An indigenous church planting movement among the Zerma people throughout the world. Our team will work in cooperation with fellow Christians to see that the Zerma people hear, understand, and have a chance to respond to the Gospel.

Beginning in the 15th century, the Zerma-Songhai peoples made up an empire that controlled most of central and western Niger. Although they came to adopt Islam as their religion, spirit worship, magic, and sorcery remain incorporated in their beliefs and practices to this day. The French arrived in the early 20th century, subjugating the Zerma and their neighbors under colonial rule. In 1960, Niger gained independence. Though the Zerma are no longer part of a powerful empire, they remain a proud people, resistant to change.

There are almost three million Zerma across West Africa. Most of the Zerma people live in Niger, West Africa. The majority of these are Muslim, and have been for many centuries. Their culture and traditions are tied closely to the practice of Islam. Like Muslims everywhere, the Zerma hold to a set of beliefs



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