February 2001

Greetings from the Zerma Prayer team.

Today we finished up a 2 day meeting with Crystal Pope.  It was a good meeting, thank you for your prayers.  I have sent a separate letter for the updates/answered prayers for the year 2000.  For the most part, it has been a good year and we thank you for praying us through it.

Mark and Deanna have been through a difficult time and have been needing your prayers.  Pray for us as we try to work out something concerning how to contact you when we need your prayers quickly.  The addresses come from the Bolls personal computer/address book, and since they live out of town, when prayers need to go out, the Bolls have to be contacted, etc.  I hope you are hearing some of what I am trying to tell you.  Please pray for us as you feel led.

The first week of January Mark's mom had a heart attack and stroke.  Afterward she had open heart surgery.  Because of the telephone/email situation here in Niger, communication has been very sporadic.  Please pray for his mother Jean Ledlow and the family in Meridian, MS, as well for Mark as he is separated from his family during this time.  Many of you know that Mark's brother passed away suddenly in November.  Please remember this family.

A decision has to be made concerning Jeremy Ledlow and his home schooling situation.  He is doing much better and wants to go back to Sahel Academy. Mark and Deanna do not want to make a hasty decision, but must decide before Jan. 25. (beginning of the next semester)

Also, Debbie Rosenstiel, Deanna's sister has been very ill with Meningitis.  She is now home from the hospital but needs your prayers.  Her immune system is very low due to other health problems.

We are anticipating for Tom Ferguson and Bryan to be arriving in Niger about the 18th of January to begin the research and work for the Indigenous Music Workshop for the Zerma people.  They will be in the country for about one month doing research, finding out what kinds of instruments there are available, and then help to show the people how to write their own Christian music.  Pray for them as they do questionnaires, research, travel etc.  We will be doing 3 workshops, one in Niamey, one in Ouallam and one in Say.

Mark will be traveling, along with Ibro and his wife Rachida to a conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast the last of January. Pray for safety. Remember this country has been experiencing much unrest.

 February  Prayer Requests -

1 Feb., Thursday - Pray for travel as we gather in Niamey for a Zerma team meeting scheduled for Feb. 2.  Pray for safety as we travel, shop, try to get the paperwork done for Dr. Braswell and his supplies. (due to arrive Feb. 12)  The paperwork will have to be completed before they arrive with the medical supplies.

2 Feb., Fri - Pray for the Zerma Team meeting today.  We will be working on budget items for 2002, working on revising many of the documents we have to do for the coming year.

3 Feb, Sat. - Pray for Dr. Ron Braswell, Tracey, Tina and Pandy, who will be preparing for their medical trip soon.  They will be packing the medical supplies and finalizing their paperwork.  Pray that the Zerma team will be able to have all the necessary government paperwork completed by this time.  Pray for us as we try to schedule the patients that will receive cataract surgery.  There are 71 villages we will be trying to make contact with to notify the patients that came in 1997 that were not able to receive treatment.  These people will be given first consideration.

4 Feb., Sun - Pray for the babies in Kwadabio Kwaara, as well as their mothers.  Teresa is very excited about their participation.  The last clinic had only one baby that was only slightly underweight.  This village had been having 60-75% underweight.

5 Feb., Mon - The Church in Say seems to be doing good, with 25-30 people attending services.  They have called a new pastor, Balagabe.  Dogo Sagi has another group going and Soumana Tokieo is starting another group.  There
is also another group that wants to begin meeting at Dokimane.  Thank you for your prayers and please continue to lift these young Christians up before the Lord.

6 Feb., Tue - Pray for Ibro and the orphanage in Hamdalye.  A group of people have been working with the government to see if a possible site for the orphanage could be obtained.  The plans are for no more than 5 orphans at a time to be housed in the orphanage.  This could open in March or April.  Please pray for the paperwork and possibilities of this help.

7 Feb. Wed - Pray for Idée, a Muslim shopkeeper in Ouallam.  He asked to borrow a copy of the Jesus film recently.  Pray that the gospel message would be clear to him and that we would have opportunities to discuss the film with him.

8 Feb. Thurs - Over the past couple months we have passed out many cassettes containing stories from the Bible sermons and gospel presentations.  Pray that God would use these cassettes to draw people to  Himself.  Pray that they would also be used to help believers grow in their faith.

