July 2001

June was a busy month and we appreciate your prayers.  We have had some rain, but would appreciate for you to continue to pray for the rains.  Most have planted and the seeds will need rain - this is likened to the seeds that have been planted in the hearts of some.  They also need your prayers.

Updates: At the time of this writing the Guest House is not ready for 50+/- people!  The Spiritual Retreat for the Cluster is scheduled for 26-29 June. Deanna said it was not just the finishing touches -- it is the plumbing, the electrical and the tile in two of the houses (8 bedrooms).  This is definitely an item of prayer!

Sunday, 1 July - Please pray for the village of Fonda Kayna (Which means The little Way or little road).  Don has been storying the Bible there for several months.  They have heard many Bible stories between creation and Jesus ascension. They were also shown the "Jesus" video.  After a couple more visits, the "Roman" road was explained and some other Christians from another village went to make sure they understood.  There was some talk of following both "paths" - Jesus and Mohammed.  Alhassan, a Christian from Tilwa, clearly explained that one can only follow one way, and that they had to make the choice.  They chose not to follow Jesus.  Please pray that some of what they heard will continue to become clear and that they would make the choice that God would have them to chose.

Monday, 2 July - Rachida went home to visit her family.  While there they tried to "force" her to return to the Islamic faith.  Please pray that Rachida will be able to claim the victory in her life with Jesus.  Pray that her family will be able to see that Jesus is real and alive and a true Savior.

Tuesday, 3 July - Please continue to pray for the school/teacher situation at Sahel Academy.  They are in desperate need of several teachers.  There is a man that has taught and has experience in the administration aspects and is willing to come to Niger and work at Sahel.  Please pray that he will be able to recruit the necessary teachers that are needed so the school will be able to teach the kids.  Jeremy and Stephanie are hoping to attend this school this fall, providing there are the teachers available.

Wednesday, 4 July - Thank the Lord for the freedom we have to choose a God for whom we serve.  Many do not have that choice.  Pray for the government leaders of Niger, that they will govern with wisdom and discernment and that they will continue to uphold religious freedoms.  Pray for the Muslim leaders, that they would come to know the true God through Jesus Christ.

Thursday,  5 July - Pray that Caroline and Kimberly will be finished with their classes and that they will be able to have a good break from schooling.

Friday, 6 July - Mark has been working with 50 men as they work on the Guesthouse changes.  Mark felt led to begin a Bible Study with the ones that wanted to come and study.  Pray that they will continue to study and that they would have gleaned the truth during the studies.

Saturday, 7 July - The Cains are planning to take some vacation.  Pray for them as they travel and as they have some time to rest and refresh.

Sunday, 8 July - One of the pastors in Say has yielded to temptation and is no longer pastor of the church.  Pray for him and his family.  Pray that they would seek the forgiveness and make the necessary retribution and be reunited back into the flock.

Monday, 9 July - Teresa and Tanda are unable to meet together to study the Bible Stories as Tanda, along with many hundreds of others, are out in their "ziggy's" or their temporary house in their fields during planting to harvest time.

Tuesday, 10 July - Please continue to pray for Maimouna, Soumana's wife, that she would continue to be interested in the Bible stories and studies she has been studying with Rachida and some other wives.

Wednesday, 11 July - There have been several changes in our leadership team for West Africa.  Please pray for Bill Bullington and his wife, Evelyn, as they come to Abidjan to help during this time of transition.

Thursday,  12 July - Today Deanna and Mark will be celebrating their anniversary of 21 years.

Friday, 13 July - As the many are away from their "city homes" and are now living in their "Country homes" or Ziggys, pray for them as they will be living on minimal comforts.  Many will have to walk several miles to obtain water for which to drink and cook.  In their "City homes" they are able to walk a matter of blocks to get city water in which to drink and cook with. Also, remember that the water in the country will more than likely be very unclean.

Saturday, 14 July - Today Don turns 52 - We may need your prayers to get through this one!

