Ledlow's home school - Stephanie is doing well in school at Sahel Academy.  The biggest concern is for the school itself, as they will be needing 12-15 teachers for the next school year.  At this time there will only be one teacher that will be returning next year, due to furlough and short term workers, etc.  Please pray for this situation.

Jeremy would like to attend Sahel Academy maybe even this next semester.  He is doing much better in school now, his attitude seems much improved.

Showing of Jesus Film - The film was shown many times before rainy season.  During Rainy season we were unable to show it due to wind, dust, rain, etc.  We have not continued to show after the rains as we  have no generator.

Caroline's home school - First grade going good, Phil and Kimberly's moms were able to bring second grade books.  She is enrolled in a special program called FES in Ouagadougou, where she will be interacting with other students that are being home schooled for 3 weeks.

Churches in Niger's vision to share the gospel - There has been much talk in various meetings as well as some "tea" meetings.  They have shown the Jesus film in Niamey and in the bush.  Meetings have been held in Niamey 3x, in Say 2x, Ouallam 1x.  There are many times when they went out to minister or witness to others in various communities.  Other people have been invited to come to these meetings where there was witnessing, preaching, etc.  During the Muslim fast there were many meetings, praying for their Muslim brothers.  Ibro shared that it seems many of the local Christians are becoming very involved in sharing the gospel.

Forming of a new team Songhi - This new team was formed in Feb. 00 with the Wombles and Gullions, former members of the Zerma team.  They have been doing a lot of paperwork, have had several volunteers coming, and to come to help out.  Praise the Lord for the new team.

Church in Say -Seems to be going well and there is one Christian that wants to begin another church happens to be  in between mosques.

Center in Ouallam - The "Old" center in Ouallam continues to minister to the community.  We are now checking out cassettes and booklets.  These seem very popular.   At this time we are not having classes, but hopefully will continue after things calm down with other activities.

Ibro and Rachida - We are all very thankful that the Lord was able to provide a wife for Ibro.  We all love Rachida, who is a very fine Christian woman.

Gardens - much was done, but several villages did not seem motivated. Lack of a good  grain harvest caused more need for gardening for this upcoming year of 2001.  Pray for these people as gardening is very difficult.  Many walk great distances to the garden spot, pull water from a deep well 2x per day, suffer with heat, garden pests, animals entering and destroying, as well as children "stealing" sometimes.

Missionary juggle between ministry and families - It is very difficult for the missionary to make time for family as they feel the pressure of the ministry and needs around him/her.  We have been fortunate in that we have had some Spiritual retreats, meetings, conferences, etc. that help us to put things in perspective.  Continue to pray for us to be diligent in our time with the Lord, daily.

Communication skills - Most of the Zerma team is "at level" although there will always be more to learn.  Pray that we will be willing to keep on learning not only the language, but the culture and customs of the Zerma people.

Baptist Association - This is still relatively newly formed, although they have grown much this past year in their work.  They have just recently made many changes in the leadership and how they function.  We think this will help them to grow more.

Garden wells - Don has looked at many places, but so far none has worked out.  Please continue to pray that we find a place that would really benefit the area and further the cause of Christ.

Tilawa - There was some growth in numbers as they continue to study together.  Toward the end of the year they acquired an old project building and the village has agreed for it to be used as a "church".

Mothers/babies at Kwadabio Kwaara - We were able to weigh babies several months in a row at this village.  At first, we were seeing about 60-75% malnourished babies.  At the last weighing, there was only one baby underweight - and it was not too bad.  We praise the Lord for the way the mothers are becoming more involved and trying to help their children. They are learning and doing more of what is being taught.

The Clinics at Maourey have not been possible as for many months we were unable to get there, then when the roads were better, the people had not returned from their temporary farming homes.  Now there is a time factor - there just hasn't been a time that Phil and the Bolls have been able to get out there.  One reason is that we each have a day to work in  the Center in Ouallam.  Friday would be the day to go, but we have been busy with meetings and a project in another village.

