. They could not get her stomach settled to keep anything down. They were back home on Tues and then Kimberly fell ill for 3 days. Getting sick here is no fun!
There are so many "things" it could be - malaria, intestinal infection, amoebas. Then there is the trip to town which takes 2 1/2 hours. The stay in the hospital for the day, lack of air conditioning and it is already hot. (Ithink you are getting the picture.) Please pray for our health.

28 Sept. Fri - Ibro brings some of his neighbors to church. They seem very interested in the gospel. Please pray for them as they hear the word of God and will accept Jesus as their Savior and God as their Lord.

29 Sept. Sat - Please continue to pray for Deanna and Ibro as they work on finalizing the paperwork and logistics of the Prayer team and Medical team that will be arriving in about one week.

30 Sept. Sun - As soon as the Prayer Team and Medical team leave Deanna is hoping to begin a woman's ministry in Niamey now that she is no longer teaching Jeremy. Please pray that God would help Deanna as she seeks to do what the Lord would have her do.

Pray for our spiritual growth. Much of what we do can be spiritually draining. Pray that we would be reminded of the importance of refilling our “spiritual tanks” and that we would find opportunities and resources to do just that.

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