Sunday, 15 July - Pray for Don and Phil as they continue to teach at the Prison.  There were 4 that have accepted Christ.

Monday, 16 July - Many expatriate families will be leaving Niger for the summer.  Some for vacation, some for Stateside Assignment (furlough) and some because their time here has ended.  Pray for them as they travel and get re-adjusted in their new surroundings.

Tuesday, 17 July - The Ledlows are planning to take about 3 weeks of needed vacation.  Pray that they will be able to travel safely and have some restful time away from the pressures they have been under for the past few months.

Wednesday, 18 July -  Please continue to pray for rain.

Thursday,  19 July - Charlie Holt, an IMB Trustee, is planning to bring a group of volunteers to Niger. They will be doing  medical work.  Pray that the necessary arrangements will be able to be made before their arrival. They are planning to come in October.  There are plans for 4 Medical Doctors, 3 nurses and one dentist.

Friday,  20 July - Pray that Don and Teresa would be able to go to Kwadabio Kwaara to weigh the babies and check on the pregnant mothers.  Pray that even with the rain that they would be able to get through on the roads which are nearly impassable during rainy season.

Saturday, 21 July -  We've passed out many audio cassettes of sermons and Bible stories.  Pray that these cassettes would result in many people hearing God's plan of salvation and that they would repent and give their hearts to Christ as a result.

Sunday, 22 July - Pray for the group at Say as they study the Bible together.  Pray that they would continue to grow in the knowledge and truth. Because they have lost their pastor they may be loosing their "church". Pray that they would see that they can meet together as "cell" churches - in their homes or various places.

Monday, 23 July - We praise God that He is sending Rick Leavitt to assist us in reaching the Zerma.  Rick will be coming through the ISC program for two to three years and will be based on Niamey.  He will be working with various ministries in evangelizing and discipling the Zerma people and will also be helping Mark in the office.  This will free Mark up to devote more time for evangelism and helping the new churches around Niamey. Pray for Rick as he continues to make arrangements to come to serve in Niger. He will be attending the IMB Orientation soon and has plans to arrive in Niger in October.

Tuesday, 24 July -  Pray for the pastor's of the churches.  During rainy season it could be very frustrating as virtually no one comes to church if it rains and they need to be planting.  Pray that the pastor's would not become discouraged, but to have the wisdom necessary to lead the church.

Wednesday, 25 July - Pray that the Zerma Christians would have a desire to know and understand God's word.  Pray that their lives, both public and private would be characterized by righteousness.  Pray that He who began a good work in them would continue to perfect it.

Thursday, 26 July - Pray that as the Zerma people plant millet, sorghum, peas, and peanuts they would have an abundant harvest.  Pray that as spiritual seeds are sown through storying, church services, informal visits, baby weighing, and other ministries, that there would be an abundant spiritual harvest, with many Zerma coming to know the One who gives everlasting life.

Friday, 27 July - Kimberly continues to meet with her neighbor Aissa each week to tell stories from the Bible.  Although Aissa remains adamant that she cannot follow Jesus, she told Kimberly that she tells the stories to her husband Salou.  Pray that Aissa would see the way she can open her heart and follow Jesus.

Saturday, 28 July - We are well into the main growing season, (June, July, Aug.) when most food is grown to last until next season. Pray for the farmers as they are now cultivating their fields, eager for rain.

Sunday, 29 July - Pray that God would send workers into the harvest.  There are two million Zerma, less than one percent of those are Christian.

Monday, 30 July - Phil has given one of his neighbors, a Koranic teacher, a copy of the Bible in Arabic.  Pray that Hassimi would feel compelled to read the scriptures and that the Word of God would penetrate his heart.  

Tuesday, 31 July - Phil has begun an English class through the outreach center in Ouallam.  Pray that those who come would learn better English and that as a result of the class, they would come away knowing who Jesus really is and what Christians really believe.

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