Teresa's health - Teresa was in the States for 3 months and after with 5 months of much pain.  As many of you know, she had both of her knees operated on.  She still has some problems with her feet and back, but is learning more of her limits and how to adjust to demands and rest.  Now she is able to ride in the vehicle sitting up, has been able to go out and
weigh babies, and ride her horse.  She is doing much better, physically as well as mentally and spiritually.  Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Churches goals to begin 11 new churches - Many of the pastors meet together and some churches have begun as well as preaching points.  Storying points - Kimberly began one group with Aissa and Teresa began a group with Tanda.

Storying conference - The conference in Ouagadougou was so good, with many good ideas.  We are all excited about the new things we have learned and hopefully will be able to share it as we continue to tell the Bible Stories.

Wisdom and love as we work together - It is very exciting to be working together as a team.  We have continued to grow closer as we work together for a common cause.

Harvest/crops/rains/ - there was little to no harvest this year in some parts of Niger.  The rains were not sufficient.

Meningitis outbreak - many people suffered because of the outbreak.  There were many deaths, much opportunity to minister.

Mariama - new Christian

Libo - Our main contact for Libo has not returned from the capitol city of Niamey for over 6 months.  We are trying to wait on him for a commitment and continue to work.

Mark traveling to Tessawa - Mark has traveled many times to Tessawa to help set up the house, to get the kids for School.  Although it is a very long and difficult trip, God has protected him.  On one occasion he and Phil were driving and they hit a cow - with very long horns.  One of the horns went through the front windshield and broke the skin on Mark's leg but did not go through is pants.

Missionaries dealing with constant begging, deception and half-truths - we still deal with this and are improving as we set priorities on how we use our time and money and learn more about people and culture.

Danielle Naugle - She was able to come and work  for several weeks in Ouallam.  We were able to do several ministries: weighing babies, Vacation Bible School, working in the Center.  Danielle is interested in continuing in the area of Public Health Ministry after she finishes school.

Prison ministry - We continue in this and saw several accept the Lord as Savior last year.

Moumoni baptized 3 people who continue to meet and study together.

Tube well in Tolkobeye - we had sand filling problems in both wells that have not been totally solved, but they provide water.

Jean sharing gospel in Ouallam, with parents - We have not seen his parents yet.  Jean has showed little to no outward signs of his faith in Christ and > has never been to church in Ouallam to our knowledge.

Personnel requests - Dr. Braswell answered a volunteer request and will be coming with 3 others in Feb. 2001 Also Rick may be coming to Niamey to help Mark with his various responsibilities: building, business and various ministries.  Rick has  already had 4 years of French study.  He could be here a year and one half early to be well trained to take Mark's place during the Ledlow's Stateside Assignment..  Please pray for Rick and the decision he needs to make.

Mangazi - continues to meet as a small church.  It has been difficult to check on them because of distance and a poor road.

Jesus video in Mali Haussa - The Jesus film was shown in this area and after the film there were many questions.  There were 45 men to accept Christ.

Bonjaro Cimberro women believers -  There are several women meeting together, and I think Ibro's wife is one of the leaders.

Say being persecuted - through the persecution there was much growth.  The church is having 25- 30 in attendance now.  They called a new pastor,

Balagabe.  Dogo Sagi has another group going and Soumana Tokieo is starting another group.  There is another group that wants to begin meeting at Dokimane.

Harouna taking over leadership roles - Harouna does not seem to be faithful in some areas of his life and has not shown some of the qualities necessary for effective leadership, especially in the area of new church starts.

Kunguzuru - this church continues to suffer greatly in past mistakes. Many are self-inflicted and some were unwittingly aided by missionaries.

Ramatou, Roukailla and Mariamma, new Christians in Ouallam - these 3 girls indicated that they would like to be Christians and would like to study.  They came to church one time, but never attended a New Believer's class.

