June 2001

Thank you so much for your prayers for us in the past.  We have been having some problems sending out our prayer letter because we try to send it to everyone at the same time.  Last month we had to send it in several segments so this month we have revised our list.  Basically what I did was to go through our address book and separate the names in groups.  If you do not wish to receive this prayer request, please let us know and we will take your name off the list.  Because of some other problems (Mostly my ignorance of these machines!) you might not have been receiving this for a while. Please forgive us and be patient with us.  If you would rather get this by "snail mail", also please let us know.

I'm very sorry but I think I put the web site address incorrect in the last letter.  Please check it out at  www.byhisgrace.com/zerma  Also please say a prayer for Susie who is making it possible for you to keep up with us and some of what we do.

We would also like to wish you Mothers a very special and happy Mother's Day!

It has been a very hot month.  Please continue to pray for endurance for everyone, the nationals as well as the missionaries.

The "Move" has been going well, although consuming much of Deanna and Mark's time and energy.  Please continue to pray for this move and all the changes that will need to be done before the big spiritual retreat that will include all the teams from Niger and Burkina Faso.  This will take place June 26-29.

We asked you to pray for Ide, a businessman in Ouallam who asked for a copy of the "Jesus" film on video cassette.  During a recent visit at his shop, he shared his enthusiasm about the film and it's message.  He said many of his family and friends have seen it several times.  However, he has yet to make a public profession of faith.  Continue to pray for Ide and his family, that they would take what they have seen and heard and apply it to their hearts by taking a step of faith and accepting Jesus as their personal Savior.

Thanks for praying for seemingly mundane things like our health.  Kimberly was experiencing sharp pains in her side and back recently, then huge blisters broke out.  A trip to the doctor showed it to be a case of shingles.  There is still some discomfort but she is doing much better now.

April's baby weighing time was VERY HOT!  When Don and Teresa went to Kwadabio Kwaara the temperature had to be over 115F, with the wind just blowing around the heat and dirt.  3 of the eight pregnant women had their babies, but only one came to have it weighed.  The other 5 did not even come to get checked or to get their pre-natal vitamins.  Of the 37 babies that we weigh, only 22 of them came, and of these 22 -- only 4 had gained weight.  Please pray for the people, now is the time they really suffer with the heat and the end of their food supplies.

June Prayer Requests:

1 - Friday - Pray for Bachir and Salamatou as they begin their married life together.  Salamatou is a Christian and leads the singing at the church in Ouallam.  Bachir, a Muslim, has not yet made the decision to become a Christian, although he comes to the Ouallam Community outreach Center regularly and reads many religious books.  His uncle is a Koranic teacher. Pray that Salamatou would maintain her Christian walk and be a positive witness to Bachir.  Pray that as we continue to share the Gospel with Bachir that he would yield his life to Christ.

2 - Saturday - Pray for Fanta, a new Christian, whose husband has divorced her because of her decision to follow Christ.

3 - Sunday - Pray for the Cains as they will be traveling to Ouagadougou so Caroline will be able to attend FES with the other home schooled children.

4 - Monday - Pray for the teachers and students at the FES (Field Education School) workshop this month.  This is a time when the missionary kids like Caroline Cain are able to have a classroom experience with other students. They will be working on various projects ie. sports, science and math.  They will be meeting June 4 - 8.  Pray for the Cains as they travel home after this time.

5 - Tues - Don and Phil continue to show the "Jesus" film in different villages.  Often, the whole village and many visitors gather to watch this two-hour film on the life of Jesus, taken from the gospel of Luke.  The film has been dubbed in Zarma, the heart language of the Zerma people, so all those who come are exposed to a clear gospel message and invited to accept Christ as their personal Savior.  Pray that those who come to be entertained would be convicted of their sin and need for a Savior.  Pray that those who come seeking God and a better understanding of Jesus would understand the truth that salvation comes only through repentance and placing one's faith in Christ for forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

6 - Wed - We have recently learned some information regarding videos of the Jesus film.  Through a source we can obtain the Jesus film in Zarma for $4.per video or less if we order more than 67.  Phil has written for more information concerning this.  Pray for a decision and the chance to use the videos, getting them out to many as there are many with TV and VCR even though they might not have electricity.  Pray that we can work through the logistics of getting several of these videos and get them out to the Zerma people.

7 - Thurs - Pray that the six Christians who attended the storying workshop in Lome would be seeking opportunities to put into practice what they learned there.  Alhasan, Salamatou, Harouna, Zakari, Daouda, and Rachida all have great potential for reaching their neighbors and friends with this method of evangelism.  Pray that God would give them boldness and perseverance in sharing the Good News.

8 - Fri - There continues to be a lack of strong leadership among the Zerma Christians.  Pray that God would raise up leaders--men and women devoted to Him--who will encourage and exhort fellow Christians and teach them the way in which they should go.  Pray that God would help them to resist false teachings and spiritual laziness.  Pray that they all would hunger and thirst for righteousness and desire to know and understand the Word of God. Praise God for those who have accepted the mantle of leadership and are trying their best with what they have.

9 - Sat - This is supposed to be our rainy season.  Please pray for rain. Since we have a very short rainy season (June, July, August and sometimes Sept) much work will be done during this short time.  Pray that the rains would come and continue through out the 3-4 months.

