October 2001

October has been set aside as the month of Prayer for the "African Traditional Regions" of West Africa.  You may order prayer guides, "Light among them" from the Resource Center in Richmond.  resource.center@imb.org

Last month we requested prayer for Rick Leavitt on September 18.  Following is a note Rick sent: "Thank you for requesting prayer for me on 09.18.01 - and here is a quick note why I am so amazed you chose the 18th to pray for me.  God is so awesome!!  On Monday, 09.13.01, I received a call from Amy Peterson - who is U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft's secretary.  I have been invited by Mr. Ashcroft to come to D.C. on Tuesday 09.18.01 and share with he and his staff about my upcoming trip to Niamey, Niger.  It is an incredible opportunity and I cannot wait to tell him about the Zerma team.

Please pray for me on the 18th that God would totally bless this opportunity and that I will be a quality representative not only for God and His Kingdom but also for the IMB and the Zerma team.  See you guys in 60 days!  Rick Leavitt"  Since I am writing this on September 12, I am not sure as to how this meeting - or if it will take place.  We praise the Lord that He is in control.

Praying --- As I am writing this, I am listening to the radio about the 4 airplanes that hit the world trade center and the Pentagon, and the plane that landed in PA, all these killing thousands of people.  My heart hurts, as I know that our Lord's heart is hurting.  We are praying for our fellow Americans and many  others that are affected during this time. We pray for leadership of President Bush and the other government officials, praying for the many public servants and their families that lost their lives during this tragedy.  We also pray for our military, who are willing to give their lives for our freedom.  We pray for you as so many will be affected.  We love you and suffer along side of you.  It is hard to ask you to pray for us during this time, but do want to remind you to spend time with the Lord - He wants so much to spend time with you.

James Brown is to fly to Niamey Monday, Sept 17.  As of this writing we do not know how or if the flights will be possible.  Please continue to pray for James, Don, Phil and Mark as they work to do this "Pepper project"

1 October, Monday - Pray for the 14 volunteers that will be leaving for Niger in one week.  Pray that all the paperwork concerning visas etc. was done, and that the paperwork for them to enter the country will be completed.  Pray for their time in Niger, pray that we go where the Lord would have us to go, that we would show love and compassion to all we have contact with - showing the love of Jesus in all that we do.

2 October, Tuesday - Praise the Lord for a good rainy season.   The millet, peas, okra, peanuts, etc.  have all done fairly well in the Ouallam area. Also today please pray for Jeremy and Stephanie as they attend Sahel Academy this year.  Pray for the teachers as well as the students.

3 October, Wednesday -  Today is Stacy (Bolls) LeQuieu's birthday.  She will be 27 years old today.  Please pray for her as her first and for now only child just started kindergarten and she is pregnant - due date end of Feb.

4 October, Thursday - Pray for Deanna, Mark, Moussa and Ibro as they do final planning and paperwork for the medical work to be done with the volunteers, logistics of guest housing not only for the volunteers, but for some of the Zerma team that will be staying in Niamey and 2 other teams that will be using the guesthouse facilities as well.  Pray for Mark as he continues to do work on the Guesthouse and Office buildings, as in installing kitchens and setting up two of the apartments, installing bathroom fixtures and major changes in the office.

5 October, Friday -  October is normally a time of more heat and no rain, but there is the humidity.  The last couple months have also been a time of lots of malaria.  Please pray for those that suffer from the illness as well as those that have lost their loved ones during this time.  Pray for Daouda who lost his 2 year old daughter Aug. 31.

6 October, Saturday -  Please remember Rachida and Ibro as they are expecting their first child in the next month or so.  Pray for an easy delivery with no complications.  Rachida has had a very difficult pregnancy.

7 October, Sunday - Pray for the 14 volunteers that will be leaving for Niger today. Pray that they would arrive safe and stay healthy during their stay. They will be doing a week of Prayer Walking.

8 October, Monday - Dry season gardening is soon to begin. It is the major gardening season that can provide food and income for many people. It is also a lot of hard work as hand watering is done from cistern type wells. Pray as we prepare to make seed available to old and new acquaintances. Especially pray for Sandi a small business man who has agreed to sell seeds and who does not yet know Christ as Savior.

9  October, Tuesday - Pray for Rick as he does some major "things" before heading for Niger.  Pray for his family and friends as they will be separated for the next 2-3 years.

10 October, Wednesday -  Pray for the believers in Say.  They have often been under "attack" and now they’ve had to give up the property they were renting for church services.  They are currently without a pastor.  Pray that God would bind the hearts of His children there together, that they would press forward and continue to grow in their faith.  Pray that God would send a shepherd to lead and encourage them.