Storying Conference in bush - this has not taken place yet, but is hopefully to happen soon.

Safe travel - eroding roads - The road from Niamey to Ouallam is very rough, but there is talk that they will be working on it in the near future.  Now that the rains have stopped, the Bolls have been traveling on a road from Ouallam to Tillabery to Niamey, which is 70km farther, but much smoother.

Teresa is able to travel on this road with hardly any problems.

Choosing the right towns for new personnel - we continue to seek them out.

Dr Braswell and team - paper work, etc - Dr. Braswell and 3 women, Tina, 'Tracy and Pandy will be arriving Feb. 12 - 27.  The paper work has been sent in to the government and it seems all the government personnel is very excited about their coming.  There are plans to do over 100 cataract operations and Tracy will be able to evaluate the eyes of many.  The Ouallam hospital has agreed for Dr. B. to use one of the 2 existing operating rooms, they have agreed for us to be able to do eye exams in an adjoining area (formerly where the Mid-wives do exams).  This will be a good place and
will have more help and area for the clinic.  We are all very excited about the upcoming project.

Crystal Pope to teach us how to work together, strategy, problem solving, working with international team members, etc.

Volunteers - We will be needing many volunteers - to come and pray, to come and help with the guesthouse project.  Please prayerfully consider coming to help!

Prayer partners - our list of prayer partners has not grown much this past year, in fact we are loosing some of our support due to the email system.  We are getting many of our prayer letters back due to changes of addresses.  If your address changes, please let us know.  It would be better, even if we had your mailing address should the email not work, we could send you a copy through the mail.  BUT, we have felt the prayer support.  Thank you for praying, thank you for sending out our letters, for sharing them with your classes, your church, your families, etc.

Sofia - death of new baby, buried in Christian cemetery  - she seems upbeat.  Last time Deanna saw her she seemed ok.

Project at KT with milk, goats - 22 of the 30 women that were involved in this project were in church last Sunday.  They will continue to get powdered milk for 5 months.  The goat project of this project will not be over for a while, as they are to return one goat when one is born.  The milk part of the project - they have to go to the church to get the milk every morning where they hear a different story.  They are now being involved in and around the church.  It would be better if we could have more IMB personnel time involved, but it seems that the church is doing a good job.

Project at Say - Grain was taken 2x, as well as some grain given to Mali Hausa church.  It has been distributed by church members in an orderly fashion and they are very thankful.  There is another baby in the village, the mother died.  Mark gave personal money for a goat for milk for the new baby.  When the goat has a baby, it is to be given to the Project.

Well baby clinics - There has been more participation at the clinics. Many of the mothers are now answering and participating with the questions and classes in general.  More of the children are looking (and weighing) much better.

Office Guesthouse situation - We have "traded" our place for another place!  Where we now have a guesthouse with 3 rooms, we will be getting another place that has presently 3 buildings, with the possibility of housing several more!

Church in Ouallam - Ouallam is in the process of building a new building. Hopefully more will become more involved in the ministry there.  The church still has several problems, but there is much potential.

New center in Ouallam - we had actually moved tables, benches, etc to the new center to be opened the next day.  Don noticed that the electricity that he had cut off the day before was back on, so he asked Teresa about it.  Come to find out, someone else had turned it back on, and we learned that 6-8 people share the electricity.  We moved out and have decided to wait till we speak with the owner of the property.  We don't mind everyone sharing the electricity - we just don't want to pay all the bill!  One of the people that may use it is a welder.  We only plan to use the electricity about 8 hours per week.

Tom Ferguson and Bryan - Research for Indigenous Music - instruments and writing of materials.  Pray for Tom and Bryan as they will be coming about 19 Jan for about one month.

Mark and Deanna's family - Mark's mom had a heart attack and then open heart surgery.  Deanna's sister has suffered from Meningitis and her dad has been ill as well.