9 Feb. Fri - Pray for the team as we make plans for 2002 and beyond to reach the Zerma people with the Gospel, that we would use our time and resources wisely and for the Glory of God.  Pray for us this year as well as we implement strategies and plans.  Pray that God would call forth laborers to assist us in the harvest.

10 Feb. Sat - Pray for Mark as he will be very busy with the guesthouse situation!  We were given permission to trade properties with another mission organization.  The swap consists of the present guesthouse, office, land and storage building in town to move to a 9 1/2 acres, with 5 existing buildings.  This should give us plenty of guesthouse room, office space, a place for temporary housing and if the need arises, boarding space for students.  Pray for Mark and Deanna as they will have to move the guesthouse furniture, office furniture and all the paperwork, the telephone system, etc.  It will not be an easy move, so please, please pray.

11 Feb. Sun - Pray for Dr. Braswell, Pandy, Tracey, and Tina as they will be traveling today.  Pray that all their luggage arrives (it will be difficult if the medical supplies does not arrive on time!)  Pray for safety and health/rest.

12 Feb. Mon - Pray for the safe arrival of the medical team, pray for the safe arrival of all the luggage.  Pray that the government paperwork will be completed and all the luggage will be released to head to Ouallam shortly after the arrival of the Team.

13 Feb. Tues - pray for the medical team and Zerma team as we will be working to set up the operating room, setting up the examining rooms and getting prepared to begin surgery on Wed.

14 Feb. Wed - Pray for the patients that will be coming to the Eye Clinic in Ouallam, pray for wisdom for the ones that will be screening, giving glasses, and pray for Dr. Braswell as he will be operating.  He is hoping to operate on at least 10 patients per day.

15 Feb. Thurs - Pray for those patients that were operated on yesterday as they return for follow up visits.  Pray for the exams.  Pray for wisdom.  Pray for rest, communication skills and safety.  Also, there is a possibility that Rick will be coming to Niger to help Mark with his various responsibilities, building/construction and the business aspect of Mark's job.  Rick already has studied French for 4 years.  His house contract  runs out in Feb.  If he could come, he would be here for two to two and one-half years.  Pray for Rick as he seeks God's will in his life.

16 Feb. Fri - Pray for the missionaries spiritual growth.  the demands of the day have a way of squeezing out time in prayer and Bible Study.

17 Feb. Sat - During this time Tom and Brian will also be in Niger doing the Music research.  Pray for them as they continue to work apart from help from the Ouallam missionaries.

18 Feb. Sun - Pray for rest.

19 Feb. Mon - Pray for the Eye Clinic as we will hopefully be seeing 100 patients per day and operating on 10+ patients.

20 Feb. Tues - Pray for the communication of the gospel as we will want to pray for each patient as they come to the eye clinic.  Pray that we will be able to know how to best help these people.

21 Feb. Wed - Today will be market day in Ouallam.  Villages from miles around will be coming to buy and sell goods.  Many will most likely come to the eye clinic to receive help.

22 Feb. Thurs - Pray for Kimberly and Caroline as they will be trying to continue with home schooling during this eye clinic.

23 Feb. Fri - During the eye clinic Kimberly will also be preparing to leave Ouallam for the next 3 weeks to attend a home schooling program in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for a special program for students that are home schooled.   Pray for wisdom, patience and grace during this time of what could be confusion.

24 Feb. Sat. - Pray for Dr. Braswell as he will be trying to wrap up this medical project.  Pray for a time of closure for both the patients and the doctor!

25 Feb. Sun - Pray for rest.  Pray for the Cains as they will probably be traveling today so Caroline will be able to attend the 3 weeks worth of classes in Ouagadougou.  Pray for a safe trip.

26 Feb. Mon - Pray for safety in travel as the medical team  and Bolls will be traveling to Niamey.    The volunteers will be leaving at midnight.

27 Feb. Tues. - Pray for safe travel for Dr. Braswell, Tina, Tracey and Pandy.  Praise the Lord for all the things He was able to accomplish during their stay.

28 Feb. Wed - Pray for the existing work - that we would be able to get back into our regular ministries.  Pray for us as we will be doing follow - up for the patients.


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