10 - Sun - Today is Jeremy's birthday.  Pray for him as he continues to be home schooled, for him as he grows and matures in Christ.  Hopefully by the time this date comes, school will be out for Jeremy.  Please pray for him as he faces the challenges of a new school year.

11 - Mon - Because of the lack of rain last year, (and for the past 3 years) Niger has seen little to no harvest.  We have learned that there is enough grain available, but it is very expensive.  Pray for the people that they would have the means to get the grain they need to feed their families.

12 - Tues - Continue to pray for the music tape that was done in January. Pray that many will be able to receive a copy, that they would be able to understand the contents and come to know Jesus in a very special and real way.

13 - Wed - Pray for Mark and his knee which is continuing to give him much problems.  Mark has many demands on him and his time.  Pray even though he is under quite a deadline to have the guesthouse situation in order for 55 people to come this month that he would have the rest and peace that he will need during this time.

14 - Thurs - We will have a regional spiritual retreat the last week in June.  Missionaries from Burkina Faso and Niger will gather in Niamey for a week of fellowship and spiritual refreshment led by a volunteer team from the U.S.  Pray for all those who will be traveling, for safety and strength, and for those who will be leading our time together to have both physical health and spiritual strength.

15 - Fri - Thank the Lord for small-big things such as a telephone.  The Cains have finally received one, after a four year wait.  Their number is 46.  (We are not sure this is accessible to the U.S. but it has been good that the Bolls and Cains can get in touch occasionally.  When the telephones are working between Ouallam and Niamey this would be a big help, so far, the phones are still not very reliable.)

16 - Sat - Pray for the volunteer teams that are in the process of coming this year.  Pray for them to be able to do the necessary paper work, to receive the funds for their trips, and for them to have a peace of mind and conviction to come and help.

17 - Sun - Happy Father's day to many of you.  May we also thank our Father who is always there, always forgiving, and always loving.

18 - Mon - Pray for Ibro, one of our pastors as he is trying to establish an orphanage.  He is finding that there is much "red tape" to work through. Pray for the kids that are in need of some place to stay.

19 - Tues -Pray for Rick who should be coming in July as ISC (International Service Corps Volunteer)  He will be working on the Zerma team for about 2 years.  Pray for him as he will have much to do before he leaves.  Praises that he will be here to work with Mark and help alleviate some of the demands on Mark.

20 - Wed - We are expecting a number of volunteers to arrive over the next several months, most of them coming for two weeks or less.  Pray for their preparation as they come to assist us in our ministries and pray that their short time here would yield much spiritual fruit, both in the lives of the Nigeriens and in the volunteers as well.

21 - Thurs -  Pray for Mark and Deanna as they only have a few days before 55 people come for the Spiritual Retreat.

22 - Fri - Pray for Don and Teresa as they go to Kwadabio Kwaara to weigh babies, do a well-baby clinic and check on the women that are pregnant. Pray that the people will come and be attentive.  Pray for patience as many times the people push and shove trying to be first.  Pray for the ride out there.  We need the rain, but if it rains much - the roads are not passable.

23 - Sat - Pray for the volunteers that will be traveling to help with the Spiritual Retreat.

24 - Sun - Pray for the pastors in our churches, for those that want to be pastors, for those that have made mistakes or bad choices in their leadership.  Pray for Moussa and his wife Kadi, Pray for Daouda and his wife Mariama, Pray for Adamou, Omar, Ibro and his wife Rachida, Pray for Idrissa, Balarabe, Dogo Saaji, Yaye, Amadou and Songa.  (These are all the pastors and their wives here in Niger.)

25 - Mon - Pray for those that will be traveling for the Spiritual Retreat that will be held in Niamey.  Approximately 55 people will be coming.

26 - Tues - Please pray for the Spiritual Retreat.

27 - Wed - If you remember, in January we asked you to pray for Hawa and Me-how and their children as they had just lost their husband and father, Djibo.  Djibo was the Chief of Tchalla.  Djibo was the brother of Tanda, the woman that was studying the Bible with Teresa.  Since Djibo's death, one of Hawa's children was hospitalized, and because Hawa was in mourning, she could not come to be with Bilali, her son.  Because there is now no husband for Me-haw and Hawa, they must go back to their families, but their children are to go with Djibo's family - who now consist of Tanda and her new husband.  Pray for Aissa (apx. 7 yrs old) as she now lives with Tanda.  In a few months Bilali (now 3 yrs.) will go and live with Tanda.  Hawa is about 7 months pregnant.  When this baby is born and about 4 years of age, he or she will have to live with Tanda.  Pray for Tanda and Halidou who have been married about 2 years now and have one small toddler.  Pray for this situation and the many just like it - because this is their culture.

28 - Thurs - Please pray for the Spiritual Retreat.   Also pray for those that come to the Ouallam Community Center.  We have noticed that many are beginning to read the religious books provided and are asking some questions.  Pray that more will be brave enough to choose to learn more of a God that loves.

29 - Fri - Please pray for the Spiritual Retreat.

30 - Sat - Please pray for all those traveling back to their homes after the retreat. Pray that they would have a safe trip and be able to have had the fellowship, spiritual refresh ness and rest they need to continue with their work.

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