11 October, Thursday - Pray for all of the missionaries and the volunteers as we will be doing a great deal of prayer walking, and getting to know each other.  Pray for some special times during this time.  Pray for us as we prepare meals, go where God would want, and find the people that God wants us to spend time with and pray for.

12 October, Friday - Pray for Kimberly as she maintains a household and teaches Caroline.  Pray for Caroline to be attentive in class and diligent in her homework.  Pray that Caleb and Caroline would grow in wisdom and stature.

13 October, Saturday - Praise the Lord that the Niamey church (Cimberro Bonjaro) was able to purchase some property in Lazare, a small subdivision just outside Niamey city limits.  Pray that they will be able to construct some type building or covering for their meetings.  Also, there will be a loss of "witness" in the neighborhood where they used to meet.  Pray that perhaps another church would start in that area.

14 October, Sunday - Pray for four more volunteers that are due to arrive in Niamey Oct. 15.  Pray for the Medical projects we will hopefully be able to do while they are here.

15 October, Monday - Pray for Rick Leavitt as he arrives in Niamey Oct. 15. He will be part of the Zerma team in Niger for the next 2 to 3 years.  Pray that he would adjust quickly to the culture and climate and stay in good health.

16 October, Tuesday -The best garden season (Nov-Feb) will soon begin. Pray that seed distribution will provide encouragement for believers and new opportunities for sharing the Gospel to others.

17 October, Wednesday -  Teresa was able to start a Kid's Club at the Ouallam Community Center.  Pray for the kids that come to learn about God. They are using the chronological Bible Stories.  Pray for the kids for these two weeks that they will not be meeting.

18 October, Thursday -Pray that the Zerma believers would have a hunger for God’s Word and hearts that thirst for righteousness.   Pray this for the missionaries as well.

19 October, Friday -The "Niger Pepper Project" should be under way as farmers are growing nursery beds of pepper plants. Pray that God could take this and provide encouragement, income and a platform of good witness for the Christians involved to their neighbors.

20 October, Saturday - 2 Cor. 4:4 says “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”  Pray that God would give “spiritual sight” to the unbelieving Zerma.   Pray that they would see the true light and the glory of Christ.  Pray that they would glimpse the
all-surpassing power of God through Christ.

21 October, Sunday - Pray for the volunteers as they prepare to leave Niger tonight.  Pray that the Lord would have opened their eyes to a complete different world, and that they would not return to the U.S. the same person, but that God would have truly worked a great work through their lives and the work they were able to do in Niger.

22 October, Monday - Pray for the volunteers as they will be traveling for several hours.  Pray that they would arrive home safely (most will arrive home on Tuesday!)

23 October, Tuesday - Pray for Phil as he visits villages that were inaccessible during rainy season.  Pray that as he continues storying and showing the Jesus film that they would hear and understand the gospel and respond by giving their hearts to Christ.

24 October, Wednesday -  Pray that God would raise up pastors and other leaders from among Zerma believers.  Pray that God would mold them into men and women of integrity and vision.

25 October, Thursday - Pray for Teresa as she teaches English class at the Ouallam Hospital.  There are 12 students, and with them being already highly educated, this is really "keeping her on her toes" about English.  Pray for her to be able to boldly share about a loving and caring God, one that loves so much that He sent His one and only Son.

26 October, Friday - Pray that the Zerma believers would have a boldness to share their faith with their family and friends.  Pray they would always be ready to share the reason for the hope they have of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

27 October, Saturday - Pray for the many people who have been listening to cassettes with stories from the Bible and gospel messages on them.  Pray that God’s Word would not go out void.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict the people to see the "Truth".

28 October, Sunday - Pray for the town of Ouallam, that it would become a “beacon” for this part of Niger.  Pray for the Christians who live in Ouallam, that they would collectively have a vision for seeing a strong church established in their town.  A church where love, encouragement, edification, forgiveness, and acceptance is found.

29 October, Monday - Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would call forth laborers to work among the Zerma.  There are only a few mission agencies working among the approximately 2 million Zerma people.  Less than one percent of the Zerma are Christians.

30 October, Tuesday - Pray that God would send a missionary to join our team as a church planter in Niamey.  We also have a request for a short-term (two years) missionary to do evangelism and discipleship.  Pray that God would prepare and send the right person for that ministry.

31 October, Wednesday - Today as many will be celebrating Halloween in the U.S. Please remember those that are bound by Satan's chains.  Pray that many would be released by the spirits of the evil one.  Pray that there will be a freedom to follow Jesus.


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